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Hello to All.
I'm wondering about such a minor things, maybe someone will explain it
- the phone in Flight mode is turned off, then after a few seconds it's turned on and appears the PIN input indication. If one waits for about 5 seconds, the phone vibrates for a second, what could that mean?
Is it possible in this situation to have full access to the phone content without entering a PIN - this doesn't apply to making calls.

The second thing
- in "Max. Power Saving Mode" access to the apps is limited to a few - alright - if one picks here eg.
"My Files" app, then the only possible access is to preview of the files' lists.
When trying to open a graphic file (it doesn't matter what extension it has) a message appears
"Can't open file. Please add the associated application to Max. Power Saving Mode and try again."
My question, how to open files, since in this Mode there is no option to add other apps than the few set by the manufacturer?
In the case of graphic files, one can set the "My files" app together with "Gallery" to display them in this mode.
This choice excludes direct access to other permitted apps that aren't currently displayed on the screen.
But how to open for example a plain text file (.txt)?
Does one need to download an additional app for this, that can allow to open various files in "Max. Power Saving Mode" that aren't in this mode's list?
Is there such an application?
Thanks in advance for the tips on both topics.

Maggi, 16 Sep 2021I'm using note 10 plus just coming a year now. I woul... more@Maggi of Note 10+;
There's no accounting for taste,
so here I can only state that, my Note9 is slim enough, besides,
I don't like the angular (boxy) shape of SGN10(+) and others with protruding cameras lenses and the hole in the screen - otherwise I would have bought something of Xperia series.
The fingerprint sensor on mine SGN9 is OK too.
I use the S-Pen mainly for writing and drawing and I have disabled its remote control.
In general, I think that the remote control of the S-Pen is a marketing trick - I haven't seen yet a still video camera from known manufacturers with an added "stick" to control the functions of these kind of cameras at a distance, because it makes no sense, as long as such a camera is not coupled with a separate monitor - then however, a different control solution is needed.
I think other developers' applications will meet my expectations, so 1UI3 does little to improve the performance in terms of my use.
I know, the Note 10+ is 0.8 seconds faster than mine Note9, but it doesn't impress me at all.
In conclusion,
I believe that SGN9 is the last uncompromising phone in the "Note series" and that is why I bought it
- it took me almost 3 months to find a factory new SGN9 with 2-year guaranteed Samsung's free service support
- and it was worth it.
Thank you.

SpeedBro, 16 Sep 2021nice review.. in my personal opinion,, i choose to upgrad... moreAs I wrote earlier, I am not going to buy a new TV with Miracast, so I don't need DeX - I can display the content of mine SGN9 on a 21-inch PC monitor and that's enough for me.
I'm just an ordinary person and not a presenter of some kind who needs a 50-inch screen for his work.
Of course I understand that individual users may have different preferences and for their purposes the 1UI2.5 could be handy - All right.
Thanks and Good Luck.

  • Maggi

Imponte Deluxo OwO, 09 Aug 2021Well,Now this phone age is 3 years old,I Still thinking wha... moreI'm using note 10 plus just coming a year now. I would say buy note 10. More up to date than note 9. I bought note 9 and brought it back. I then bought note 10 plus. Its slimmer that note 9. On the latest Android 3.1. Then got an update for 3.1.1 which makes everything open faster. Fingerprint sensor is good. Spen more advanced.

  • SpeedBro

Farkadi, 15 Sep 2021Thanks for your comments. These are important to me becau... morenice review.. in my personal opinion,, i choose to upgrade from 8.1 to android 10 One UI 2.5 because of some featurea that i need.. the wireless DeX (just as Note20's feature). it helped me alot to connect DeX via miracast/smart TV

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2021If youre going to stick to Stock Samsung Android 8.1, I sug... moreThanks for your tip - I appreciate it.

The last 8.1 (ARL3) FW variant separates from my current one 4 updates.
I recently updated my father's A21s to Android 11 and it took almost 50 minutes so considering that SGN9 has more complex firmware it will take at least more than 4 hours to go through these four processes. - I have to admit it's a daunting vision.

I've read on "" the update comments and there were a lot of posts about phone bugs after these updates, the advice on this topic was mostly "hold on, the next update will iron out these glitches".

At the moment, my current FW variant separates from the newest one from August'21 [FUH1 (security patches)] 41 FWs, and 33 FWs up to 1UI 2.5, ie the vision of wasting time going through all these update processes is like a nightmare, like a sort of punishment for me.

Rather, I will not choose this path.

Zero, 12 Sep 2021If you're still running 8.1 and had a very great batte... moreThanks for your comments.
These are important to me because, just like you I share the view that the most important features of this type of phone are as you mentioned.
This SGN9 is not a toy for me, the Web gives enough "entertainment", so for me it's a tool that can not suddenly surprise me with some unknown reactions.

When I bought this phone, the condition of the battery was for me one of two concerns - the two and a half years old battery could have a reduced efficiency.
Therefore I use a 5 Watt charger and with medium saving mode on, the phone often shows a little over 24 hours, while at max. saving mode it's 48 hours plus couple of minutes
- the second concern was whether my GSM operator (carrier) during the first launch would not smuggle its branded firmware, because the phone was directed to a different EU market than mine.
Fortunately, neither of these two concerns happened.

On my SGN9 most of the apps are turned off and the rest are optimized with a few exceptions, so this has a big impact on the operating time on a single charge as well as on RAM - on average I have 5.5 GB free and after the heavy usage not less than 4 GB.
By the way, do you know how much RAM takes 1 UI 2.5?

