Samsung Galaxy Note5 and S6 Edge+ on Verizon receive March security patch

George, 24 March 2018

Verizon has rolled out updates to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Galaxy Note5 (or technically this, and this). Don't go hoping for Oreos, though - these two are past their expected two-year OS version update period, but security patches are more than welcome.

Galaxy S6 Edge+, and what is definitely not the Note5's S-pen

Both phablets are getting the March 1 security update from Google, and that's about it - at least according to the Verizon support pages. For those who enjoy keeping track of alphanumeric strings, the respective build numbers are NRD90M.N920VVRS3CRC1 for the Note5 and NRD90M.G928VVRS3CRC1 for the S6 Edge+.

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  • Markt

I used to upgrade every year. But lately with high pricing and not so big changes for me, decided to upgrade every 3 years. So that's why 3 years is great for me. And i'm using Samsung

Well this is almost 3 years now (began in April). And the S9 is confirmed to get 3 years monthly patches and an additional one year quarterly updates.

That carrier is T-Mobile. But obviously they won't release Oreo on the S6 Gen before the S7 duo, which did not receive it yet.

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