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I'm currently using the S8+ & planning to buy a phone on new year. I'm torn between the Note 9 & S10, there's only a difference of 3K between the two in my country. Which one should I go for??

  • Sagor

Jude, 12 Nov 2019I think like you . I also have note 9 .i will never buy note 10+... moreWhich one better note 9 or note 10 .................... but note 10 battery is 3500 mAh............ note 9 battery is 4000 mAh .........

  • Anonymous

bruk, 03 Nov 2019its too much the priceIf you're broke then get a pocophone.

  • Cyprinut

Still haven't found a phone I like more than note 9. Bought a used note 10. It's basically a smaller note 9 with smaller battery, shitty optical fingerprint reader, and no 3.5mm jack. Only thing it offers is wide view camera, but the corner distortion is horrible.

  • demitsuru

John, 04 Nov 2019My friend has Note 10+ i have Note 9 ,well first impression was ... morethere is thing called edge light in Note 10.
There is no reason to upgrade from Note 9, but for new users it is better to buy Note 10.

  • Jude

Chris, 12 Nov 2019So ,i love my Note 9 i have exynos ( rooted) and snapdragon unlo... moreI think like you . I also have note 9 .i will never buy note 10+ .I will stick to note 9, even if its 1 yr older, because in note 10, there's no hphone virtual home button,lock screen left side omg. Too squarish edges,boxy form factor. Love note9 even that some say it's "old" technology. The only pros in the note 10+ is the bigger screen.

  • Chris

So ,i love my Note 9 i have exynos ( rooted) and snapdragon unlocked ,they are both 8gb ram..that's more than enough in the smartphone
Somebody mentioned that the Note 9 is the last real Note with everything you really need in the real life like the older models,,best of the best
I went to Best Buy to try Note 10 + and i liked it...but i would not buy it even though i can afford it,too much important features for me are missing ,,,virtual home button i love this, 3.5 mm jack never know when you will need it ,and led notification light, Speaking of build quality Note 10+ feels like plastic phone to my heavy Note 9 ,and this hole in the comment ,Apple did better job . I personally dont need to have super duper fast cpu 355 ,next galaxy will be faster..for sure ,after one year people will be complaining about Galaxy Note 10+ getting slow etc,,,for me newer technology is not always better ,
I'm keeping my Note 9 maybe after few years Samsung will decide to bring old features back in the newest phones not only screen ,cpu and camera,and more ram thats about all in the newer Note 10 +

1008ConceptsListGuy, 09 Nov 2019so galaxy note 9 or OnePlus 7 proI would rather go for extra features for the Note 9, with expandable storage and head phone jack, apple could not even squeeze that headphone jack in, compared to that overfeatured note 9, im not teaming up with any brand or fanboying. Oneplus is good.

  • 1008ConceptsListGuy

so galaxy note 9 or OnePlus 7 pro

  • francs

is it normal that the media audio is on low quality while i'm on a call? because i have tried playing some music while talking to someone on facebook messenger and the quality of the media sound is terrible.

  • Anonymous

Note 9 has so many pros against the Note 10. Just buy the 512gb/8gb version to be even more futureproof.

October security patch fix the camera issue from Septwmber patch update.. Cheers!

  • John

My friend has Note 10+ i have Note 9 ,well first impression was whoa..But this was all,later, he started to complain about the finger sensor,about holding it and i using one hand only ,no led light, and NO headphone jack, but he is social media type guy so this phone is mainly used to watch youtube ,netflix and checking facebook and for this its the perfect phone,,,just like iphone,hehe who needs 12gb ram on the phone?
For me no reason to upgrade,my Note 9 does good job still and when i wake up at night and my phone is on the stand,i see led notification light,blinking ,and maybe im old school but speaking of headphone jack..i will always preffer wire over need to charge just simply plug and play....

  • Medstar1

I've had my T-mobile Note 9 for close to a year during which it finally made the upgrade from Oreo to Pie, received several security and software updates which improved the cameras, brought features from the 10 series like night camera mode, handwriting to text, the ability to export notes to Word/pdf, some swipe actions and the ability to change S-pen ink colors. It is also on the list for the upgrade to Android 10. All these upgrades have really reinforced my decision to hold on to it and not trade it in for the Note 10+. I feel like this is the last no holds barred, everything but the kitchen sink, all inclusive, no compromise Note.

  • Dashumfam

i love the note 9 its everything i need big screen easy to read

  • bruk

its too much the price

  • Sohail Khan

Roman younusi, 01 Nov 2019Hi! In samsung galaxy note 9 and note 10+ which one should i buy?Obviously Note 10+ is upgrade phone bt no headphone jack in it other vise nice phone nw choice is urz...

  • Darius7

Guys,i don't post here too often but, in my opinion Note 9 is the last phone with "old" headphone jack,or led notification light, if these things are important to you better buy extra Note 9 becasue they are getting rare in the certain color combination and storage /ram soon it will be impossible to find them in brand new condition ..Note 10+ can be called inote 10+ becase for me only diffrence now between Note 10+ and Iphone is..operation system...maybe next one won't have sd card slot I'm staying with my Note 9 us and europe version

  • Eli

Roman younusi, 01 Nov 2019Hi! In samsung galaxy note 9 and note 10+ which one should i buy?If you dont care about the punch hole camera and absence of 3.5 headphone jack you should go for the 10+

  • jasiet

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2019noYes. S Pen doing great job.