Honestly, it doesn't matter to me whether the icons have eg. sharp or rounded angles, but amazes me this - that in my opinion - modern icon graphics are less elaborate than the ones from 2018 - I have another phone with the last update of eg. Samsung Internet browser and I have a comparison,
BTW here in the recent versions of it there is no option to download video footage but instead the graphics have been changed and this is to show so called progress.
So 1UI 2.5 is just a graphic overlay with options to bind the functions of some apps together, so it's nothing special for the everyday use with the stylus.

  • Anonymous

Farkadi, 11 Sep 2021Hi, I'm looking for advice - what is the real benefit... moreIf youre going to stick to Stock Samsung Android 8.1, I suggest to update it to its latest/last build the least to have its bugs/glitches ironed out.

  • Zero

Farkadi, 11 Sep 2021Hi, I'm looking for advice - what is the real benefit... moreIf you're still running 8.1 and had a very great battery performance, I suggest you wouldn't upgrade to 10. Battery life of 10 is worst as well as the heating thing. If you don't want to ruin your phone, then let it be at 8.1. UI 2.5 is just all UI thing. For me, performance, durability and reliability is more important than eye catcher commercials. Just use themes and icon packs if you're tired of looking at the old samsung UI

Alboooz , 11 Sep 2021Well Farkadi, if you are happy with your device, it's ... more@Alboooz
I appreciate your opinion.
I'm indeed satisfied with this phone performance although sometimes there are minor glitches - there is no perfect software yet - which thankfully don't show up in a row.
I use it mainly for text editing and I'm completely not interested in whether I have 10 or 30 emojis or 20 live messaging options or eg. changing the icons' shape options, and so forth.
I try to limit as much as possible the use of apps for which functionality the connection to the Web is necessary,
ie. I mainly use apps that I can use off-line - this is an old habit from the period of my contact with Symbian OS when for long period of time I was using phone with the stylus.
It is also related to one of the main assumptions of the use for this product, which is its operating time between battery charges, and with as little as possible dissemination of personal datas.
In addition, with a potential software update, there is a concern about the screen discoloration issue, as well discourages me the number of update processes (over 15) and waste of time to get the latest for this product "One UI" version.

  • Alboooz

Farkadi, 11 Sep 2021Hi, I'm looking for advice - what is the real benefit... moreWell Farkadi, if you are happy with your device, it's good for you, for the device that does for you all what you need, instead like someone buying heavy expensive device just to bully friends of what he got in his hand, mostly lack of talent, he can't do much at all with that heavy expensive device.

I'm looking for advice - what is the real benefit of Android 10 One UI 2.5 for me?
In the winter I bought a factory new SGN9 8 RAM with Android 8.1, which is still in use until now.
Everything works OK, the battery in the energy saving mode shows 22 hours and in the max. mode it's over 48 h.
What is the benefit of One UI 2.5 if I don't use DeX (I'm not going to buy a new TV set) and also the night mode, because in my current browser that's enough for me.
I use a secure connection via VPN, so I don't need the manufacturer's patches in this regard.

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2021Samsung note 9 vs iphone x which one is better for long term useIf you text and watch videos... get the iPhone X
If you do use most/all features of your phone and multitask on it (using the phone at its maximum capacity)... get the Note9

  • Anonymous

The last true & perfect Premium Note from its series that has everything you can have that make your moneys worth. 3.5mm jack, sd card slot, 2k display, non clonkey pen since it has its own slot & includes with the package, not plastic build, heart sensor,etc. etc.

RIP Note Series, I hope Samsung fails miserrably after they ditched you in favor of their plastic, garbage foldables & removing features rather give it more.

  • Zero

Alboooz , 30 Aug 2021Yeah, the phone has been used uned hard condition sumetime,... moreDepends on how you use the phone

  • Alboooz

Zero, 30 Aug 2021EVERY OLED has the same burning issues as iPhone's OLE... moreYeah, the phone has been used uned hard condition sumetime, but i never had problems with OLED as you are claiming, still working like charm.

  • gulshan kr.

Fingerprint sensor dose not working problem, guys pls help in this problem issue solved.

  • Zero

Alboooz , 30 Aug 2021Neah, that's not true! If you have seen my note9 cond... moreEVERY OLED has the same burning issues as iPhone's OLED screens were made by Samsung. If that's the condition of your phone, then it's a proof that the phone was squeezed or gets wet or dropped multiple times. Glass back phones are sensitive.

  • Zero

Antonio Ada Jr, 27 Aug 2021And China cheap phones went android 11... while this 50k ca... moreDon't compare newer phones to old phones. You see, most android phones only lasts 2 major OS updates. So maybe your android 11 phone is from 2021. So it should still have 2 more major OS upgrade. They're the same. But when it comes to PREMIUM QUALITY and PERFORMANCE, then it's a different story. Note 9 is far from any other china phones given that it is already close to its 4th yr I guess except for the 2-yr lock OS Upgrade. OS upgrade is just, UI upgrade. As long as the phone works perfectly without issues, there is no need for that. Unless your eyes wants to see new numbers on your phone's OS. Your problem is with your DITO carrier not having VoLTE, well that's your carrier's fault for providing an incomplete service. I am using SMART and GLOBE sims and they both shows VoLTE unlike for that china carrier DITO which is more compatible on china phones and a very few branded phones. Just check their old list, its the same as their new list, no update from DITO

  • Alboooz

Anonymous, 28 Aug 2021Every OLED screen has burn-in issue, even iPhone X has that issueNeah, that's not true!
If you have seen my note9 condition..that the back cover and screen while the phone is on and i can separate with finger tips this part's and still working perfect it's the glue that doesn't hold them together anymore.