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Samsung Galaxy Note5

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  • Hill

We Apple fanboy never complain about no microsd, non removable battery, no ir blaster, no spen blah2..But one thing for sure even Samsung makes this iPhone wannabe, We Apple Fanboy will never buy this phone.

  • AnonD-183089

AnonD-77443, 15 Aug 2015Yep, I was going to give my wife my Note 4 to upgrade her phone ... moreagree with you here will wait another 12 months to see what's new with the Note 6 or to shift to another brand

  • Noteddict

Very dissapointed in Samsung,note series shouldn't have fallen under the new design with no expandable storage and removable battery :(

  • Anonymous

AnonD-77443, 15 Aug 2015Yep, I was going to give my wife my Note 4 to upgrade her phone ... moreDon't expect too much from Note 6. If Samsung doesn't generate enough profit from Note 5 there will be no sd slot for the S7 or Note 6 or any good feature. Please understand that Microsoft holds patent to FAT file systems in sd card and all android manufacturer that put sd slot in their phone have to pay the patent royalties. Microsoft amazingly able to generate $2 billion per year from android alone. It also the main reason Apple devices stay away from it and Nexus as well since Google is a direct competitor to MS.

  • YOO!

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2015I see here people complaining about other people who wants SD ca... moreI think either way people should have that choice or opinion! Seems pretty plain and simple!

  • Boo

Consumers ask for metal frame, that good to have a nice frame. But we never ask for glass back, we dont mind the plastic back cover actually as it allow us to replace the battery (samsung phone battery life cycle suck) & expanding sdcard is good to have.

Upgrade note 3 to lollipop kill the note 3 with terrible battery life. Not sure when android M arrived, will it kill this note 5?

  • AnonD-77443

AnonD-183089, 15 Aug 2015after this failure of note series I took the decision to keep on... moreYep, I was going to give my wife my Note 4 to upgrade her phone and buy a GN5 (having owned all 4 notes so far). Instead i have just purchased an LG G4 for her and will keep using my current Note 4 for another 12 months.... If the GN6 doesn't improve i will start looking at other brands.... :-(

SAMSUNG, removable batteries and SD cards are a major selling point over the iPhone... Why get rid of those advantages just for looks?? (at least you could have include an SD card and increased the battery to 4000 mAh)

  • AnonD-183089

after this failure of note series I took the decision to keep on my note 4! but guys you have to put into your consideration that samsung will not produce more note 4 for the markets also may stop updates or delays them a lot to force users to go for the new note 5 ...this is what am thinking about now!

  • Anonymous

Google got the Project Ara for some reasons, one of the reasons is to let customers have the right to know which part of their smartphone is faulty and removable. So Samsung, pls retain the removable battery pls. Android is about customization, not the Apple way.

  • richie

our suggestions? 128 gb, more zoom, make it bigger the screen 5.8 to 6.0, high quality speaker / sounds

  • don

what I want to add to note 5 is... more zoom, good quality sounds. more time for taking video.. I think note 3 has a good quality of sounds,, and lastly ... why note 5 is a bit smaller
than note 3? but they are the same size both 5.7 inch.. we like the size of note 3 bigger is better.. if Samsung makes 5.8 everybody happy thanks pls.. bigger is better..

  • claire

hey Samsung wake up!!!!! you should have loud speaker and audio quality like note 3 or galaxy dous.. pls... fix your speaker before we buy your phone.. plus, we need powerfull zoom so that we can enjoy to use it even were far away from the stage..

  • gjsfg

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2015The reason as to why no sd slot is to allow device to use ext fi... moreWoohoo, i will buy this good looking and high spec camera phone

Wooo, the galaxy note 5 has sim card , I cannot believe it, gsmarena just say so , can you believe it , no I cannot believe it , is anybody knows the sim card size, I hope somebody know here

  • AnonD-389805

It seems Samsung actually isn't offering a 128gb model as the listing they made was a "Mistake"

  • AnonD-222445

The Battery situation really disappoints me. Quick charge doesn't make up for it. I spend a lot of time away from any kind of power outlet. I have been planning to get the Note 5 for the past year. Now I don't know what the Hell to get.

  • Mad Driver

If You dont care about degridation of organic screen, you can buy it for 800 $ and after 2 years you can sell it for 200 $...or you can buy i-phone, htc, sony then to sell it much more than 200$

  • Mad Driver

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2015I see here people complaining about other people who wants SD ca... morethe most redicilous ideas are yours... sd card not never i have used its useless.. removable battery? lithium battery has rather good life...i have galaxy s4 which i have bought in 2013 with ghost image super amoled. would u like to buy it? it has also ir and removable battery.. i wish i bought htc one m7 or m8...would be much better...

  • Anonymous

AnonD-73154, 14 Aug 2015..blah blah blah blah blah blah blah BUT trust me bro the botto... moreBlah blah blah
But think shamesung already impressed you.

  • Anonymous

SKYGUIDE, 14 Aug 2015Before I was thinking about to buy samsung with removable batter... moreSorry dude but your comment is total failure.

I had an S3 which has S. Amoled and there was no ghost effect, it is a myth.
There is no Lipo or lion battery has 2 years life, you just dream it, even after 6 months battery capactiy lowered to %85-90 and it goes very fast to zero after that.
I hate shamesung but S. amoled screens are far better than LCD's under heavy light, obviously you have never experienced it because you never had it.
Power banks are not better than Phone's Li based batteries, because their life circle shorter than internal ones and explotion risc is 5 times bigger, I never trust them.

If you have good quality SD card and if it remains in phone, nothing happens in a few years.
Enemies of SD cards are: (Electro) magnet(ic)s and fields, wireless devices such as receivers and transmitters, high humidity, water, salt, hi-temperature and bad quality card readers or bad usb ports.
I have still 2 gb cards and they doing very well.