Samsung Galaxy Note10+

Samsung Galaxy Note10+

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This phone is so beautiful omg, if huaweI thought that they were gonna take over, lmao think this is a dream phone, its a dream come true who so ever disagree, should check a psychology, great job sammy, I love it.

  • Sanjuz

Huawei honor 10, 07 Jun 2019Thought it was gonna have exynos 9825? And the price is gon... moreno . New Exynos will launch next year .

Livius, 07 Jun 2019Finally triple camera ? Google is destroying everyone with ... moreThe upcoming Pixel will have Dual cameras, and by next yer maybe even triple. But I have to agree with you, Pixels are the best when it comes to image quality!

  • Soban Mub

Realistic81, 08 Jun 2019It seems interesting, but why no headphone Jack port! And ... moreits big in size may be thats why. and it has around 500 ppi. which is no way bad even if you use vr content. so i feel sad a bit for that

It seems interesting, but why no headphone Jack port! And less ppi than the previous model! With a higher price for sure.
What do you think guys?

Anonymous, 08 Jun 2019This is joke right? Cause this phone already have iris scannerIris scanner already gone starting from S10 series

  • Realistic81

It seems interesting, but why no headphone Jack port! And the ppi less than previous model!
with higher price for sure
What do you think guys?

  • Anonymous

Samsung needs to make their phones more robust.

A IP68 and MILT 810 G is a must for all high end phones.

Can you imagine paying 1200 dollars for something that will not last long.

If they legit drop the jack, Samsung will be dead to me. Note series should've been a no-compromise device yet they compromised.

This honestly seems like some sort of mistake. Three years of mocking Apple won't lead to this.

  • Anonymous

Please let it have the jack...

  • Johnny

Why no 3.5 jack. It should be complete business phone. I will keep my note 9

Lack of 3.5mm audio jack. I won't consider to buy it of course

  • Anonymous

Gio, 07 Jun 2019No secure face unlock. NiceThis is joke right? Cause this phone already have iris scanner

  • Anonymous

Great phone. Except for the 3.5 mm jack.

  • Samsung lover

The camera positioning looks weird asf, I was expecting them to use the S10+ horizontal style.. getting rid of the headphone jack?? That’s a no no!! That’s was part of the reason people loved Samsung. People didn’t tell it well when apple did it’s samsung is barely floating and they want to make a move like this

  • Sahib

its The Photo copy of note 9 only scren design or battry and no Audio jack it not so various frome note 9 Samsung ear buds is full of bad quality after using 1 month ear buds work like Nokia 3310 head phone so may it cant break the Note 9 record.
samsung have to change the specifications like 4800 mh batrry or new slot for SD card and 16 Megapixel cameraor more specification with Audio music

No jack?! A true Pro would pack in everything, pretty much like S10 Plus.

Thought it was gonna have exynos 9825? And the price is gonna be stupid! APPLE ALERT!

  • Anonymous

Dometalican, 07 Jun 2019The lack of headphone jack hurts but considering how beastl... moreHonestly it's probably likely that Samsung will do the galaxy buds as a pre-order bonus

  • Anonymous

GumuGumuNoMi, 07 Jun 2019No headphone jack, no buy. Goodbye Samsung.You do realize it's all rumors right? No need to get salty