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Samsung Galaxy M33

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  • Farhad
  • 3Zg
  • 16 Nov 2022

I have this phone (indian version) for about a week, even i actived battery protection (which limit charging at 85% max) and disabled fast charge, it is great. No bug at all. Just buy from trusted sources and know how to use it! 5 from 5 for device.

    maybe you just came across a faulty device but mine works perfectly well

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      • ninja9rrlze
      • YiS
      • 15 Nov 2022

      I gave this phone to my sister for her 17th birthday and she told me she's been facing an issue with the phone. The battery runs down from 100 to 32 in like 16 minutes. She told me she took it to a repair center called PhoneWorld in Las Vegas, Nevada and they fixed it but it still didn't fix the battery problem. She gave it to me and even when I turned the brightness down to half it still didn't fix anything.

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        • Farhad
        • 6qA
        • 14 Nov 2022

        Oh, and for eye comfort shield, tap on it and set the color temperture to lowset (left) to black be black, slide to right for a warmer color yellow-brown.

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          • Farhad
          • 6qA
          • 14 Nov 2022

          There is no problem at all, maybe you are a newbie and set a yellow color pallette, go to setting> wallpaper and style and then color pallette, select and apply default one (first from left).

            FOURSBLUE, 01 Nov 2022Nope. I verified this issue with two M33 phones and found t... moreCheck my review here:
            Go to Amazon India page for M33 5g and search for customer reviews with the text "turns the black color into brown color"

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              • irajiasl
              • HIZ
              • 10 Nov 2022

              This phone is great for recording conversations and taking photos. I was looking for widescreen phones because it's easier to read texts on them. But I don't know why all the phones of 2022 have a smaller width.

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                • Anonymous
                • atE
                • 05 Nov 2022

                sawan, 02 Apr 2022What is happening to samsung, is rich people is vanished fr... morestill better than all other android brands ...

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                  • Anonymous
                  • asU
                  • 03 Nov 2022

                  Its a great device esp Indian version with huge battery

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                    • Root
                    • Tqh
                    • 03 Nov 2022

                    FOURSBLUE, 01 Nov 2022Nope. I verified this issue with two M33 phones and found t... moreI tried this m33 and tab s7. Black color turned into brown color on both device :).

                      samirr, 30 Oct 2022mine is black maybe its on your wallpaper/themesNope. I verified this issue with two M33 phones and found the same issue.
                      I compared also with my one year old Samsung F62 and no issues found in F62.
                      I could not digest myself after a long time user of sAMOLED. And I returned my M33 phone.
                      Except display & camera, this phone is a good value for money.

                        Fina, 25 Oct 2022. Screen is very bad... can not see in sun light . Battery... moreThis is my main phone. Battery lasts for 2 days (depeding on usage and apps running) front and back camera is clear is great. Speaker is impressively loud. Never had any problems on this phone. If there is any problem on this maybe the waterdrop design of screen (still prefer Infiniy O display) but not a big deal to me. Stop fooling us fanboy.

                          FOURSBLUE, 28 Oct 2022Turn on Dark mode under Display settings and then turn on E... moremine is black maybe its on your wallpaper/themes

                            Anonymous, 02 Sep 2022I bought this phone and have been using it for 2 weeks. Scr... moreTurn on Dark mode under Display settings and then turn on Eye Comfort shield feature, you will notice that black color turned into brown color. Can you confirm?

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                              • Fina
                              • JFx
                              • 25 Oct 2022

                              . Screen is very bad... can not see in sun light
                              . Battery is average ... mi phone having better battery backup.
                              . Front camera is bad

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                                • Stech48
                                • Ng$
                                • 23 Oct 2022

                                Anonymous, 21 Aug 2022unfortunately m31 is better than m33 Very well said! You have a keen eye!!

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • rKQ
                                  • 22 Oct 2022

                                  Anonymous, 14 Oct 2022Does It has charger or not? No charger is not there in box

                                    This is the best value for money 5g phone from Samsung but with two compromises on Display and Selfie camera. People who are long time used to SAMOLED display won't like this TFT display.

                                    Two years back, M21 was the best value for money handset with better SAMOLED display and camera. And today M32 prime edition is the best value for money 4g phone.
                                    But 5g phone with SAMOLED display which has lesser price is M53.

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                                      • brain-small
                                      • KAX
                                      • 14 Oct 2022

                                      Does this model actually work well? I have heard about samsung phones shitting bad when it comes to budget ones, dies randomly, ic chip probs and stuff

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 6p}
                                        • 14 Oct 2022

                                        Does It has charger or not?