Samsung Galaxy Note10+

Samsung Galaxy Note10+

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Very big display.

  • Mariano

Let's see this display versus Xperia 1's display..

Zendroid, 07 Aug 2019Is that edged or flat screen? Edge

It's way too expensive, I don't see this phone selling well. People are tired of $1000+ smartphones...

  • Anonymous

No headphone jack! What's wrong with these animals?

Is that edged or flat screen?

  • Note

It will have the world most expensive screen

OK, specs are good, but price is too high.

  • Dani

Nothing new, it's same like galaxy s10.

  • Agx2019

Still on hybrid slot? When will the flagship be dual sim plus dedicated micro sd slot?

  • BMate

Samsung Galaxy S10e, 07 Aug 2019Probably August 23, though we still don't know for sure. We know exactly the release date: august 23.
Some tester got this device and said this.
(sorry for my bad english)

Amirboli, 07 Aug 2019When is the global release ?????????Probably August 23, though we still don't know for sure.

When is the global release ?????????

  • Spun

Battery too small for a 6.8 inch screen! I'm so fed up with this! The S10 5G is still a better option for that alone...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2019Screen to body ratio 92% !!! It's bezel less champ and a record ... moreyeah right. Note10+ almost equal with OnePlus7pro in dimensions but has 0.13inch(7cm²) bigger screen

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2019The designdesign of what?

Note9 User, 07 Aug 2019Lol, Samsung guarantees smartphone batteries for 1 year from pu... moreSo does every other brand.
Lenovo, Motorola, Nokia, Huawei etc.
n my country here in Slovakia every device or tool have at least 2 years of warranty if its not stated othervise.

  • Anonymous

Torontotim, 06 Aug 2019Nice phone. Very expensive.Too overpriced. 1000€ would be better or 950€

  • Note9 User

Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ - what to expect­_note10__what_to_expect-news-38537.php

  • Note9 User

1B, 01 Aug 2019What? no headphone jack??? Samsung used to hit Apple when it re... moreYeah, we remember the ingenius dongle ad: