Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite

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I get this is meant for international countries but the lack of a Snapdragon chipset killed this phone

600 eu phone even that is note series but there us no ip rating 💔

Jj, 05 Jan 2020Not snapdragon? SkipThe s10 lite has a better cpu

  • Anonymous

Jj, 05 Jan 2020Not snapdragon? SkipYou have never used exynos and you can troll it, Mali GPU on Exynos is still superior than Adreno from long time ago

Bodybuilder Strong, 04 Jan 202012 Mpx Camera??!! Poor!!!Dude, 12 mp camera can shoot 4k pics and videos. More then 12 mp is overkill

  • Jj

Not snapdragon? Skip

  • Anonymous

Bodybuilder Strong, 04 Jan 202012 Mpx Camera??!! Poor!!!Why poor dude? It is the same camera spec with Note8 except for ultrawide lens

do you think 48 MP camera is real? It is Quad Bayer Technology 0.8 micrometer with Pixel Binning, The True Resolution is still 12 MP with 1.6 micrometer

  • Blaba

Bodybuilder Strong, 04 Jan 202012 Mpx Camera??!! Poor!!!Its the same camera from note 8

  • Anonymous

Bodybuilder Strong, 04 Jan 202012 Mpx Camera??!! Poor!!!Then you clearly don't know how much important software is... Ask Google

  • sad no have ip 68

if can samsung should have IR blaster on there note and S again , it will be better .

  • sad no have ip 68

should have ip68

  • Bodybuilder Strong

12 Mpx Camera??!! Poor!!!

Madan2019, 28 Dec 2019Copy of I Phone 11Lol, not even close! xD

  • well

its plastic? cmon i believe its glass sandwich waiting for gsmarena hands on

  • Leo

When you pay over 500€ for a smartphone, you expect to receive premium materials. The phones are made from plastic, as the A-Serries. These are not IP rated so no dust/water protection. You are paying extra for the brand of Note or Galaxy S. But they are not giving you the same feeling as premium, because in the end it is an expensive device. For a similar ammount (500-600€) you can get more power and quality materials from the competition. The processor is slightly improved but not significantly, and the cameras are fine, but not a big deal. So If you have an A50 (as I do) and consider to switch you would not find it so attractive for the price. The same thing goes for the Note 10 lite if you have the A70. At least those devices cost around 350€ and for the price, you cannot complain. You got what you paid for. But with the S10 lite or note 10 lite, you are paying for the brand, that has berry less to do with the original ones.

  • KF

MohammadME, 04 Jan 2020Plastic That's cheap from Samsung for a non-cheap phone!!

KF, 04 Jan 2020Any idea if the back is glass or plastic?Plastic

Note 10 lite plays Pubg in HDR Ultra and Smooth Extreme

Galaxy Note 10 lite has 3.5mm headphone jack unlike Note 10 and Note 10+

  • KF

Any idea if the back is glass or plastic?