Samsung Galaxy Note10+

Samsung Galaxy Note10+

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  • Anonymous

Bodybuilder Strong, 09 Jun 2019Note 10 - Still QHD Resolution, Still ONLY shitty 12 or 16 ... morethey have really good cameras, and mp dont mean almost absolutely anything related to picture quality and it will maybe have a 64 mp sensor because they are in the progress of making it

  • powerba11

last time I bought samsung note was in 2014, I'm willing to pay arround 1000EUR for a note 10, but if samsung will continue to equip their flagship with cuved display and hole in the screen I will not buy it. Look arround Samsung, look at the competitors, your Samsung design team should be replaced... you design team has start to be like the ones from Sony...stuck in the past!

  • Kuw

Hey Guys i need your Help.My Samsung Phone is Overheated beacuse of Wether in Kuwait Temperature is too High. My phone is stop working . So i can phone in Fridge or Freezer. So it will damage the phone or not.
Phone is j4 and j7 prime ...

  • Techkung

Have you ever reflected and compared with other companies, u a lower tech than others

  • Ali

kenny, 08 Jun 2019Damn. Its so nice Time to upgrade my S7 Edgei recommended to you buy a galaxy s9+

25W charing and 4500 mAh battery what a joke.
For its size the battery should be at least 10k mAh

  • jk

OMG Dear, Samsung please remove the curve display on Note series beg you..............!!

  • Benny

OMG, holepunch camera? When will the realize we do not want HOLES in our display.

  • JaymeD

Bodybuilder Strong, 09 Jun 2019Note 10 - Still QHD Resolution, Still ONLY shitty 12 or 16 ... moreYou really don't need more that that... if you do, just buy a DSL Carmera, the sensor/lenses are much more important than a huge Megapixel count. Regarding storage most phones don't even offer a 512Gb, what are you talking about? Don't be a baby.

  • girth

S10+User, 09 Jun 2019Does it have Iris scanner? Its in specs here!!+answered your own question like

  • Anonymous

will they stay stick to 12 mp cameras forever?

  • Bodybuilder Strong

Note 10 - Still QHD Resolution, Still ONLY shitty 12 or 16 Mp camera, only 512 GB not 1TB. And next Change - NO 3,5 mm Jack. This Note totaly sucks!!!

  • S10+User

Does it have Iris scanner?
Its in specs here!!+

  • ImranMansoor

Better selfie camera setup than S10+ and S10+ 5G
Small Punch hole cutout middle top of the screen

Ugly desing the same hardware like in s10+. Samsung is going to bankpupt no one is going to buy this...

  • Simpson Powers Jonez

I detest the camera cut-out implementation. It seems like a manufacturing flaw to me that's very intrusive on the main feature of any modern era smartphone. The A80 presents a far better "true bezeless screen (TBS)" implementation than any cut-out or tear-drop solution. The A80's fix is still not the best, I must say, but at least it doesn't interfere with my field of view.

  • Anonymous

The screen size is very small.

  • Pupone

So apparently there will be just a single selfie camera looking like a notch at the middle?
It sounds weird since the S10+ and S10 5G have 2 selfie cameras and the S10 5G even already has the quad rear cameras...

Bean, 09 Jun 2019No headphone jack, that's a problem for is actually fine without a headphone jack since we are all moving forward like the situation that happened between full screen devices and physical qwerty keyboards, the main problem they was what if the screen got a part where it was broken and it is more fragile and also years ago most people laugh to the note series since it was big like it was just somewhere 5 inches diagonal and look right now... people consider 6 inched diagonal phone as the average

  • gettingthis

irblaster is back! Please let there ba headphone jack and it will be perfect.