Samsung Galaxy Note9 promo videos are up

Ivan, 09 August 2018

Samsung's big Galaxy Note9 announcement is now over and done so it's time to bring out the promo videos. In this case there are a total of six of them and they focus on the hot points of the new phone.

The first one focuses on the improved design and the slightly bigger Infinity Display.

The second and third video are focused on the new Bluetooth S Pen.

The fourth video is about the new Intelligent Camera. We're glad Samsung zigged and didn't call the camera AI. We can't wait to give the new camera software a spin.

The penultimate video is all about the Galaxy Note9's performance.

And finally there's a video about the new DeX functionality on the Galaxy Note9.

And if you missed T-Mobile's all day epic unboxing video - here it is.


Reader comments

Oh lol XD

It's all relative, high end phones costing around $1000 are, in my view, luxury items in comparison to the many phones you can buy for $500 or less. I define luxury as that which adds insufficient functional value to justify the high price, making it...

This proves that you hadn't research everything on Samsung's new phones these days. Burn ins are common, but not all Galaxies suffer those since not everything is perfect. Also, slowing down? That's 2 years ago. Move on. Seems clear to say you...

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