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Samsung Galaxy Note7

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  • veer

Most annoying thing about Samsung phones are,that they put the navigation control on opposite to stock android.

  • AnonD-400977

waiting to have it. spec are mentioned by GSMARENA not bad. only thing will miss IR, after brick my note-4 , i buy again note 4 instant of buying note - 5. coz of external sd card and IR.
if getting it back will buy note 6 happily,

  • AnonD-521036

& Stereo Radio FM Also Duel Stereo Speakers.In The End : Note 6 Ready For Anything.

  • note3user

I will consider this phone if IR blaster is available.

  • tom

Will be an amazing phone .Believe me.l work in Samsung R&D department.

  • Mark

Will the Note6 have a better battery life than the S7 Edge

  • Incredible

please install an IR blaster

  • Sulabh

I am sick and tired of seeing increasing screen size of both s and note series.I want 5 inch for s series and 5.7 inch for note series till eternity.

  • AnonD-504331

After Apple released iPhone 6S and upgrade the camera from 8MP to 12MP. Why the others smartphone consumer being such a poser and also features their smartphone into 12MP too.. I knew their add some amazing features on their "12MP Camera" BUT PLEASE isn't that still copying? I'm not a big fans of APPLE please SAMSUNG, BEAT APPLE!! PLEASE!! Just be innovative in your own way.

sammyoffnews, 02 May 2016Specification confermed by Samsung: 1. 5.7" 4K (UHD) dis... moreNo use if battery is not removable.

Again non removable battery?. RIP samsung. I will buy either Note 4 or LG G5.

  • WakinguUp

Samsung needs to design the Note Line in different sexy and more sophisticated. I buy Note cus I have alot to do my phone not receive and answer and make calls but write alot considering it my tablet/pc. For now I think let the Note Line design be different and 6 inch, stereo radio, removable battery, high camera like the Nokia Lumia 1020 or 808 pure view bore rear front and stopp Linking with insanephone and be unique. I get sad whenever I hear they're in court cus of this or Samsung

  • AnonD-510513

Wow so powerful 😮😮

AnonD-239783, 02 May 2016Lol. Waiting for the haters.lolNot only that camera has half of resolution in 16:9 ratio - when comparing competitors or even their own previous flagships. While there is innovation in every part of the phone, their 4K quality went down, so details in still shots. Yeah, its faster&brighter, but it was achieved in old fashion - by making bigger pixels, not by bringing new tech for that(they had prepared) - they went for better autofocus and thats why they trashed their new brighter-pixels tech. With that there would be same amount of pixels and maybe even same aspect ratio.
I also wouldn't care about what pic for note they use here since only thing that will change is everything(or just bezels).
It doesn't matter if it's battery stamina or great screen, or unparalleled gears... there is hardly someone who can do similarly in those fields. Not to mention Spen. For me as note user, the only thing I need from this phone is to have sd-slot back, that with a pen and no one "comes close". At least for year until surface phone, and thats already time about note7 :)

  • Yet!

Hope its only the screen is increase in size not the whole phone... I really dont like the design of samsung lately.. Since huawei and htc is making a good design compare to iphone.. Until now im still using my note 3 because after that all design become bad because of samsungs plan to go metal..

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]But ... but it looks exactly the same ....

  • AnonD-239783

[deleted post]Lol. Waiting for the

  • AnonD-237389

AnonD-402029, 02 May 2016why? mp is just size not qualityI know well about that,but what if we have good quality and big size???,as you know size is important for zoom and higher details,and honestly I realized that s7 camera is weaker than note 5 and s6 generally,it had some improvments,even in s7 vs g5,it was clear g5 was better,it's a powerful 12 mp but 12mp has been long outdated,

  • AnonD-508301

We are still 4-5 months from getting N6.why Gsmarena posted it so early?

  • AnonD-402029

AnonD-237389, 02 May 2016I just dont like the 12 mp camera,l know its good but its n... morewhy? mp is just size not quality