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Samsung Galaxy Note9

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  • jordygeo1978
  • m46
  • 24 Nov 2023

Toaster, 24 Nov 2023Been wanting this phone but i feel like it isn't worth... morethis phone is a beast,made from premium materials,look premium,and beside i i,m use with my medtronic guardian 4 sensor for diabetes,don,t have any burn on display,battery is about 1 day work without problem,this kind a device is some like rolex!

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    • Toaster
    • nmN
    • 24 Nov 2023

    Been wanting this phone but i feel like it isn't worth my money anymore, i have a s10e and this phone is powerful ashell
    40fps in gfxbench, good camera, runs games very good and the phone looks good with a transparent back glass, purple magsafe magnets and a custom titanium frame
    All of this costed me 550 euros..

      after 5 years of release, is it still worth buying used?
      imo, this phone still keeps its elegant look even today. no cutouts though. much better than V notch.
      512gb is overkill at its time though. still has plenty of storage even today.

        Nash, 27 Oct 2023Got mine since 2018 and still using it in 2023. 5 years lat... moreOnce a week? I assume that the phone is in standby mode, AKA sleep mode

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          • Nash
          • gny
          • 27 Oct 2023

          Got mine since 2018 and still using it in 2023. 5 years later and everything is great. Battery life is still amazing . I only charge it once a week. Do not use it heavy . Browse some sites, take a few calls..and sms. Camera is fantastic. See no reason to upgrade still and with a 150 to 200 $ sale price on ebay and Amazon, this is just an amazing device to buy now if you want something that is well worth it.

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            • note9
            • 3h{
            • 26 Oct 2023

            Yes, I am still using the Note9. I used the iPhone SE 2020 for a couple of years in the meantime, then I switched back to the Note9 after changing the battery and screen. It is basically in perfect condition, expect some dust in the front camera.

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              • Ammy
              • EqZ
              • 25 Oct 2023

              Anyone still use note 9 now ? I am using note 9 and ultra 23. Hehehe.... note 9 is still in good condition.

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                • Lucass
                • G}P
                • 15 Oct 2023

                I was buy it a week ago the 8 ram 512 gb with silver color it very good i really love the pen it make me do my homework without any book the solve the math,and it fine but the iris scanner doesn't work i don't know why,but it nice just lost the 5g i agree BC it release 2018,stories:in 2019 my dad buy it with cheap price and it dead cant turn on after 2 day LOL

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                  • Jobal
                  • I@H
                  • 15 Oct 2023

                  Allrock , 27 Sep 2023My 2note all green screen again after replacing new screen ... moreSame issue but after i factory reset my galaxy note 9 the green screen gone.

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                    • Yavolt
                    • rgv
                    • 11 Oct 2023

                    Vladimir, 31 Jul 2023Hi Eddy, I had the same issue with the charging port bec... moreCharging port can get clogged with lint after a while. use a paper clip or sim card remover to clean it out and voila.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 8Xi
                      • 07 Oct 2023

                      August 2023, still using this great phone and enjoy. What miss for now is only 5G.

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                        • BHJHCXDDF
                        • Q3C
                        • 05 Oct 2023

                        What a great phone this has been threw the many years ive had it it has gave me no issues at all

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                          • Mario
                          • y6V
                          • 03 Oct 2023

                          Elad, 09 Sep 2023Never buying Samsung again - they went full Apple, purchase... moreSame problem with me my note 9 cease receiving updates since August 2022 though I bought December 2018 yet my iphone SE 2016 still receives update. I Noticed my Note 9 screen showing false color for a month now. I promised my self not to buy Samsung anymore.

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                            • Allrock
                            • 7Xd
                            • 27 Sep 2023

                            My 2note all green screen again after replacing new screen and battery..

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                              • Elad
                              • aps
                              • 09 Sep 2023

                              Never buying Samsung again - they went full Apple, purchased the note 9, a bit after the warranty expired there was a firmware update, phone developed a heating problem for a few days and shortly after it got the green screen issue (likely the heat causes the screen flex bonding to loosen), phone is mostly unusable (can be used as a phone but the screen has a green "fog" and often the display freezes and requires full or minimum brightness to unfreeze, can't watch videos, can't take pictures accurately... awesome..) seems as if Samsung did something to hush criticism and manipulated google results generally regarding their device's faults (results mostly show ads or generic FAQs to troubleshoot generic problems.. not an organic search output you'd expect)
                              I have an expensive flagship that will cost half its price as new to fix - for a global manufacturing defect! No more Samsung. Xiaomi can have me in their botnet ffs at least i can have spares and not get screwed so horribly.

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                                • Alboooz
                                • 8ks
                                • 09 Sep 2023

                                i own this note9 phone the N version for several years now, works fine except is not water resistant anymore, but i have consider about to purchase one more note9 F version, bcz there is no better phone jet, i don't care about software updates sens i root it and use costume rooms and that makes super secured anti adds phone.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • Kx4
                                  • 05 Sep 2023

                                  Anonymous, 25 Aug 2023Looking to buy it in August 2023, I guess this is the deal ... moreWhat’s your consideration in choosing this? As one of its user, I suggest you to look for newer types. Its software support has been stopped in 2021 and the greenish screen issue is haunting. As it is a flagship phone, its power consumption is so so high and the phone gets hot often.

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                                    • Ola yinka
                                    • XBx
                                    • 04 Sep 2023

                                    I'm not sure the galaxy Note 9 Jumia is selling is brand new.... I think it's refurbished or renewed

                                      Push, 31 Jul 2023Changed the display couple days ago as the original one had... moreHow did you go about the back glass

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                                        • Astaemr
                                        • XKA
                                        • 31 Aug 2023

                                        Push, 31 Jul 2023Changed the display couple days ago as the original one had... moreHi I saw you made the back see through, how did you do that