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  • Babar Khan

quiute disapointing without memory card n non removeable battery with only 3000mAh,i cant understand the logic. i was waiting for note 5 but its simply discouraged me.

  • Anonymous

Wuman, 14 Sep 2015No removable Battery and no SD Card slot.....guess what Samsung,... moreSomething doesn't add up here? It have smaller battery simply because it is thinner than Note 4.

AnonD-430264, 14 Sep 2015Wrong. Aside from removable battery and SD Card, and the IR (big... moreAll in good that it's more snappy, great screen with over 100% RGB color accuracy, and the camera really a little more better - somethings that I was really looking forward to as an actually upgrade.

I consider the Note series as serious tools - everything in a small packaged computer/powerful image documenting device that fits in a pocket. The sleek design isn't a big factor.

I've tested it, and however how relatively slightly fast it is, what it lacks and flawed S Pen storage system (someone else will put it backwards for you) just bothers me for that high price.

Those "free" insurance for repair/theft, fast wireless charger, 100GB cloud and whatever combo promo are consolation prizes.

  • AnonD-100398

sunny, 14 Sep 2015The most decent phone nowadays is samsung galaxy note 4. It is a... moreWho is saying that the ur note4 is not a best smartphone ?
but listen to this one very carefully ."It is a best smartphone only for ppl who can't live without the micro sd card slot and the removable battery"

  • AnonD-100398

bmaster, 14 Sep 2015iphone 6s plus vs note 5 preview: It's iphone 6s plus who is go... more1) forget iphone 6s even the iphone 7s will never beat the Mighty Note5
2) how come the display goes draw! Note5 has a 5.7" screen vs 5.5" on the 6s plus & Note5 has more pixcels Note5 wins .
3)6s beats note5 is camera !This one is a big joke Lol.let me add a point here Note5 has the best smartphone video recorder.
4)battery life is very subjective it cud b win or loose for either smartphone means it depends on personal usage.
5)yes u r correct note5 is way sharper than the iphone 6s btw ur this point contadicts with ur 2nd point
6) Software - This is very very subjective cause if u ask a Geek he wud say Note5 has better software but if u ask a average iphone user he wud say iphone 6s has better software.
On this topic there is something i wud like to say as u must almost everyone is aware that samsung has got rid of the microsd card in favour to the phones overall speed and performance so no this time time around the sofware will work much better than the previous note series wud b on par with the iphone 6s.
7) 1.3 gigs-yes its lesser than what u get on Note5
Note5 wins
8) Single core- yes this is also less than what u get on the Note5

Overall Conclusion- Note5 wins and stays on top untill some other OEM acts smarter than Samsung.

  • AnonD-435690

if some are you aren't samsung fans, then why would u waste your time looking for this article ? is just for you to give your mean comments? cmon, you cannot deter us from being a samsung fans..

  • AnonD-100398

Wuman, 14 Sep 2015No removable Battery and no SD Card slot.....guess what Samsung,... moreThis time around Note5 is all up for looking premium( slim ) with unmatched performance on a phablet with the best Super Amoled screen in ur point is invalid

  • Anonymous

Wuman, 14 Sep 2015No removable Battery and no SD Card slot.....guess what Samsung,... moretotally agree with you

  • Wuman

No removable Battery and no SD Card slot.....guess what Samsung, as much as I like the speed of the Note 5, NO sale. Why permanent battery? To track us? and the new non- removable battery they are putting in Note 5 is only a 3000 mAh while the removable battery in Note 4 is a 3200 mAh, something just does not add up here. If you get more ampere by having non-removable, then I'll understand Its funny how Iphones are trying to become Galaxy/Notes and Notes/Galaxy are becoming Iphones......Sad day for a Smart phone if you ask me.

  • AnonD-183089

sunny, 14 Sep 2015The most decent phone nowadays is samsung galaxy note 4. It is a... moretotally agree with you

  • AnonD-430264

sunny, 14 Sep 2015The most decent phone nowadays is samsung galaxy note 4. It is a... moreWrong. Aside from removable battery and SD Card, and the IR (big whoop); the Note 4 has nothing on 5.

I've run my 5 against my brothers 4 and I beat him in everything.

We've downloading and installed the same apps (large apps) and I stomped him in efficiency. I was up and running while he was still installing.

We've also tested S-Pen efficiency - he lost. I did more in 5 minutes than he did.

