Samsung Galaxy M52 5G

Samsung Galaxy M52 5G

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  • Janson

Better then radmi mi 11lite ne 5g

  • M52 New

Another update
I was trying to mirror cast on my tv from m52 it worked for 5 seconds then crashed. Had same result repeatedly

While my realme narzo30pro 5g worked like a charm faultless mirroring
Samsung should do some software updating for this its horrible waste of a feature

  • Sujai

The problem that may not be noticed about this phone is that it does not have IP rating, so it's not water resistant. If you are a person who regularly sanitizes the phone using sanitizers without caution, then it can become a problem. Use a small cloth, like the one ised for cleaning specs. Apply sanitizer on cloth mildly and wipe the phone without squeezing the cloth.

  • Anonymous

12, 26 Oct 2021Stop adding 5 MP, f/2.4, (macro) Nobody... moreyeah, just a waste of space & cost. They should just focus on 2 camera Main & Wide on rear & underdisplay selfie.

  • v

specs wise this is bettter than Mi 11 x 5g.
I would recommend this over MI any day

  • 12

Stop adding 5 MP, f/2.4, (macro)
Nobody is using it.

  • Anonymous

Sridhar, 24 Oct 2021Bought M52 on Amazon but very disappointed with the quality... moreTrue.. This is phone is having a great network issue... There is no signal and call cannot be connected only

  • Uus

It launched today in Indonesia and as expected the selling price is sit between the M51 and M62 at IDR 5399000, i also just watch it teardown by PBK Review and it has a copper heatpipe which is very nice in this price segment and it have lot of antenna line which is very good for signal reception, but the lack of 3.5mm jack is a huge dealbreaker for me. Just waiting review from GSMA

  • Sridhar

Bought M52 on Amazon but very disappointed with the quality of the phone. Voice is not at all clear and frequent call drops. Cannot hear the other person. Neither he can hear is. There is no problem with network or SIM as it works well in other phones. Kindly avoid buying this phone. Waste of money.

  • Kuma-San

Wongndeso, 23 Oct 2021Hoping to get perfect phone in low budget? Wake up boy, you... moreThank you for replying that comment :) that make me laugh

Jimmy, 21 Oct 2021Downgrade to M51Are u stupid or what?!
M51 using Android 10 from start & M52 5G already got Android 11, SD730 vs SD778G 5G, 60Hz vs 120Hz!!
So many upgrades!!
Cons bo'ut this M52 5G only Hybrid Slot SIM & smaller battery from 7000 mAh @ M51 and now only 5000 mAh @ M52 5G!!

M52 new, 22 Oct 2021another update i have narzo 30 pro 5g an m52 5g...i have re... moreHoping to get perfect phone in low budget? Wake up boy, you are dreaming.
That's called market segmentation, just find a smartphone that suit your needs and fine to your wallet. Even a flagship grade have some minor or weakness.

  • Guru

Please review this phone GSMA?

  • M52 new

another update i have narzo 30 pro 5g an m52 5g...i have realised the face dection software of M52 is horrible would rate 2 out of 10 while narzo 9 out of 10
dual speakers would have been better
battery back up is okay not great
charging is a setback
screen brightness should have been better
volume should have been more
Bot phones are super fast processors seem same level

what narzo misses out is a decent camera and auto call recording otherwise it is a better buy, narzo has started heating up a bit on hd gaming for 30 mins or so
if u want to avoid chinese phone go with M52 made in vietnam

  • Jimmy

Downgrade to M51

  • Anonymous

samsung4fan, 19 Oct 2021No it does not have any radio app.Burnol for fm fans

  • Anonymous

Camera quality is not good

dim, 16 Oct 2021Could you please advise if that model have radio ?No it does not have any radio app.

  • aju

Please upgrade macro camera all mobile using same MP at least change front camera

  • king

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2021Dual speaker yes or no NO