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Samsung Galaxy Note10+

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The specs are great but my problem this time is about the design not as much good as s10 plus and removing the headphone jack!

  • midoroubi

this phone is beatifull but the design is stolen from p30

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019Huawei , seriously ? Why not ? The guy doesn't want to buy and Apple product with the name Samsung. You can continue to buy their products, the Samsung S9+ is the last Samsung for me also. Why pay 10$ for the dongle when in my country the plus model is 1200 euros ? Why ask money separately for the Super Power charger ? Sounds familiar ? To me it does and it's called Apple.

  • ManuelMendes89

And what about 5G? Are they sleeping?

  • Mk

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019So why did they make this and remove the Heart Rate Monitor... moreNote plus has sensor but note 10 doesn't

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019"There is no need for that big fat useless pointless hole".... moreWell man Samsung doesnt care a thing they proven it many times and they prove it again.
We have been forced we will pass over and on the end of a day we wont care anyway.
Just try to remember how people were nasty for sealed batteries.
This is the same thing.
Words are spoken bread is eaten and at the evening we will happily continue to live.

  • Anonymous

Golu, 08 Aug 2019Type c to 3.5 mm dongle is provided in the box."Now the Note 10 doesn't even come with a dongle..." -CNet

So no dongle in the box, u have to buy that for $10

  • Jess

Guys actually im out of only seeing the pictures of samsung galaxy note 10 plus i just satisfied....its built in structure just stole my eyes.....oh my a huge fan of samsung S and NOTE series...although i dont have money hoping to buy this phone somehow in any day...thanks

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019its time to switch to another brand like Huawei, Oppo etc ... moreHuawei , seriously ?

  • Anonymous

So why did they make this and remove the Heart Rate Monitor/Stress Level Sensor?
Thus is very pointless in my opinion. Its basically a Samsung A70 with a pen!

  • vesment

why did they remove sensor for heartrate

  • Anonymous

Sammy, 08 Aug 2019Previously samsung mocked apple for ditching 3.5mm jack An... moreAlso if the people defending the lack of a headphone jack say the future is wireless, why are wired headphones included in the box? And an adaptor? The same people are saying "people can afford bluetooth if they can afford a Note 10" don't realise Samsung are tailoring to people who still use wired. Also many other issues arise with Bluetooth and a lack of a jack. There are other audio devices that use a jack apart from headphones. Also Bluetooth does compress audio quality.

  • eddi ramma

Abdullah, 08 Aug 2019Hopefully it have enough free RAM, usually samsung have low... moresamsung has worst ram manager of phones

  • Anonymous

The Note 10 should not be treated as the base model and the Note 10+ as the improved model. The Note 10+ should be seen as an overpriced base model and the Note 10 as a nerfed model. Especially when you are getting the same ram, a worse screen, no jack etc as the Note 9. I don't know why people are defending this.

  • Anonymous

BiyoBiyo JunJun, 08 Aug 2019dont overacting ... theres no problem with those thing ....... moreWhy fm can not support other contry?

i'm only gonna wait until the mate 30 pro is released, then its decision time. Soild samsung fan here but kinda went sideways last year and tried the mate 20 pro. Tbh, i had no regrets. For this year, I think samsung may be winning me over again with the note10+, but im still gonna wait for the m30pro to be fair.

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 08 Aug 2019Here we go to the party no jack no problem. Deal??? Expec... more"There is no need for that big fat useless pointless hole". Well the future is looking bleak if the new alternative is flimsy easy to lose headphone jack adaptors. I would rather have a fat hole thanks.

Maybe Samsung can get away with the lack of a headphone jack as usb C to jack adaptors are cheaper than apples lightning ones but if the future is wireless then why on earth are wired headphones included in the box?? Samsung galaxy buds should have been in the box. The smartphone market is clearly stagnating as now the companies are tailoring to a minority of reviewers or who knows and not the the majority of people who just want to use their old head phones. Especially when a lot of other audio devices apart from headphones uses a jack.

Also here is a novel concept... why not add a second usb C port?

Also Samsung seemed to care about people complaining when they removed the sd card from the Note 5.

  • Sammy

john, 08 Aug 2019from your comment, you are clearly not the target market fo... morePeople who could afford the previous Note phone can certainly afford this Note phone. The "luxury phone" argument is irrelevant when you are paying a similar price for less features.

  • Anonymous

Thanks for opening my eyes. Otherwise I planned to move other brands.

Maiooya, 08 Aug 2019Having notification? Explain? Lol