Samsung Galaxy Note5

Samsung Galaxy Note5

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  • yemko

No mhl/hdmi connectivity? wtf! 🙉 Something I love my Note 4 for 💃

AnonD-389805, 25 Aug 2015Good thing about the LG G4 is you can get an extended life batte... moreYes the replaceable battery is the only thing i like about the G4.other than that my Note5 or iPhone 6 can get the job done.

AnonD-139514, 25 Aug 2015hahahhaa grow up ...maybe u will never..small brain..i will be h... morePoint is i will be already home by the time my Note5 is low on juice.

I carry 4 phones with me most of the time.Note5,Passport,iPhone 6 and S6 Edge....

Dont ask why i carry around so many phones xD

  • Anonymous

Now the s pen has a flaw???
Is this true??­g-galaxy-note-5-s-pen-issue-response

  • AnonD-84175

So sad that you live in a forest or a cave. We humans live in normal places where you have power outlets everywhere. We can afford to charge our devices everyday and literally everywhere.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-265430, 26 Aug 2015Samsung are going in the wrong direction... no SD slot for stora... moreA lot of new smartphone now offer only up to 32gb with no sd slot. We will know the reason why soon if sd slot keep disappearing from every smartphone manufacturer.

  • Anonymous

what is the difference sm n920c phone with this phone???????????

  • AnonD-307967

Thisura , 25 Aug 2015Please tell me what is the best one among the s6 and note 5Another vote for the note 4!

  • AnonD-430843

Should I get the note 5 or Mi note pro , I'm confused both of them are good , I've xperia Z3C which I really love , I just need a 2'nd device for gaming +5.5" can some one recommend me a good device if neither of them is good

  • AnonD-265430

Samsung are going in the wrong direction... no SD slot for storage expansion and maximum storage 64Gb. Stupid! There are 512Gb MicroSD cards now...

They should be either keeping the MicroSD slot or offering at least a 128Gb option. We don't all live in the clouds!

manoj , 25 Aug 2015Dear Friends, Should I upgrade to Note 5? Presently I own a Not... moreLooks versus substance. I'd worry about that sealed battery after a few months. Before you know it, it'llb give you only 50-70% of usage time compared from it being brand new.

  • AnonD-183089

Thisura , 25 Aug 2015Please tell me what is the best one among the s6 and note 5no one of them go for Note 4

  • AnonD-343620

Thisura , 25 Aug 2015Please tell me what is the best one among the s6 and note 5Note 4

  • AnonD-343620

Hermes Hidayat, 25 Aug 2015The only reason i would choose the G4 is the replaceable battery... moreHow can u carry 2 big devices with u if u have note 5 and g4 why u changing g4 battery 2 3 times?

  • AnonD-183089

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2015So a new flaw :( Pengate: moreThis problem cannot be happened with note 4 & note 3!!
Guys who has Note 4 don't even think to waste your money to get note 5!!!

  • Anonymous

The LG G4 Pro is on gsmarena website now to like etc,

  • AnonD-139514

lacp, 25 Aug 2015UFS 2.0 it's faster than SD card, understood? The LG G4 it's slo... moreTHEN why is LG G4 beating the note 5 in the speed test with still having 4gb ram ..u get it.numbers don't matter ..real like performance does.

  • AnonD-139514

Hermes Hidayat, 25 Aug 2015Have a lot of memory.LOL.but no juice left to turn phone on.rofl... morehahahhaa grow up ...maybe u will never..small brain..i will be having a spare battery if my phone runs out..thou I get excellent battery life with lg g4 about 4 to 5 hrs screen time and 16 hrs of heavy use and 2 days on medium use...but when your phone dies will be running to find a power socket..good luck with your note 5..iam very happy with LG G4

  • AnonD-389805

Hermes Hidayat, 25 Aug 2015I find the reason a bit insane.would anyone actually insert the ... moreActually I can imagine myself occasionally just not thinking or getting drunk and put the S-Pen in the wrong way.