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Samsung Galaxy Note10+

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Loving what I see but I also realized Samsung doesn't list "Instagram mode" that the S10's camera's had. 👀🤔 I even tried to look for it on when I was at the event. any more info??!

  • Anonymous

mike, 10 Aug 2019version975U do not have dua sim ????Read the specs again and again on all the different models

Aaron PS, 10 Aug 2019Hello everyone, I don't have deep knowledge on the technical sp... moreYou can use it as a wifi remote if you have smart tv but as for a IR remote you can't.

  • mike

version975U do not have dua sim ????

  • Anonymous

123, 08 Aug 2019I will buy only if Exynos 9825 (7 nm) is faster than the SD855!... morethey're similar but the 855 is still faster

  • Anonymous

This is a downgrade from the Note 9.

The only plus is the RAM increase.

  • Anonymous

i was wishing they keep everything within a note 9 package...guess not and guess note 9 will be my one and only for years to come...

  • Anonymous

gongg, 10 Aug 2019samsung note 10 ugly and not practic Curved edge screen, horri... more- No heart rate detector / Stress Level Monitor Sensor
- No Face ID or Iris Scanner
- No Snapdragon 855 Plus
- In-screen Fingerprint Scanner will be a disaster (as usual) - unlike those is other Chinese brands
- No LED Notification
- Gimmicky S Pen

For $1100???

  • AnonD-819322

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2019Excuse to justify the fact chinese brands use old versions? Not a fan of cheap Chinese sh-t e.g. Xiaomi and their weak phones. I don't bother defending brands, even my favourites.

  • gongg

gong, 08 Aug 2019samsung note 10 Curved edge screen, Low battery Too big and h... moresamsung note 10
ugly and not practic Curved edge screen,
horrible hole on screen
no led noticication
Low battery
Too big and heavy- remote control
No 3.5mm jack
no fm rds radio
no ir blaster
amoled -potential burn in problem
No improvement in camera

Bangladesh Price 144500 BDT....OMG!!!!!!!!

  • mrmozm

Headphone jack R.I.P 🙄

TPAA, 08 Aug 2019I was on a plane and they said the phone has to be in 'flight mo... moreYou can use the Type C earphone that comes with the phone just not sure about its Qualities...most people are not pleased with the removals and i hope we all can keep our Note 9 boycott this Note 10 for at least 40% sale to protest the removal of useful stuffs.who knows maybe Samsung will return them back on Note 11 ans S11

  • Rishoban

Does it has OIS on selfie camera like S10 series

Steven, 09 Aug 2019Once a Note user, you become adicted.... I am telling from exper... moreTrue. Once a Note User always a NOTE User.

  • Aaron PS

Hello everyone,
I don't have deep knowledge on the technical specification of this phone, and would like to ask whether this phone has a built in function as a remote control for TV, aircon, and other devices?
Profound thanks in advance for a clarified response.

  • SP

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2019Something that size is no longer a phone. They also said that when the first Note came out

  • Jals

Your will never regrets to buy .. im using galaxy note since first edition ... galaxy note is the best phone for me .. thanks samsung ... 😊

  • Arz

Blero, 09 Aug 2019Versions: SM-N970F (Europe); SM-N970F/DS (Global); SM-N970U (USA... moreWhich is the best

  • Steven

cyberprince7, 09 Aug 2019no 120hz not even 90hz refresh rate .. goodbye samsung , note 8 ... moreOnce a Note user, you become adicted.... I am telling from experience. I switched last year to Mate 20 Pro for better 7nm processor, better camera, better battery, better zoom, better fastcharging. But now I ordered Note10+. I miss my S Pen so much
Even if it took Samsung a year to come close to Mate 20 Pro ( still better 3x zoom and better camera and better night mode)