Samsung Galaxy M32

Samsung Galaxy M32

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  • What the

emmc 5.1 hahahahahahaha

  • nikitha

Does M32 supports 4G+ ????? plz reply

  • Funmap

The Guy, 10 Aug 2021Like Redmi 9 has a OLED display that can pick up to 800 nit... moreBut with Samsung you get much better software support.

  • The Guy

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2021Actually M series is positioned like J series, while A is a... moreLike Redmi 9 has a OLED display that can pick up to 800 nits of brightness, show 90 frames, supports HDR and also has a 8.12 mm rear and a 5.8 mm front sensor... right? Guess people will buy Redmi 9 for half of the price and get all this feature. Just do your research dude!

  • Anonymous

In malaysia can get this for rm888

  • Singh

Anonymous, 21 Jul 2021ok sir, Samsung is greatBest reply....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2021m31 6gb ram exy... moreActually M series is positioned like J series, while A is above M because A is prioritised for features and updates while M is more basic

And yes This phone like Redmi 9 but twice price, pretty bad than M31 with 10nm chipset and UFS, now you got 90hz just for eMMC, and the Worst thing, Samsung Apps put Ads inside like Xiaomi and Realme and there is NO opt out in Samsung while Realme has option to out ads

But Realme and Xiaomi offer much much better at the same price, the camera is exact 64822 combi, the battery also exact 5000, the processor in both of them already Snapdragon 720 or 732

  • Anonymous

6gb ram
exynos 2.3 ghz
video 4k 30
6000 mah battery

4gb ram
MTK 2ghz
video 1080p 30hz
5000 mah

M32 should cost 150 doloars at most with that specs. M series were good , now they turning into the old low end J-series.

I wish from Samsung to provide the Galaxy A22 4G version in Saudi Arabia, as well as the provision of the M32 in Saudi Arabia, as the company is very late in issuing and directing the phone to Saudi Arabia, and this is a very sad and unacceptable thing from the employment company. And he issued it to Saudi Arabia quickly and without delay

Ketut, 29 Jun 2021What are the major differences between m32 and m31?M31 is technically better

The official SAR values of this device is not listed in Samsung website

  • Anonymous

Are they for real? Mediatek instead of snapdragon?? TF is emmc in 2021? No gorilla glass on a super amoled screen? A bulky 6000 mah battery as an upgrade?? Should have not waited...all these companies cheating us this year.. Xiaomi interchanging poco and redmi devices and hiking prices and downgrading on cams and screens. Not a single best sub 20k phone this year

  • Ian setiawan

I think it's a little downgrade on the SoC and storage (using eMMC instead of UFS)
I really hape that M32 would use SD720G at least. Sorry to say, it is dissapointing me though.

Cost way too much but what we can expect from Samsung???

  • Anonymous

Meow, 14 Jul 2021Guys, 15w charger is better than 25w charger because mobile... moreok sir, Samsung is great

  • Saneesh

Are They Going to Launch it with same defective Mother board as M30 and M30s

  • Meow

All the user manuals are available at Samsung website.

  • Meow

Guys, 15w charger is better than 25w charger because mobile battery can use more than normal use.
( For example if you use your mobile battery for 2 years with 25w charger but with 15w charger you can use with more than 2 years )
Samsung not only looking their profits or business they are support customer side also.

  • Push

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2021International 5000 battery 25 W charger India 6000 battery... moreIt supports 25 wats fast charging. Its just samsung provided only 15 wat charger. I gifted it to my mom and my S21 ultra charger can easily charge the phone...

Aditya, 25 Jun 2021M31 did not have a punch hole display. M32 doesn't hav... moreMy bad, the M31s had a punchole. M series is turning into the next J series.