Samsung Galaxy M52 5G

Samsung Galaxy M52 5G

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  • Anonymous

Out of the 525 Android phones which came out since January 2021, 337 (64%) 39have a microSD slot, 390 (74%) have a headphone jack, and 316 (60%) have both.
I'm really not sure what people are complaining about, that's really a lot to choose from!

  • Anonymous

Yam, 04 Jan 2022Foolish galaxy m52 5G realme is beTTerThe software on Realme is worse, and it's the software that matters in the end, not just hardware specs or whatever. The UI of Samsung is very well-polished and consistent.

  • mk

Bakwass, 25 Nov 202164MP but takes 8MP photos , atleast should've been 16MPyou got it wrong instead its the way round.

  • Yam

Foolish galaxy m52 5G realme is beTTer

yes. a little. u have to turn on airplane mode for 3@4 seconds and turn back off

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2021This or A52?I will suggest rather going for A52S better go for S20_FE_5g which is i all ways better than A52S. This is my suggestion only if you have budget for upper midrange device.

If you have low budget & you want Value for money device then you should go for M52_5g.

Also i will personally suggest M52_5g as it is Better value for Money product than A52S whose cost is very high as compared to the Chipset it provided.

  • Sarkirssian

mehami, 29 Dec 2021 A52s !!!!!!!! If the price difference between both is only 30/40€, the A52s.
But for more than 100€, that was in my case, I bought the M52 with 8GB of ram.

Great phone.

  • Sarkirssian

Anonymous, 01 Jan 2022Some people saying this phone has network problem Is it t... more Great phone. No network problems. Bought the 8GB version and it is smooth.
2 days batery even with the 120Hz screen option always in use.

Great phone, for only 300€.

Anonymous, 01 Jan 2022Some people saying this phone has network problem Is it t... moreBought last week, and so far so good, just don't forget to update to latest software before using it, and everything smooth like butter, almost as smooth as poco f3 in terms of performance.

  • Anonymous

Some people saying this phone has network problem
Is it true ?

  • A01 core user

You released review for a02s and a03s, but not for this special device ever.

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2021This or A52? A52s !!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

This or A52?

More expensive than A52s 5g in my country. But A52s 5g has better specs compared to this. Only the screen and camera is good in the M52 5g.

This phone is surprisingly good, got it for $315 in Ok Indonesia, as die hard Xiaomi user since Redmi note 4, 5 and now Poco F3, i can say this phone is very recommended for people who doesn't want to be bothered with any optimizations, bugs, ads, etc. Its fast Antutu can reach 480K-500K, have similar camera setup with A52 which is nice, have 120hz screen, 5000mAh battery, and also 5G capability. I bought this for my wife, because i don't want her to be annoyed with MIUI bugs, and less complaining about her phone performance. :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2021Premium users don't care about battery cap... Beho... moreYou won't be here if you were ab iPhone user

  • Anonymous

It must appear in Battery life test results of GSMArena

Such a great phone deserved a great review from the great gsmarena

  • Morteza

Please review this phone . tanks

  • Sandy

Great phone, love it.

Please review it.