Samsung Galaxy M21

Samsung Galaxy M21

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  • Noone

I just got the galaxy m21 6 GB 128 GB variant . Its working
Flawlessly. Ive tested a few games like pubg , cod and
into the dead 2 . They play smoothly, no lags, no watchable
framedrops, no too much heat level.I will recommend it to
every one who are searching for a cool and awesome budget,
gaming friendly smartphone. A BIG THUMBS UP FOR GALAXY
M21 👍

  • Masud

I had recently got one M12 25th March..but its heating up too much after SW updates also, as well battery is draining quickly, so sad to experience such performance from Samsung Product, never expected & unfortunately there is no quick response team or facility who responds in such cases, the shopkeeper told me that I have to prove that the heating is enough that is under unusable limits, I really feel sad for such uneducated partners of pathetic...:(

  • Hidr

Bought this phone 7 days issue at all...goood phone...display, camera, battery, fluid sw ...all super

I am somehow skeptical about the performance of the Exynos processor, although M21 falls under my budget.
Would you recommend Nokia over M21?
What would be the best alternative to M21, in Nokia?

  • Yr

My m21 does not detect one of the dual sims (It says number unknown ). But the connection is on and it is working . Is there a solution ?

Crazy , 02 Mar 2021Is it water proof ? 🤔Kinda, I actually once washed it to test how long it'll last and to my surprise! It survived! I even purpose faced the camera, charging port and speakers to the water and it survived tho expect the speaker to face issues for a few hours.. but just wait for 4-5 hours and it'll be back to normal.

  • Anand

C, 19 Mar 2021Of course, I would recommend Redmi Note 10.Thanks!

  • C

Anand, 18 Mar 2021Guys, which phone would you suggest among Samsung Galaxy M2... moreOf course, I would recommend Redmi Note 10.

  • Anand

Guys, which phone would you suggest among Samsung Galaxy M21 vs Redmi Note 10?

  • intotheblue

Bought this phone a year ago. I'm not very impressed. Slow and jarring and sometimes freezes. Proximity sensor has some issue because it's awful when answering a call and I am about to pull it out from my pocket so then it goes black screen or does whatever it wants . Never ever samsung. I will stick with other Chinese not so prestigious brands .

  • Selvi

Don't buy this. This is not worth for ur money. I bought it 4months before now it's not working. Don't waste ur money friends

  • yr

Bought a samsung m21 (6/128gb) few days ago. I think this is the most 'value for money' phone in m seris for non/light gamers. It is made in Vietnam. Comes with a charger and a set of earphones . After purchase updated to android 11/ui 3. Everything works fine. Display is good (I like the natural mode). Battery is enough for two days under normal use. The phone (black ) looks decent and not heavy. It grips well and the size is good .

  • Aks

When will M21 get ONEUI Core 3.1 Update? M31 got already

  • S.r.

Give full review of samsung m21

  • sabir

i bought it
i have a problem in light when put it auto in the sun you do not see anything because ther is no light sonsor that augment brightnes automatic you need to rise it manualy
the 6000 mah batery is not real it seem like 4500mah
i do not recomond thes phone

  • Anonymous

I purchased this mobile one year before but this mobile screen shows some un wanted lines, and sometimes phone automatically totally not worth

  • Rust

Maxi, 04 Mar 2021If you do not care NFC, samsung m21 is more worth it than s... moreM21 has the NFC!
At least in that I have and use.

  • Maxi

If you do not care NFC, samsung m21 is more worth it than samsung a51

  • Crazy

Is it water proof ? 🤔

  • Navodya

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2021It is the best phone on it priceWhat about the bezels ? Are they thick or thin ?