Samsung Galaxy Note7

Samsung Galaxy Note7

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  • AnonD-533866

4000 mAh battery and buy just come with this feature

  • Sam

yui, 04 May 2016I don't known who are those people who can buy a 800$ phone... moreThis not a matter of is useful to wherever we go..did you will bring the 5$ remote control to where you go..

  • Aldoni

I think that Samsung has done great with the Note 4. However, with those features that were removed in the Note 5 got me a bit disappointed. I refused to upgrade to the Note 5. Samsung needs to put back the infrared port and the SD card slot in the Note 6. I understand that most phones nowadays have the non-removable battery, but a removable battery would re-ensure the note users' loyalty to the Note series.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-476428, 04 May 2016You are wrong. For a car you can buy after a cup holder.. ... moreS7 does not have IR. But it is samsung best selling mobile.

My guess is that there is only a few people like you that will not buy this phone because of no IR.

I guess each to their own...

  • Ajay

It's front cam should be not less than 8mp

  • maxabout3d

6 gb ram.... I want 6000 mah battery on this phone.

  • AnonD-476428

nick, 04 May 2016People will not buy it if does not have an IR port.OMG. ... moreYou are wrong. For a car you can buy after a cup holder..

But you can not buy a IR port after you buy the phone without IR !!!

So you are totally wrong.

Beside you , Samsung make a very priced and good phone without a IR seams a little stupid, don't you think.???

  • AnonD-183089

Note 6 will be a beast as samsung killed note 5 by releasing the Edge plus beside note 5!
Hope it will have 4000mAh battery & bigger display!
counting days to see this phone out!

  • CAK

The only comment from me is time to "waterproofed" the Note series.

  • NJ

Yes Infrared port is required and dedicated slot for dual sim cards and memory cards, otherwise no use of a duos. If possible a higher resolution camera with same features as S7. Also a better battery as the screen size is huge you can fit a beefy battery.

  • terre

jarfin and many more, 03 May 2016yes,looks good,except Infrared port must included,otherwise... moreBring your phone and a cello tape to me I will stick it and fox your problem. LOL

  • nick

People will not buy it if does not have an IR port.OMG.

Its something like that ,I will not buy a car if it does not have cup holder.LOL

  • yui

I don't known who are those people who can buy a 800$ phone but cannot buy a 5$ remote.LOL.

  • diip

pls improve rear camera megapixel, 20 mp and above

  • Infrared port

Infrared adapter is needed. Please please Samsung

  • jarfin and many more

yes,looks good,except Infrared port must included,otherwise bye.

i mean,its not need so much space and its cheap.

Samsung,i and many more WANT IT,Infrared port!
thank you

Looks promising, except the silly fragile glass back, the removable of the IR blaster, and non-removable battery.

Make the Galaxy Note as useful as a tool, not something that's shiny that you brag about but does less.

I was about to get the Note 5, but out of frustration, got a 128GB and a 10000mAh battery for the Note 3.

  • AnonD-533307

I wish this is 16 MP camera rear camera and 8 MP front facing camera please

  • AnonD-491313

Really hope this device gets released in Europe and doesnt come with "Pen-Gate" issues...

  • Marcolero

I hate the 4:3 aspect ratio of pictures. Waiting wide pictures with good resolution.