Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)

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  • AnonD-736275

I haven't received nougat update yet. I'm from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I have dual sim model, as I can see it's Malaysian model. Also, security patch level is on July 1, 2016. Do you have any idea what's the problem?

Thank you.

  • Alex

Nicaraguan here. Got a software update for 1.1 GB, phone now takes years to fully charge.

  • Indian

After 286 MB Update The Phone Taking 3 Hours To Charge...Before This Update Fast Charging 1:30 Hrs.... What Happened Now :P May Be Samsung Planning To Release Galaxy J7 2018 :)

JERRY, 07 Feb 2018Ha ha..thats funny You can disable it...Go to setting-APPS-Sel... moreMmm that disables the notifications for apps on the lockscreen,but i want them to appear on the lockscreen without lighting up the screen.

  • AnonD-735912

When received i am oreo update samsung galaxy j7 2016?

  • Anonymous

Guys I have Model for Latin America, and I just received the Software Update Notification, have you received too? and if so, Is it stable?

  • Chris

AnonD-529489, 30 Jan 2018New update. J710FXXU4BRA2 1. RCS (Rich Communication Service... morei have also received this update. But i don't see RCS. where to look for it?

  • AnonD-665083

Yesterday my J7 received update firmware J710FXXU4BQL3/J710FOXX4BQL3/J710FXXU4BQL3. 278.43MB in Greece


trajcevasilev94, 07 Feb 2018Mine's the opposite of yours, when i receive a notification my s... moreHa ha..thats funny
You can disable it...Go to setting-APPS-Select which apps you dont want to show on the lock screen-scroll down -APPS SETTING-NOTIFICATION-LOCK SCREEN-select "HIDE CONTENT"
Hope it will solve your problem....

Jerry, 07 Feb 2018Dear Friends, I am using this phone since 3 days,i am not able ... moreMine's the opposite of yours, when i receive a notification my screen turns on, which is what i don't like.Any solution how to disable that?

  • Jerry

Dear Friends,
I am using this phone since 3 days,i am not able to read any notifications on the screen when its locked.For example,when have recieve a whatapp message,i can only here the notification sound,but nothing visible on the screen like my iphone.If I want to see who has sent the message,then i have to unlock the phone.Its really annoying.I did all the notification settings on,hide message is disabled.But still doesnt work.This phone is running on android 7.Is there any soluton to solve this Or This J7(2016) doesnt have this feature?please help new to android.

Jeddy , 06 Feb 2018Please stop writing essays here hard to read .Lmao xddd.Jokes aside im a detalist and i gotta let people know stuff under detail.

  • Jeddy

trajcevasilev94, 06 Feb 2018Hmm I've been charging my phone with a different charger like so... morePlease stop writing essays here hard to read .

AnonD-563985, 04 Feb 2018Dont try it if its not genuine or samsung's product, It cou... moreHmm I've been charging my phone with a different charger like some time after i bought it and i realized that it used to charge really slow.It also had an issue back in Android Marshmallow that it would charge my phone up to 96% battery only.Then i read here and i realized that i had to use the stock charger brick and cable.I avoided them because they were big and the cable it had wasn't long enough.After using the stock brick it did somewhat improve the charging time a bit.But now the cable it had was making a problem,so i deceided to buy a new one(a longer one).I went to the nearest electronics shop and i got one which was around 1,2~1,5 meters long and which had a better material build.I started using it with a different smaller Samsung charging brick and indeed it was fast, really fast.I then switched back to the stock brick and that cable i bought and it did indeed show better results in terms of charging time compared to the other bricks and cables I've used.Some time later,i got an opportunity to receive an Adaptive fast Charging cable from Samsung and i just put it on that cable and started using it for charging my device.I'm now using it and from the tests I've done it does not seem to improve my device's charging speed whatsoever.But atleast it goes the max. It can and it's a small brick which is fine to me.Regarding to issues,I've never faced any charging or battery issues,thus the charging brick indeed does sometimes over-head but that's nothing serious.I suppose this device's maximun amperage is capped at 1,5 and even if you get a 5A charger nothing will happen and it will charge it to it's max.I study electronics and i know these stuff.If as you say that brick could "destroy" my phone then i wouldn't have bought it and be so stupid to kill my phone smh.

  • emciee

I receive nougat update yesterday in Philippines

  • Ade

alwahyu86, 05 Feb 2018Still don't receive nougat update in indonesia..Nah thats it bro, i was jealous with other that already get an update

  • alwahyu86

Still don't receive nougat update in indonesia..

  • AnonD-696863

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2018Is it volte support?My J7 2016 FN European version not support Voice over LTE No Wi FI Call.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-563985, 04 Feb 2018Dont try it if its not genuine or samsung's product, It cou... moreIs it volte support?

  • fani

dani, 04 Feb 2018which country ?pakistan