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AnonD-500306, 03 Jan 2017Now I found 5 pages of A9 pro in xdai am not talking about just any page. i am talking about a dedicated page not just any topic on a9 pro like this

  • AnonD-619376

Guyz I got my note 5 jst a week ago. Everything is great. But its imei wise specs as found in the imei check info website doesn't match with my device like it's memory is said to be 64gb in the web but I got 32gb. Pls let me wht is behind this...

  • AnonD-500306

Tucking Fypo, 01 Jan 2017i use note 5 specially because of the s-pen, music and vr. for f... moreNow I found 5 pages of A9 pro in xda

  • AnonD-500306

Tucking Fypo, 01 Jan 2017i use note 5 specially because of the s-pen, music and vr. for f... moreThanks

AnonD-500306, 01 Jan 2017It depends on your purpose of using smart phone.I use phone most... morei use note 5 specially because of the s-pen, music and vr. for facebook, reading and all that stuff i could have got any midrange device. note 5 is useful especially for my office work. so note 5 was never for you bro. you mentioned the kind of work you do so any midranger for you is perfectly fine. 5000 mah battery is always an advantage. regarding sd card slot i have a habit of living without it coz i have been using only non expandable devices since past 3 years so everything i have is on the cloud(and i have a damn good internet). please don't argue with camera or DAC(music quality) or gaming capability or number of sensors of any midranger with flagship. when i sell my device i still get good deal on that unlike any midranger. lastly when i was talking flagship and midranger comparison i was talking about at max one generation gap. i think you will admit nobody ditches midrange phones faster than samsung does. search xda, note 5 has a damn good active page but a9 pro doesn't even have one. this is what i was saying. you check note 4, nexus 6p pages on xda, they are although old but are still active on xda and i have both of them even till today. flagships have a good life expectancy even if companies ditch them developers are still active with them. remember a7,a8 2015 where are they? they vanished, no sign on xda or any development forum. check out note 4 it is still running good on xda. there is a usage pattern which decides whether you need a flagship or a midranger or a low end device. your needs perfectly suits a midrange phone and you got one so that is perfectly fine. you don't need a flagship so you don't buy simple. till date i have used over 25 smartphones and there is nothing like "flagship type midranger".

  • AnonD-500306

Tucking Fypo, 01 Jan 2017imo if you don't use spen at all and want extra storage then you... moreIt depends on your purpose of using smart phone.I use phone mostly for reading and using face book and internet.Now I am using A9 pro and it is quite satisfactory.I previously considered to change my A9 pro with Note5 because I like S pen and its better screen resolution.But A9 pro is better in respect of battery(5000 mah),sd card slot,bigger screen size and better front camera(8mp),so I finally decided not to change. S pen is not a need for me although I like it. A9 pro is not a normal mid ranger an it is closed to flagship type due to its specification,design and price.Furthermore please do not obses only flagship since old flagship is not as good as latest midranger.

Anonymous, 31 Dec 2016hello, I badly need help. i still can't decide what I will buy b... moreimo if you don't use spen at all and want extra storage then you can go for a9 pro. although i am stuck with 32gb(i wanted 64gb but was out of stock forever) but i have completely gone for streaming everything since last 2-3 years coz earlier also i had nexus 6p and some other non expandable phones. note 5 aligns towards professional users(people who treat phone as their 2nd computing device) but a9 pro is for college kids and youth oriented phone. not every person can have a note series unlike Sseries devices. i don't know how to express this but hope you got the point. universal truth is that a flagship will always remain a flagship. even if samsung ditches it xda won't so easily. same can't be said about any midranger especially from samsung.

