Samsung Galaxy M30s

Samsung Galaxy M30s

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  • Anonymous

himsplash, 01 Oct 2019Hey GSM Arena, please remove LTE A and Carrier Aggregation from ... more
Connectivity Options

LTE Modem
D/L LTE cat. 12 up to 600 Mbps speed
downlink 3 carrier aggregation
U/L LTE cat.13 up 150 Mbps speed
uplink 2 carrier aggregation
5G Modem
Bluetooth Version
Wi-Fi Bands
2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
USB Supported
GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo


samsung budget phones is waste ! realme,redmi is good

  • Cheated Buyer

Phone is definitely a capable one.. But feels samsung has software limited the full potential of the phone.

Camera is really degraded in software api..Picture quality no where like the ones shared with online reviewers before launch.

Also audio chip output is only average..tested with headphones and over bluetooth..Feels tinny on all.

Why all the marketing gimmick and paid promotions Samsung..They are losing their brand trust.Amazon not allowing to submit reviews until 4days after my purchase and we can see a paid agent ready to answer all your questions on Amazon product page within minutes.. Definitely clever marketing and faked hype.

Amazon India is not letting users submit their reviews for this since yesterday, even buyers are not allowed to post reviews for this phone on Amazon India's m30s page. When trying to post a review it is showing this "Sorry, we are unable to accept reviews for this product. This product has limitations on submitting reviews. There can be a number of reasons for this, including unusual reviewing activity."

To see the sensors you can use the code *#0*#, in the phone app.
In my A30 that doesn't show the light and proximity sensors, to see those you have to use the code *#77692#.
I realized the proximity sensor in my A30 is to the left of the front camera and the light sensor is to the right. I assume this phone has the same sensor setup.

  • Sadat

is this available in france ?

Raj, 01 Oct 2019NoIt got GG3 wym

ShubhamDS, 01 Oct 2019Less features Other than the light sensor anf bixby routines?

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2019for 6 000 batteery 6.4 screen super amoled , thats dissapointing... moreYou can have the battery life upgraded by simply:
● turning off automatic brighness (no sensors, uses camera which drains a battery the most)
● Turning off smart stay which also uses the camera and eats the battery

  • eagle242

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2019No Android 10. And too much bigIts going to take android 10 update.

Hey GSM Arena, please remove LTE A and Carrier Aggregation from the specs sheet. This phone doesn't support any Carrier Aggregation as of now, this is not showing LTE+ like A50 when tested at the same location, and speed is very low compared to A50. Tested on Jio & Airtel network.

LTE data connectivity turns worse and using internet becomes almost impossible when moving in a bus or train, where A50 or other mobiles are usable.

Selfie camera quality is total crap. Again I am feeling Samsung is doing some software degradation here.

Even display quality feels dull first, but that can be corrected by selecting vivid and reducing red to 50%.

Battery feels only 15-20% better than A50s 4000 mah.

This is no doubt a great device, but samsung is limiting its capabilities, a custom Rom can fix all these, if development begins.

Galaxy M30s has Always on Display while A30s doesn't have

  • moh

will it be available in algeria ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Oct 201985 percent left with 2.30 hrs of screen on time ... youtube and ... morefor 6 000 batteery 6.4 screen super amoled , thats dissapointing at very least.

  • Anonymous

85 percent left with 2.30 hrs of screen on time ... youtube and google maps for navigation for an hour brightenss 50 percent all time .. on 4g volte

  • Ahmed

Please charge to iraq

Shubham, 01 Oct 2019I need to know with similar specifications...why does m30s cost ... moreLess features

  • Anonymous

Will it work in Canada?

Excellent phone for day to day usage. Build quality is decent. Camera performance is average. Software update might improve it. Handles gaming well. I don't play games for longer period so can't comment on heating. Sound quality is decent. No Samsung Pay! Display is protected using Gorilla Glass 3. Battery excellent as expected. Overall a good phone. If you are a PUBG teen refer geekyranjit's gaming review. Based on my observations this phone is a good choice.

  • Raj

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2019Screen is gorilla glass? ??? Anyone knowsNo