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  • Anonymous

an idol, 11 Aug 2019I am getting this phone 3 month later (end of october) as a birt... moreYou find yourself settling for this and then settling for that (whatever you don't use it anyways) and paying $950 (like iphone customers are *so* used to), good luck with the small battery, a samsung A20 has better battery than this LOL, samsung is going to smile every time they sell one of these.

  • Kamal

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2019s10/10+ beats this crap... and is cheaperOnly for display..another specs are already better than the s10 plus

  • flagshipper

so..there are 2 major positives:
- Mi9-like fast charging both wired and wireless (Finally)
- Relatively light (168g), actually lighter than flagship of the year Mi9
- no SD card (what? in Samsung?)
- no jack = no music as you can't plug in external reader with headphones
So i keeps S10. Hope they don't delete this from S11.

  • Evil crash bandicoot

Lenovo z6 pro had 3.5mm jack and bigger bettery and SD card Samsung said this not work lol sanpdragon 855 stronger than the 2020 Samsung Chip's

  • Anonymous

s10/10+ beats this crap... and is cheaper

  • Anonymous

• Currently I am using Note FE (7), only because it was the smallest Note up to now.
• I am always using the screen in FHD, never needed QHD, didn't get any extra benefit.
• 64GB Internal + 64GB MicroSD is always enough for me, so 256GB is very sufficient.
• S-pen is very important for me, not only for taking notes but also because I can use mouse-over feature when browsing the internet.
• I don't like to use phones with width larger than 73mm.
• IR blaster was a nice feature back then but admittedly I only used it ones or two, that's all. (With my Note Pro 12.3)
• I have never used the heart rate sensor, oxygen sensor, etc. on my phone, ever.
• Therefore, Note 10 is perfect for me except the headphone jack.
• I can feel the difference between the wired audio and bluetooth unless it uses aptX HD protocol and I think Exynos version of Note 10 that I can buy here in Europe will not support aptX HD.

When reading the comments here, I felt that I am the only one feeling like I have written above.

I am currently using S9+ (256 GB) and it seems a little too big for single hand use and another problem was not too fast charging so i was searching for a compact phone like 152 mm max length and with at least 20W charging, here in India Note 10 was available for Pre Order on 8th of August and for 2 days i gave a serious thought about Pre booking this phone and then finally on 10th August I have Pre book the Aura Glow color.

I have never used SD card on my S9+ and never used 3.5 mm jack while charging so these two points are no deal breaker for me and for cost there is INR 6000 cash back is applicable on HDFC credit card EMI's so that's enough for me and one more thing there is not much difference in QHD & FHD screen in daily use, in fact FHD will same some battery, so now i am eagerly waiting for 23rd August.

an idol, 11 Aug 2019I am getting this phone 3 month later (end of october) as a birt... moreThis is what I'm saying. We are the target user for this device. I came from an LG V30 to a Note9 and the V30 had a big screen but I could still use it with one hand fairly easily. Not possible on Note9, it's too big and too heavy. With Note10 we get a device with almost the same dimensions and weight as something like a V30 which will make it easier to handle and hopefully even usable one-handed, but we get the 6.3 inch screen, we get the s-pen, we get the features (all the really important ones anyway). This is looking like a great phone. August 23rd can't come soon enough.

  • Anonymous

Note 10 Minus, 10 Aug 2019Yes, choosing the Note 9 over the Note 10 is a no-brainer. Even ... morethe note 9 is a brick

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Aug 2019no iris sensor.. no face sensor.. no led notification... no stre... moreso you are one of the three peopld who zctuslly used the stress/oxygen sensor?

  • Anonymous

If they want me to shelve $300 more bucks from this no SD CARD, small battery, 1080p, and no 3.5mm jack travesty..... Ummmm no thanks!!!

Had it in my hands today and I must say it's a good looking and very nicely sized. But it's missing two major things for me, the heart rate sensor and the headphone jack.

Unknown user, 11 Aug 2019I think it has an IR Sensor/BlasterThat is actually a speaker.

  • Anonymous

no iris sensor.. no face sensor.. no led notification... no stress/cardio sensor... not last SoC 855+... with a cheap stylus and not Android One .. The US version seem to be only one sim too and no infrared... but the Price look like this phone have ...

If xiaomi or huawei did remove 3.5 mm jack and micro SD their fanboys will refer this as a developpement, and mock anyone who wants them back.
But personnaly, IDC about flagships, I have A50 with an 4000 mAh battery+ mico SD+3.5 mm jack :P

  • an idol

I am getting this phone 3 month later (end of october) as a birthday gift to myself.. regardless of others opinion, i think this phone is perfect and suit my need the most..
1) i do not use earphone while charging (safety issue) - earphone with usb c adapter is good enough for me
2) the only mobile game i usually play is pubg.. as long as this phone can play hdr graphic with extreme fps.. its good enough.. and hopefully note 10 will not encounter fps drop issue like s10 since note 10 use exynos 9825 (not 9820)
3) FHD screen resolution is enough for me - i dont see much difference when the screen is qhd or fhd.. plus fhd will absolutely reduce power consumption on note 10 (battery last longer)
4) i love the s pen especially the gestures function - i can write memo on the screen/can take picture with the rear camera without asking help from other people.. i can eat without touching the screen (just use the s pen to move my screen.. lol)
5) the camera quality is good enough.. i love super steady video on the s10 and note 10.. i dont need 50x zoom tbh.. lol
6) 90.9 screen to body ratio.. no significant chin and just a punch hole in the middle.. im gonna love this phone like crazy
7) note series have many hidden feafures.. i can learn from youtube videos later on.. haha

  • Unknown user

I think it has an IR Sensor/Blaster

  • Anonymous

Sher, 10 Aug 2019Excellent in sizeOk k20 pro has basically the same screen size and resolution and almost $600 cheaper.

I don't know where to start, even the screen on Note 4 is better than this device, is the battery a little bigger than Note 8, can it last half a day? And the price is more expensive than Note 9, I don't want to review 3.5mm jack and micro sd card, this is very difficult because I have to wait a long time for this disappointing device

  • Sher

Excellent in size