Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite arrives in India

Yordan, 21 January 2020

Today Samsung brought its Galaxy Note10 Lite to India. The cheaper alternative of the Galaxy Note10 flagship comes with a year-old Exynos 9810 chipset and a price tag of INR38,999, which is equal to $547.

In comparison, the small Galaxy Note10 starts from INR69,999, or around $980, while the Plus version is INR10,000/$140 more expensive.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite arrives in India

The Galaxy Note10 Lite is available for pre-order at Samsung India’s page in Aura Glow, Aura Black, and Aura Red colors. The INR38,999 price tag is for a 6 GB RAM phone, but if you choose the 8 GB RAM option, the cost jumps to INR40,999 ($576). There are plenty of offers for upgrades, setting the price tag a bit lower.

Pre-booking is scheduled for today, and the sale will begin on February 3 at major retail stores, online stores, and Samsung’s own website.



Reader comments

  • R

That is absolutely correct information as I owned a s9 sold off one of the or if not the worst processor exynos 9810 total garbage don’t ever try to compare this shitty Samsung garbage to legendary apple chips (what you pay is what you get)

  • stobs

i see you haven't used an s-pen

  • stobs

welcome to the internet. there be no borders.

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