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Samsung Galaxy Note10+

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Okay a lot of users complaining that there's no headphone jack
But Note10 with FHD is okay to me as long as it doesn't eat the freaking battery
Jesus Christ

nottinghammy, 08 Aug 2019–> Notch –> No headphone jack Samsung, you were the Ch... moredont overacting ... theres no problem with those thing .... just couple of day u will betching about it , then , u dont care ... u will used ur phone like normal

Zendroid, 08 Aug 2019Apple and Samsung sheeps are very loyal and will gladly pay for ... morebecause they prefer those phone ... they been using for long time ... dont bhurt so much what people like .... deal with it ...

  • Anonymous

its time to switch to another brand like Huawei, Oppo etc
even Realme phones are better than samsung

  • Ishh

Any incoming Notification light?? Note10+ is the best choice.

  • Sammy

Previously samsung mocked apple for ditching 3.5mm jack
And now they ditched
Samsung go home u r drunked
Really disappointed by note 10 series

  • richard

Sadly that there is no headphone jack, althougt Samsung is including USB-C headphones in the box, but not the dongle, if we want to get HiFi audio experience, we should need the Type-c to 3.5mm adapter

  • Anonymous

Golu, 08 Aug 2019Type c to 3.5 mm dongle is provided in the box.LOL!

  • Milebb

Zendroid, 08 Aug 2019Apple and Samsung sheeps are very loyal and will gladly pay for ... moreI am not Samsung sheep, I buy Samsung phone because I think they're best for me, i try huawei, iphone, htc, nokia, and i always i back to samsung, and I never had a problem with any of my Samsung, note 1, note 3, note 4, now s9 plus. I don't have money for not 10, and if I do, I am probably not going to buy note 10, but I like it

Buch of hypocrites they made fun of Apple when they removed the headphone Jack, now they are doing the same.

  • Abdullah

Hopefully it have enough free RAM, usually samsung have low free RAM, they said it have 12GB of RAM, but am sure it will have no more than 4GB of free RAM.

  • Maiooya

AverageUser, 08 Aug 2019Amazing screen to body ratio. Awesome design. Awesome new feat... moreHaving notification?

  • kikiulkunn

Nickey, 08 Aug 2019Outdate camera features compare to China brands smartphones &... moresamsung note 10 has same camera sensor as galaxy s10 and note 9

  • Leshek

NeonHD, 04 Aug 2019This phone is driving me insane. I am REALLY REALLY in love ... moreA good compare remark..indeed ! Also for me No Go to buy it due to no ear jack..; furthermore edge screen and the notch are killer as well. It's time they should return to the flat screens and removable batteries..

  • john

Kujtim Zymeri, 08 Aug 2019The price is so high for these specs. Aluminium frame low ppi an... morefrom your comment, you are clearly not the target market for this phone. because whoever buy this phone, i dont think they have issue with money, its a luxury phone. and what PPI? note 10 plus has 1440p.

Here we go to the party no jack no problem.
Expect the upcomming S11 line without jack as well.
There is no need for that big fat useless pointless hole which had no place and space in future like phones.
Samsung can go very well without it and they will do.
Other brands will follow soon.

We were forced to stick with non removable batteries and here we go are forced again to live without jack. People complain and companies doesnt care.
Its like always same story. Words are spoken and the bread is eaten and on the end of the day noone will bother.
Hey its the samsung so what.
They have the money to do whathewer they pleases. Hey people pass over it they dont care anyway.
With money samsung earns every single day by selling million plis cell phones a day and more than 20 millions of devices with samsung sticker on it they can buy you your family your town your people and you and noone of you would care a thing.
Its just that easy if you sells milion phones a day. And more than 20 milions of anything everything and all with samsung sticker on it daily.
Thus the story.
So come and get over it. We have no choice anyway. Just to live with it.

And the memory slot and charging port will be next.
Internet get cheaper and cloud storage as well.
And the QI charge will be the future.
Be prepared.

  • gong

Gan, 08 Aug 2019This is the phone which will end note series... Curved edge scr... moresamsung note 10
Curved edge screen,
Low battery
Too big and heavy- remote control
No 3.5mm jack
no fm rds radio
no ir blaster
amoled -potential burn in problem
No improvement in camera
Big and ugly hole in middle of the screen

  • HeyListen

Oh yeah now even Samsung removed that useless headphone jack.

Of course the sheep will get angry about the 3.5mm even though nobody uses it.

inb4 "but muh headphone jack you Samsung shill reeee"

Glad OEMs don't listen to those people and continue pushing the envelope with bezel less designs and eye catching curved displays.

  • Anonymous

S 10+ is a much better option

  • Kujtim Zymeri

The price is so high for these specs. Aluminium frame low ppi and lots of other specs like no jack.
Bye bye wallet for nothing.