Samsung Galaxy Note10+

Samsung Galaxy Note10+

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  • GuidoSarduci

Omid 12 Omidvar., 10 Jul 2019A good news .Samsung finally came to itself what people des... moreyou have said alot here- without actually saying anything at all/

very nice skill my sir

  • Omid 12 Omidvar.

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  • Anonymous

Ali2020, 09 Jul 2019No headphone Jack!!. There it was one of the best line of s... moreIt is sad that they ditched the Headphone Jack.

  • Samsungguy

Does anyone know what the screen refresh rate will be? Will it be 90hz like the OnePlus 7pro?

  • Ali2020

No headphone Jack!!. There it was one of the best line of smartphones. If the S family will also come without headphone jack so there's no more Samsung smartphones for me.

  • false

BeeMovieLover, 08 Jul 2019It's so rare that a phone this beautiful is available to wa... moreunfortunatley reports have came out stating this device will not be compatible with this "BEE MOVIE" - sorry for the inconvenience maybe next year

  • Snapdragon

Back to Samsung from Huawei if IR blaster is a go.. No headphone jack doesnt bother me. Usb type c headphones work just fine.

  • LG GUY

I will buy this phone for 1 reason ... IR

maybe a few more... decent battery/ nice display/ great ram- great chipset- great device

  • BeeMovieLover

It's so rare that a phone this beautiful is available to watch Bee Movie in 4k. i wonder if they do it in yellow?

  • ᶜ &#83

I'm totally fine without the headphone jack on this, "IF" it's the same as the iPhone with no input lag/delay at all especially on gaming, I'm gonna ditch the 6S+ it that's the case. Can't wait for the release

  • Dometalican

Rishi Choudhury, 20 Jun 2019Its better to move on. In daily life wireless sounding is b... more"For a bigger battery, remove the headphone jack".

Yea, the Nubia Red Magic 3, Asus Zenfone 6, and Blackview 9500 Pro would all like a word with you...

  • Dometalican

83662196, 03 Jul 2019This phone looks gorgeous, I dont care what any of you peop... more"removing the headphone jack for innovation"...

Can you...pray tell...what innovation? It's better to have a CHOICE between headphone jack and Bluetooth; not get forced one down our throats. Before you give me the whole "get a Type-C headset", I'd rather not abuse the USB-C port, thank you very much.

  • Anonymous

wiseguy, 07 Jul 2019No 4k video for selfie camera? in my opinion this model mus... moreThere is a 4k selfie on the note no+

  • Mike

battery capacity is to low for that screen size/ and why did samsung removed the 3.5 headset jack/ totally no sense at all/

  • wiseguy

No 4k video for selfie camera? in my opinion this model must at least has the selfie camera with 1080p 60fps video like the iPhone!!!!! better wait, is just ram & batterie upgrade

  • LordGMLP

Might need to update Wifi 6 (802.11ax) in there. I mean the S 10 already got Wifi 6. No reason Note 10 only got ac.

  • Mohammed

Can I use two SIMs on Note 10+ one GSM and one CDMA at the same time?

Anonymous, 03 Jul 201910K mAh battery? Are you insane?! Do you not even realize h... moreMan 20k powerbank is much smaller than the phone where is the problem???
I am not insane i jujst want what this should have.
Almost 7 inch screen and only 4500 mAh good joke.
Who wants to charge its phone every single day and 2 times a day after half year???

Still 12MP camera or just rumored.... 🤔


Birazz roy, 01 Jul 2019Samsung is the best unsecured phone....incase my phone is m... moreYour Samsung phone got bypassed because you had no Samsung account enabled, no one can bypass a Samsung account lock. Google lock are easy.