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  • Vic

Battery life is the main issue of this phone. It's just not on par with other flagship devices. And it's not a battery size to blame but poor performing Exynos chipset and modem. Standby (overnight) discharge of phone connected to cellular network only is too high. For many years Exynos is being criticized by user, but Samsung still doesn't want to ditch it and use Snapdragon on its flagship devices on all markets.

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2021If I upgrade to one ui 3.1 will I still have my edge lighti... moreNope you won't it's gone with One UI 3.1

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2021Will my note10plus survive water drop Of course it will! It is ip68 certified.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jun 2021No, my friendIf I upgrade to one ui 3.1 will I still have my edge lighting on my note10plus please I want to know

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jun 2021No, my friendWill my note10plus survive water drop

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2021is it worth upgrading from s9+ to Note10? , i am getting fo... moreNo, my friend

  • phoneviewer

you should do your research. it has better geek bench scores, but i cant tell you if the performance is noticeable or not. the note 9 has a slightly better screen. Note 9's screen is 1440x2960 and the Note 10 has a 1080x2280. Look at chip specifications not a whole lot is changed. you go from a Exynos 9810 to a 9825. you even get a smaller battery with the Note 10. From what Ive heard the Note 8 or 9 was the sweet spot. what you could get with the Note 10 that you don't have with the Note 9 is 5G capability, but only certain models have that on the Note 10. I suggest open up two browsers and compare the specs and features of each and look at the bench scores then check the reviews. I think the Note 9 is better and has features that Note 10 doesn't have like and Iris scanner, which i think is cool, but if you want faster data connection then Note 10 with 5G would be your option but if you don't experience any slowdowns or lag stick with the 9 unless you really just want something that is newer but under par for a Note series.

  • san

Alitaghavi, 05 Apr 2021Galaxy S21 or Galaxy Note 10 Which one do you prefer to buy?which one did you buy i have same question s21 or note 10

  • Anonymous

is it worth upgrading from s9+ to Note10? , i am getting for 350 along with my trade in.

Please advice . Thanks in advance to all.

  • Swwapnil

Using since last 9 months ,
here is my review --
superb phone, great display quality, premium feel, very slim and sexy.
below are my ratings
camera - 4.5/5
Display - 5/5
Battery - 3.5/5
OS customisation - 4.5/5
Look - 5/5
Overall - 4.5/5

  • elenka

great phone, poor battery

  • Chandimal

I have been using Samsung note 10 one and a half year. Superb great phone despite battery drain. Display quality customization & everything impressive. Dear samsung note 10 users. Don't upgrade your phone to latest june update. I lost my edge lighting feature as the result of the update. Also even you upgrade your phone to latest one ui 3.1, director view, object eraser such as good features isn't available. Those are only S21 phones.They remove old features & give latest & old good features only to latest flagship devices.😪

  • David

Really good phone in my opinion

  • A

I have been using the phone for 15 months now. The battery lasts almost a day on WiFi and about 6-7 hours on LTE network if I use continuously (Usual browsing and social media). Can play normal games which does not put pressure on the cores and of course make phone calls.
When doing heavy gaming, (Real Racing, PUBG, Marvels, COD Mobile etc ). the phone lasts for about 2-3 hours which is still okay as that much time gaming is still too much. The phone is for those people who love a stylish look, overall good camera for normal users. It does actually click amazing pictures. (If you are a professional, buy a DSLR, do not depend on phone camera to work like one). Lastly, people ranting about 3.5mm jack? Are you living in 2010? Come on! Technology is getting advanced, you should too. A decent wirelsss earbuds does the job well. And in stock samsung earphones are good as well with decent sound. AND 256 GB is a massive memory. You obviously do not have a laptop at home if you store 4k vides on your phone. I do not understand why people try to find bad everything. I absolutely love this phone.

  • Sawsan

This phone is not for those who live on their phones and need a huge battery to keep it running for several hours every day. I charge this phone only to 80% (which is healthy for the battery) yet it comfortably lasts me a day and is usually at 25-30% by the time I charge it at night. And I'm a moderate user, so I text, browse the internet/social media, take pics/vids, watch the odd youtube clip and, of course, make phone calls on it. I don't game on it. So those whining about the battery obviously bought the wrong phone for their needs.

  • Pendy

mistake, 27 May 20213hrs of SOT...i give this phone as new p40pro.... moreBigger phone dimension, bigger battery.
Note10 need space for spen.
So, its depend to user needs.
U no need pen, U can get bigger battery.

  • mistake

3hrs of SOT...i give this phone as new p40pro...9hrs of sot..same price..instaled playstore..samsng is amoled but huawei is everything else,,,

  • Anonymous

3500 mah battery a big NO for this device. Very outdated too.

  • Anonymous

Homo Sapiens, 22 May 2021Guys the toxicity in is just too much... Back... moreGotta agree with you, gsmarena comments are atrociously toxic

Guys the toxicity in is just too much...
Back to the Note10, it is above average phone though with tiny battery, I feel this is justified by the stylus and the purely small size of this phone. On the Note10, I usually get battery lifethat lasts almost a day, usually charge it after dinner to not let it die. Also the absence of 3.5mm and SD card slot is no deal breaker, some decent wireless earbuds are ok to me and I dont really bloat my storage space so ppl who need to record like 4k or 8k dont buy this otherwise generally fine. Good screen though no 120hz, lastly stop ranting about potato battery and missing stuff... this phone was made for those like me who cannot hold an s21 ultra without finger gymnastics, note10 is smaller and lighter than 80% of android 10 and above phones.