Samsung Galaxy Note9 aces durability test

Ivan, 20 August 2018

Zack Nelson, also known as JerryRig on YouTube, has gotten his hands and Mohs Picks on the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note9 and his durability test video is up.

Long story short, the Galaxy Note9 doesn't exhibit any critical flaws. It scratches at the same level as other flagships, doesn't bend too much (unlike the broken Oppo Find X) and is overall as sturdy as you'd expect from a device of this build and price tag.

Zack even goes on to break the new Bluetooth-enabled S Pen in two to show us that super capacitor.

Oh, and the buttons can be removed rather easily, interesting. Here's the full video.


Reader comments

This phone is as water resistant as its buttons are popping out like eyes of legendary USA Popeye twin brothers :-)

Only device wasted. There is nothing fine here. Weak no durability S-Pen broken buttons maybe we find more after using it a while. Maybe flammable battery :-)

Well torturing the brands i dislike it was always a good idea :-) I expected a lot more from a 1000 eur phone. This is fail. First buttons then S-Pen which cant suffer even tiny damage, At least bend and burn test were better compared to P...