Battery wise, pretty close but I could charge much faster, actually way faster.

The screen looks better, my camera has more functions and can be loaded up faster than my pics are more crisp and vivid.

We ran real world tests against each other in person. I don't give a damn about benchmarks. I blew him away.

Now, if you need the SD Card, IR Blaster, removable battery... you're not going to beat this phone otherwise.

  • sunny

The most decent phone nowadays is samsung galaxy note 4. It is an excellent phone which beats all other phones event the phones which sansung is going to release for the next 2 years. So whoever wants the best phone with them for the next 3 years grab note 4. You will be the happiest person. I have used all the phones till date but note 4 is the amazing one. S6 is the phone i could not bear it for 2 days. Note 4 is excellent in all aspects battery, display, speed etc. No complaints at all in fact i would like to thank samsung for making such a good phone and advice them stop making craps and make phone like note 4. Thank you.

  • AnonD-430264

bmaster, 14 Sep 2015iphone 6s plus vs note 5 preview: It's iphone 6s plus who is go... moreIphone is going to outdo the Note 5 in some areas because it's slightly newer, but also because it's operating system is geared towards its hardware, where Samsung has to take an open source system and place a launcher overlay on an OS.

The differences aren't that different and I like the pen. But, if the rumors of Microsoft building a Surface phone built on x86 with Windows 10 and Intel are true; this will be my last Samsung phone.

  • bmaster

iphone 6s plus vs note 5 preview:
It's iphone 6s plus who is going to beat the note 5 but not too much.
The display goes draw. Both are built in 7000 aluminium and strong glass.
The iphone 6s beats the note 5 in camera because of more natural photos, both from front and rear with flash. Note 5 has superior camera but in this aspect iphone performs a bit better not that much.
The 6s plus has better battery life, it expected to last 30-40% longer than 6 plus but note 5 isn't bad so I thing 6s plus with last 2 hours longer than note 5. Note 5 is a bit sharper than 6s plus. 6s plus has better software and more efficient than note 5 with only 1.3 gigs(ios 9.0) and performs a bit better than note:
Iphone 6s plus- single core

  • AnonD-430264

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2015Dear users, can you please let me know your experience regarding... moreBattery life is excellent. But it also depends on what you do with the phone. I don't play games or really listen to music much on mine, but:

When I do listen to music it's mostly Youtube. Mainly to find new stuff.

I do a ton of YouTube videos, Facebook videos, Instagram, Twitter.

I also have a few whole seasons of my favorite programs on the phone that I watch when I'm on the road.

I also use Microsoft Word, Excel, One Note, WordPress (uploads, downloads), Infinate Painter, S-Pen note taking, take pictures, take small video clips, tons of texting, phone calls, hours of Web browsing, downloading apps, emailing, Google Maps, etc. That's a daily routine and I get over 14 hours easily. With the quick charge I can charge up in a bit over an hour and go all over again.

Ive never tested what I get fully from 100% to 1% battery because technically as you see above with a full day, I don't need to worry about it.

  • AnonD-100398

AnonD-430264, 14 Sep 2015It's actually very clear. Better than most front cameras I've us... moreVery true, i have experienced the same thing with the hands on but Why i was saying that it needed OIS cause if u wont keep ur hands steady the photos from front cam may get blury.
But at the moment requesting the OIS is too much i guess cause other OEM'S like Sony etc are not even giving OIS in there rear cam .may b in 2018 or 2019 we cud see OIS in front cam.lets see.till then enjoy the beast NOTE5.
BTW the rear cam with the 5.7" Super Amoled screen is the best combination in the market right now on the NOTE5.

  • AnonD-100398

AnonD-370943, 14 Sep 2015Note 6 Suggestions: (Now that the Note 5 is out, i'm disappoint... more6.5" is already almost like a Tablet u might want to wait for Xperia Z5 Ultra . But yes i wud have also loved 6" on the Note5 but its ok 5.7" is still not less of a real estate and somewhat managable in my hands.
May ur Remaining wishes comes true :)

  • AnonD-370943

Note 6 Suggestions:
(Now that the Note 5 is out, i'm disappointed. So I'm gonna start my Note 6 suggestion.) Note 5 is almost perfect. Great specs, great camera Big display, great CPU, AMOLED display, the S-Pen and greatly improved sofware.

