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  • Anonymous

Sash, 10 Apr 2021Since posting this a month ago, I'm still awaiting the... moreSame

I had Galaxy note 5 and it broke recently, thinking of getting note 10 lite for its price. The question now, is the S Pen and other features at least as good as note 5, or is it degrading?

Thank you

Very correct. Fingerprint sensor very annoying. I miss my s10 fingerprint sensor. It was more accurate since it was ultrasonic n this is optical. I don't think il use this phone for very long. M looking for a change to another brand as Samsung is now kinda boring. Wish to move to Oneplus or xiaomi arnd $600 phone

  • Frog

Dagon96, 13 Apr 2021I finally received the update that i was waiting for from m... moreOn point JEk their politic is bullshit

I finally received the update that i was waiting for from march. Though i did receive the april security patch with the one ui 3.1 update so i guess this is ok.
I really don't like what samsung is doing with their updates for some countries. Like some people live in the 1st world, some in 2nd world and so on and so forth. Bullshit.

For me, it is the last time i get a samsung phone.

The software and the hardware are ok, but their politics about seeding updates to some phones a month later after they seed to the us and coreea is bullcrap.

  • Anonymous

after april update now i have rcs on samsung massage

  • Sash

Wein, 11 Mar 2021No i dont think so that is why it is called note10 "LI... moreSince posting this a month ago, I'm still awaiting the update to OneUI 3.1 and currently on 1 Feb 2021 security update. No other updates available since 5 March 2021.

Galaxy Note10 Lite 128gb model with 6gb RAM

MTN Network South Africa

Dagon96, 07 Apr 2021Hmmmm, interesting point of view. They can probably do the ... moreThe way you are doing is basically a 'sideload' while the DeX is something 'baked' into the Android system. DeX doesn't work like any other sideloaded applications. Without wired DeX, wireless DeX won't work as wireless DeX is a 'extension' to the current Wired Dex.

KH, 30 Mar 2021I finally understand why Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note 10... moreHmmmm, interesting point of view. They can probably do the same for note 10 lite as well, it has enough screen real estate to do alot of things. I did test some 3rd party launchers that are emulating dex and they run flawlessly on this phone. Also you can cast the screen wirelessly on another display, no problem.
I wish they add DeX to note 10 lite

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2021Hello bro..I recently purchased dis device in March..everyt... moreWhatever you do, don't use the adaptive luminosity on this phone. Just a piece of advice from another user of note 10 lite.
If you work in a place with low phone signal you will face these issues for sure. I am getting same weird battery.
Though i ussually get around 6-8 hours of screen on time, depending only on where i am, at work or at home.
Also, i don't really recommend playing heavy games on it.
Mine is getting so hot when playing fortnite, that i can fry eggs almost on it's surface, even on the lowest settings.

Other then those few factors, battery is great!

  • Anonymous

Najaras, 01 Apr 2021I have been using the phone for over 2 months now I have to... moreHello bro..I recently purchased dis device in March..everything is perfect except battery..I have to charge it 2 times in a day..I got around only 3.5 to 4 SOT in a day with Bluetooth,Data and location always on..please can u help me...Thanks

I have been using the phone for over 2 months now I have to say the quality is good nice camera features. Ohhh.. the screen is superb one shortfall is the finger print sensor.

Joanne, 31 Mar 2021I am unable to play game after upgrade to Version Android 1... moreEvery phone DOES slow down a little after update, no phones could do updates without getting slowed down because of new features, and yes since Android 10's policy you are not allowed to downgrade so this applies to all brands all devices

  • Joanne

KH, 21 Mar 2021You probably got a clone product... the phone is android 10I am unable to play game after upgrade to Version Android 11, when I try to Login Game, it keep hanging or quit immediately. I walked in to Samsung Service Center and been informed that maybe unsupport some game, and also unable to downgrade version Android 10. I have to wait for new Version. Very regret to buy this model. Will not support Samsung Phone any more

I finally understand why Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note 10 Lite has no DeX support.
Wired DeX is something baked into the Android OS, not a standalone application. While Wireless DeX is another 'extension' to the original DeX.
If they want to bring the wireless DeX to Galaxy Note 10 Lite, they must have the original wired DeX baked into the device first. A factory reset with software update must be performed to bring DeX
The Tab S6 Lite is simply different, it's just a 'launcher' application that transforms your device into a new layout, and that doesn't need extra effort and can be a standalone application.
Correct me if im wrong

  • nicOsam

I got my Note10Lite last Aug,2020 for $375, and I will say this is "best bang for the buck" ever paid on a smartphone. It may be my last Samsung Note for a good while.

My Note10Lite is still on version 11. N770FXXS7DUB1, Feb 0,2021. This phone model is the SM-N770F/DS, bought unlocked Int'l variant with DualSIMs. On Android 10, Device care cleans down to 2.9GB. On Android 11, it cleans further down to 2.5GB.

  • gs

ben, 23 Jan 2021A fingerprint sensor does not work well at all, rarely work... morepro tip to eliminate problem

set same finger 2 or 3 times
1) dry finger
2) humid finger

Naresh Chanda, 22 Mar 2021The phone was sold 40k in past year. I just got a offer for... moreYou should try prices in $ or € too, becouse i don't think only indians use this app.
Myself for exemple, from Europe

  • Naresh Chanda

The phone was sold 40k in past year. I just got a offer for 26k with credit card offer on NO EMI cost.

At this price range I feel the Samsung note 10 lite is more worth then recent flagship phones.

If user not a gamer and if user needs more productivity then it's the perfect time to buy this phone.

  • Alone Human

Note 10 Lite has aelfie Camera 1080p 60fps not only 30fps
no write this feature ,

Perfect Back and Front Camera Live Screen Perfect like oil smooth
Battery life is very good and Ultra fast chargin mode
Night camera Very Bright

Very Good Phone and Cheap price :)