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xEuph, 17 Aug 2020why should i replace my note10+, not much upgrade as usual.... moreI feel the same about my new note9.. note21 or note 22 might be worth upgrading to, I mean the AMD GPU will be so nice 🤑🤑

  • xEuph

why should i replace my note10+, not much upgrade as usual..let see note30+/pro in another 12 month..🤣

  • Jim

Few years ago this was called mobile phones ... today you have to wear a tablet in the same pockets like years before. Very practical e.g. for sport. ..Todays phones are much too big for the average user and much too heavy. And all manufacturers produce the same unusable shit. ( P30 + P40 excl.) Now - without SD-card also ... So when the phone is over you will loose all your unbackuped data on the 256GB internal storage. Great design SAMSUNG !

hey looks like anyone here don't know that there is another phone which can actually use a real stylus pen just like samsung note here... has anyone here ever checked LG V60 thinq 5g?? it actually has a wacom stylus pen and it works exactly like s-pen... just check LG V60 thinq 5g's page guys and don't just stay here looking for nothing but garbage lagnos scam...

Standard Note 20 is the Biggest Joke of 2020!!
-Full HD display(Not even quad hd!)
-Ugly looking flat screen with side bezels just like cheap note10 Lite(Even if its not curved, atleast you could have made it side bezel-less like s20+)
-60 Hz display(no 90/120 Hz)
-25 W fast charging (in the era of OnePlus giving 30W & Oppo giving 65W charging, 25 W charging is shit)
All this combined with shitty Exynos 990 processor(no 5g), is a perfect recipe for disaster.
This disaster is priced at INR 80000($1070) in India

  • rizwanperyani

Non-Ultra vs Ultra
no sense 6.7" vs 6.9 without 120Hz, it must be Display Size 6.4" with 120Hz,

Add variant Storage 512GB with 8/12GB RAM,

  • SP

i have been using note series since launch of note 8 n currently having note 10 n was keen to update to note 20 but a flagship phone with plastic.. i mean i ll shell out 80k for a plastic phone with just looks updates than note 10.. ans is a big no... this time samsung disappointed

  • Sam

Note10U, 12 Aug 2020I would take an Xperia 1ii over this any day!Xperia 1ii is one of the most underrated phones.

  • Note10U

I would take an Xperia 1ii over this any day!

  • Anonymous

8balldown, 12 Aug 2020I hear you on the wireless charging. gsmarena lists that th... moreWireless charging works through plastic. How do you think it would work through phone cases otherwise? The only obstacles to wireless charging are distance and metals.

lourenco.lam, 07 Aug 2020This Note 20 is plastic, so it doesn't have wireless c... moreI hear you on the wireless charging. gsmarena lists that the note 20 HAS "Fast Qi/PMA wireless charging" so I don't know if they've got past the plastic back part?? Of course gsmarena also reports that the Note 20 has 256Gb of RAM? It does NOT. It comes with only 128Gb of RAM with not slot for expansion. So, best double check specs!

How can Samsung sell the allegedly same phone with two increasingly different chipsets at the same price, while the one which had already been significantly better got a speed bump, whereas the other what has been lagging behind has not gotten anything really significant?

Ye may want to make a special subbrand privilege with your S-Pen, but would that justify that ye want to price something way over what it is supposed to be?

At least they could have put that 3.5 jack slot back what is not that luxurious since budget phones have it,
or for example the last year's already missing micro-SD slot,
but to even regress its protection to Gorilla Glass 5 with a plastic back, and not giving it the 120hz refresh rate as being a proclaimed flagship phone in 2020?

What is wrong with the management over there?
What is 850€ in this phone, especially with the Exynos variant?

  • AnonD-896879

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2020this note 20 is over price, with only 60hz and 1080p displa... moreK30 ultra with 120hz 1200nits super amoled with 180hz touch sensing and a flagship soc, with glass and aluminium for 300$

  • Anonymous

Pathetic. A disgrace to the note series.

The features are a bit of let down 60Hz refresh rate,plastic body and no TOF 3d camera for over 800 pounds. The note 10 plus makes more sense at this price point.

  • Redman

set up the plastic at the back, this is an ashamed flagship phone.

Absolutely rubbish, should be named as Note20 lite and should be priced at INR 35000 to 40000 ($500)

  • Snow Devil Ice Storm

buy s20 instead, if you not want s pen
120 hz refresh rate etc

  • Anonymous

Cost of plastic back is like $1, display is low tier as well so where does all the cost come from? It doesn't have a headphone jack, no expandable storage, exynos and yet it costs an arm and a leg. Samsung lost it a long time ago.

  • Anonymous

AbuMahdiii, 07 Aug 2020No 120hz and FHD display this device worth 500$ or maybe lessPoco f2 pro is better