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Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite

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  • Ali

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2020Please tell me the improvements or disadvantages of one UI 2,1 f... moreAlways choose the newest

  • Anonymous

Please tell me the improvements or disadvantages of one UI 2,1 for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 lite. Still undecided whether to buy note 9 or 10 lite

  • Ahmad Farid

broozm, 03 Jun 2020Has anyone found a flip case for this? I don't think Samsung eve... morecan anyone tell this pgobe comes with in built screen protector?

More worthy is a A51, this phone is fragile, not waterproof, and has mid-range phone features, but at least the Camera, the battery and the GPU is good

Has anyone found a flip case for this? I don't think Samsung even makes one - and all the aftermarket options are cheap rubbish..
I've had a genuine Samsung flip case on my Note5 for about three years and its still going strong.
The advantage of the flip case is that this turns the phone on when you open it - and you can actually answer with it still closed! And it acts as a very good screen protector (I didn't bother with a film screen protector but always close my flip case and screen is still 100%)

  • prstrindade

The Anonymous 1, 25 Apr 2020Which is the better offering here ,my budget is £500 This... moreI bought Galaxy Note 10 Lite, its main camera is great like Galaxy S8 camera (my old phone). Its have f/1.7 and Optical Stabilization in two of its three cameras. I had ~20 hours of battery life in last day using Edifier W200BT SE bluetooth 5.0 earbuds, Galaxy Watch Active2, 2h youtube, WhatsApp and many health apps working at the same time (Fitbit, Samsung Health, Google Fit, Health Sync etc)

  • Dario

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2020Does it have FM radio?Yes it does

  • Anonymous

Does it have FM radio?

  • Dario

I do not understand the general comments about battery on this phone being "bad"... I have mine for more or less a week, getting 6h30m-7h SoT and 30h overall battery time (until ~= 5%), moderate to heavy use (social media, web browsing, music through speakers or bluetooth and ocasional gaming).

  • Rafiqul

darker83, 24 Apr 2020I got the Note 10 Lite couple of days ago, I was discouraged aft... moreWhich one is better for me?Samsung galaxy Note 10 lite or S10 Lite.I need S-pen and ,good camera& some balance battery performance.

  • brandon harsey

bought this phone last week...all i can say is im very satisfied with this phone...very good camera rear and taken using this phone is outstanding i can switch all lens while im pretty sure all youtuber, bloggers will love this phone...battery life is excellent i can use it 1 n half day ...i can play heavy game too like pubg,codm, without any problems....👍😘

  • Deepak

Was confused between A51,71,Note10 Lite and S10 Lite. I watched Youtube unboxing/review videos on these models for 48 hours. Then Finally decided to go between A51/Note10L. Then Once I visited the samsung showroom, the salesman started offering excessive discounts on Note10L, so I had to choose that. The phone costs 44000 Indian rupees for a 8GB model. I was offered 7000 Instant discount & finally the phone costed be 37,000.

2000 Was instant discount based on some Samsung summer offer. 5000 discount was based on samsung's upgrade program, where you give your old phone and get this discount. Strangely, the salesman just took the coupon code from my old phone and gave the 5000 discount. He did not even take my old phone!

Finally coming to my review. Battery is really bad, it just stands for 10-12 hours for a 4.5k Mah. I'm a light general user.Use it for whatsapp, fb, messaging, emails , very few actual phone calls etc. Not a heavy gamer also.

Phone is really thick. Agree there is a Spen inside, but still they could have reduced the thickness a bit

I have not seen much lag in performance with the outdated Xynos chipset of S9. At the same time I don't find an extraordinary smoothness of a SD. I think the outdated chip-set is causing the battery to drain badly like this

Fingerprint is working slowly or not working good

Selfie camera not so good. My freinds oppo performs even better!

I like different colors . I'm bored with the regular black/white colours. The aura shine looks really standing out. Love that color

Headphone jack is a plus

Display is really good

One UI 2.0 is crisp heavily customizable(Well you get these customizable options in any phone starting with A51 and above. You don't have to go for note 10L to get this!)


Brand X, 30 May 2020Does it have a screen recorder?One UI 2 has Screen Recording, so yes.

  • Brand X

Does it have a screen recorder?

xavier, 04 May 2020what would be the best buy? note 10 lite vs a71 vs iphone se 2020Final words about iPhone SE 2020- Problem heating and battery draining issues,Ugly design poor in terms of spec.
iPhone SE problem heating and battery draining issues.Camera just good but nothing especial to fall with iphone SE 2020.It's better to go with iphone XR without any doubt. Beleave me iphone SE not the phone of 2020. I definitely say there is nothing will going to attracts you in terms of looks, design,spec.In simple words it's a mistake and I hope hardly anybody onece try such a mistake.Only iphone fanboy will fall in love with iphone SE 2020.

  • Anonymous

Waiting for the day when manufacturers will condition front facing cameras as luxury features, just like how they're already conditioning us to believe the audio jack is a low-end "lite" feature. Then we'll have budget full-screen phones with audio jacks, and the higher-end flagship phones will have the notches, punch-holes, and require bluetooth earphones.

  • garcy

Gt89, 26 May 2020hello I've had this phone for a few days and it seems after a... moreyes,its normal

  • Gt89


I've had this phone for a few days and it seems after around 5 minutes of use it gets warm at the top left side. Its that normal?

Its not hot, just warmer than the rest of the phone. I really like this phone and I do not want to return it if that is normal.

Thanks for any help given

  • alexander

if your are youtuber,designer,blogger this phone is made for you..the camera,video recording is outstanding with ois built in..playing heavy game such a pubg ,codm will be no problem at all...great phone 👍

  • madam_professorV

Balaji, 09 May 2020I have the Samsung Note 9 with the same Exynos 9810. The battery... moreAgree. I can't download Gcam in my Note FE cause apparently it is not compatible with Exynos :( 2 years ago they said that Exynos is way better in optimizing the battery but now they said Snapdragon is better? Gahhh...