1.) Front Facing SPEAKERS*
- Stop copying iPhone's design. The only thing good about the iPhone is its logo. Samsung should try to beat Apple at the Front Facing Speaker design. They already copied the Xperia's glass back cover, so they should go the extra mile and copy its thin dual front speakers for the Note 6. Just don't copy the Xperia's on-screen navigation buttons.
- I have a Note 3 since april 2014. And immediate i knew i wanted to upgrade to the Note 4. But when i saw that it has a backward facing speaker, i got very annoyed. So i didn't buy one. Now it seems the Note 5 won't have front speakers as well so i may hold on to my Note 3 until the Note 6. For me, Front Facing SPEAKERS should be the standard for all phones and tablets. I can't emphasise enough how stupid backward-facing speakers are. Even the side-firing speaker on my Note 3 is bad. I keep blocking the speaker in landscape mode.
-One Front facing Speaker will be a big improvement. But Dual or Stereo Front Speakers will be great.

2.) Capacitive-Touch Home Botton*
- I hate the pressable physical home button on my Note 3. I don't wanna keep pushing or pressing a button everytime i wanna go to the home screen. I just wanna touch or tap the home button. And i hate the on-screen buttons, by the way. Samsung should never do that on their phones.
- Just copy the One Plus 2's home button.
- The home button can still be physically pressable but put capacitive touch on the button so that i can have the option.
- Put the Finger Print Sensor right at the Power button like the Sony Xperia Z5. This way the home button can be smaller and therefore make the top and bottom bezel of the phone smaller.

3.) 6.5 Inch Display with 16:10 Aspect Ratio.*
- One-handed use is already impossible at 5.5 inch and above. I think the Note phone will be perfect with 6.5 inch 16:10 rario display. I like the galaxy Mega 6.3 screen size. Big screen but still fits in my pocket comfortably. But the rest of the specs are disappointing. With 6.5 inch display, the Note 5 will be a real Phablet (Phone/Tablet).
- The original Note phone has 16:10 aspect ratio display. With very thin side bezels of the Note 5, 16:10 display will look very good.
- I want a Note phone the same size as the Huawei MediaPad X2. My only problem with it is i hate on-screen navigation buttons. And it doesn't have an S-Pen and Super AMOLED display. The 2 things that should be on every phone and tablet.

4.) Full DeskTop Mode Android for when i connect my phone to a TV via HDMI. Just like Windows 10 Continuum on phone and Ubuntu Convergence.*

5.) ip68 Water & Dust Proof*
- Don't make a Note "Active" phone version. they're ugly. Just do what sony does with their Xperia phones.

6.) USB Type C Port*
- Faster Charging and faster wired data transfer.

7.) Dual SIM *
Don't make the micro sd card and second sim swapable. I wan't to use a second sim and micro sc card both at the same time.

8.) Sapphire Protection for the display.*

9.) Faux Leather Back Cover*
- The Note 5's glass Back looks very good and looks very premium. But it's very slippery and fragile. Leather back cover is the Note Phone's unique identity. It makes the phone look more like a notebook and look very classy.
- I like the lether look and rubbery feel of it. It provides better grip and prevents the phone being very slippery. It Shouldn't be real leather because real leather will absorb sweat everyday. It will smell very bad in just after a month. (based on my past experince with wrist watch leather straps)
- It doesn't matter if the back cover is removable or not as long as it has a big battery.

10.) Bigger or Higher Capacity Battery.*
- Why put a smaller battery on the Note 5 compared to the Note 4? The Note 6 Should have at least 4300 mAh battery.

11.) Pen-Gate*
- Don't design the S-Pen silo like the Note 5 where if you put the S-Pen backwards it will ruin the pen detection.
12.) RAM Management.*
... - Samsung's software aggresively kills apps in the background to save battery. But it makes the phone perform alot slower than other phone.

  • AnonD-430264

AnonD-100398, 14 Sep 2015Ya man even i noticed the pastel front camera while taking the h... moreIt's actually very clear. Better than most front cameras I've used. It doesn't have that usual grainy look to the pics, it's more like using the beauty face filter when you're not.

It could be better, for selfie fans (which I'm not), but it's slightly above average. I prefer the rear-cam selfie feature anyways, if it's not going to be a super quick snapshot.

  • Anonymous

Samsung already start to mass produce their 6gb ram/12Gb LPDDR4. This mean the Galaxy S7 will have it.