  • Aggravated

I had my Note 2 forever. It worked great, did everything I needed it to do when I needed it to do it. I work construction so I go through a lot of phones when I fall on them, they fall out of my pocket, get rattled off the tailgate of a truck while sawing something, you name it. I finally broke my Note 2 when I was off the job working with a horse and she kicked me right in the back pocket where my phone was and shattered the screen. Just my luck. They no longer made the Note 2 so I upgraded to a Note 5, bought a case for it and went on about my business. I rely heavily on my phone to get from Point A to Point B between job sites through areas I am unfamiliar with, I constantly get text messages and phone calls from coworkers, my boss and clients. However this Note 5 will not send texts, will not receive texts until hours after the sender sent them or not at all, will not receive phone calls or tell me I missed a call and will not let me make calls. The GPS will not tell me how to get to my destination, just sits in the same spot and spins which does not help me at all. This is when I have a decent to excellent signal strength so it has no excuses! It has made my job extremely difficult and frustrated my coworkers as they cannot get in touch with me. I do take a lot of photos of jobs I am working on and the phone takes a decent picture and I can pretty much access the internet at any time I want, those are the only things I like about it, but everything that makes a phone a phone is just not there for me. The only thing it's good for is sitting on my desk at the job site holding down my blueprints on a windy day. If I wasn't so busy I would take it into Verizon but I just don't have time, it's driving me insane.

  • AnonD-612962

Anonymous, 31 Dec 2016hello, I badly need help. i still can't decide what I will buy b... moreI'm still gonna go with a Galaxy Note5. Back then, I was thinking, what phone should I use to replace my current Note5, I was thinking about the S7 edge. Boy, was I wrong. The S-Pen features are useful, even though I don use the S-Pen much often. But, the Galaxy A9 Pro has the best battery life. So, go for Galaxy Note 5 for QHD screen, awesome camera and S-Pen. Go for Galaxy A9 Pro for battery life and huge display

  • Anonymous

Note_User_India, 30 Dec 2016Got roughly 310Mb updates.I think this is mainly for Android Sec... moreIntentional update by samsung which downgrades you phone and make you to purchase newer device !

  • Anonymous

hello, I badly need help. i still can't decide what I will buy between Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2016) and Samsung Galaxy Note5.. the pen for note 5 doesn't interest me but its resolution and platform is impeccable. as for the A9 Pro, im impressed with the battery life and the ability to add more storage for the device. this is gonna be my first time to buy/use an android phone. I generally like playing games and browse the internet. but as im typing this, I think I already have an answer to my question. but im still open for suggestion/opinions. thank you!

  • nina

i love

  • Note_User_India

Got roughly 310Mb updates.I think this is mainly for Android Security level path update 1 December 2016.

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone for about a year, when updates was done succesfull but get worst with my battery, if im using LTE the battery drains in just 15mins and its very hot in its back cover..i read all opinions and tried many times for troubleshooting, i went to samsung store but they did not recognized it if theres a defect.. im using this phone for WIFI use only, very BIG dissapointed about its LTE.

  • AnonD-626292

Had to root in day one. The DPI in TouchWiz is ridiculous. Way too big.
And without Xposed, you will suffer in Whatsapp. The keyboard takes the whole screen. Idiotic.
Root your device. I have no regrets. Look for it in XDA.

  • Jabran

AnonD-625793, 28 Dec 2016If you need everything from your phone, just use note 5. I am an... moreDear people are complaining about its battery life...what are your reviews about its battery,u r using it and have better experience

  • azhar

battery issue is there in this model
get lag in some time

  • AnonD-621809

mcckonnel, 27 Dec 2016The phone is good but poor fake battery. when data is on it can'... moreSounds like it could be your battery just. If every note 5's battery only lasted an hour while on data, there would be no good reviews and it would be all people talk about.

  • AnonD-626068

Reading all the comments makes me impatient. my note 5 is almost here, and i can't wait. so happy gonna buy it :)

  • AnonD-625793

If you need everything from your phone, just use note 5. I am an android user but also have a iphone 6s for my work number and also a heve used nexus 5x galaxy s6 and s7 recently but nothing compared to note5. Only becouse note 7 is dangerous.