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Still using as a secondary, the battery is bad now with only 2hrs on screen and it dropping alot even not using
I charged in the morning not using it for a whole day but it dies at 3pm

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    • hex
    • Svf
    • 22 Jan 2024

    Singenbale, 30 Dec 2023Still using my Note 4 that i got maybe like 7-8 years ago. ... moreToo bad it's probably impossible to find a wireless back cover for this model now, I have mine working just fine and usb port is almost like new. Still good enough for media and some other basic stuff. In good lighting conditions camera is capable to deliver better photos than Note 20 ultra somehow. Android 6 is a limiting factor tho.

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      • Singenbale
      • CJ9
      • 30 Dec 2023

      Still using my Note 4 that i got maybe like 7-8 years ago. The battery time is low, upto 3 hours, charging port has stopped working. Now i use it through battery charger. One battery keeps charging while the other is in the phone. Unlimited juice

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        • Jazz
        • nC2
        • 18 Nov 2023

        Anonymous, 02 Oct 2023That's Mechanical OIS as the phone Rear Camera has OIS... moreYes thats right.
        It blurs for sometime..

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          • 7Xa
          • 02 Oct 2023

          Big Chungus, 01 Oct 2023I have a refurbished Note 4. I liked using it, even though ... moreThat's Mechanical OIS as the phone Rear Camera has OIS it will buzz/vibrate especially when taking a Photo

            I have a refurbished Note 4. I liked using it, even though the camera would act goofy sometimes and buzz. It was like it had an extra vibration motor! The screen was amazing, and if this phone had come with 4GB of RAM, it would have been untouchable at the time.

              Kennedy, 10 May 2023Which chipset does the Canadian model use and can you insta... moresearch on the 4pda website

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                • Kennedy
                • q{0
                • 10 May 2023

                Which chipset does the Canadian model use and can you install TWRP on it?

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                  • Zwaynne
                  • J5Y
                  • 25 Apr 2023

                  Anonymous, 22 Apr 2023Can I use the note 4 pen on other new devices.Yes, you may use Note1 Spen on the Note9 too

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                    • gGd
                    • 22 Apr 2023

                    Can I use the note 4 pen on other new devices.

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                      • nehntek1
                      • R1V
                      • 12 Apr 2023

                      Great phone! My is a 2014 SAMSUNG SM-N910A (note 4.) It still does everything well. To I.D. this phone you can't go to SETTINGS>ABOUT PHONE. You go to SETTINGS>GENERAL>About device.

                        The last samsung phone with ir blaster? I need this now

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                          • 25 Feb 2023

                          The GPU of the Note 4 actually supports H.265 decoding! As early as 2014! This is impressive!

                          So that's why the UHD (2160p) video files from newer devices (since S9 and other phones released in 2018) played on the Note 4 but not on the S5! I wondered what might cause it, and I found it out, so I am sharing it here for whoever might be wondering.

                          I thought 4K is 4K, right? Doesn't matter from which device, so I thought. Turns out it does. However, newer smartphones usually feature an option for recording in h.264 for compatibility.

                          While H.265 can still be played on earlier phones such as the S5 through VLC Media Player, however, due to the lack of hardware acceleration (GPU), the playback stutters. Since the CPU decodes far less efficiently, it also would drain the battery quickly, making it little practical for any resolution beyond 720p.

                          The Note 4 has arguably been Samsung's most future-proof smartphone.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • n67
                            • 23 Feb 2023

                            On Android 4.4.4, the camera application supported being put into a pop-up window. It was even shown in one of their advertisements, where Kelly Everland actually used it. This made third-party applications like Snapy obsolete.

                            On Android 5, the camera application could not be put into a pop-up window while recording video. However, if put into pop-uo before starting the recording, it would stay in pop-up mode. Perhaps to prevent frame skipping.

                            On Android 6, the ability to put the camera application into a pop-up window was completely removed.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • n67
                              • 23 Feb 2023

                              It would be better if the multi window pop-ups could be made smaller and also not cover the on-screen keyboard. Multi-windowing was immature back then.

                              However, the minimum window size was even smaller on the Note 3 (~1/6 of screen space) than the Note 4 (~1/4 of screen space). It should be much smaller.

                              Also, horizontal window should have been possible while holding the device vertically. Useful for video websites.

                              However, a benefit over the Note 3 multi-window is that multiple applications can be touched independently of each other.

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                                • soren
                                • dNd
                                • 18 Feb 2023

                                Be very careful before getting one of these as many have faulty eMMC chips. It is really annoying! Got one from Mexico (?), the Exynous Octa-Core version (SM-N910C) and I am very happy. Maybe I will order a replacement mainboard for my SM-N910C (Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU) to revive the device which died the eMMC death (still boots when put into freezer, will try to put some cardboard on top of the chip before ordering replacement mainboard). Despite all this hassle I love the device, you can also use it as a remote control, thanks to infrared blaster. The wacom tablet is excellent. Note3 is still running here, too - it has no such problems, is just slower.

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                                  • soren
                                  • dNd
                                  • 18 Feb 2023

                                  Anonymous, 17 Dec 2022I need a new battery, had mine for years now and went throu... moreCheck out PolarCell from Germany. Excellent quality, even a bit more of juice (~6%).
                                  Ordered the NFC capable replacement (replaces EB-BN910BBE / EB-BN910) battery twice.
                                  You can also order the cheaper version without Near Field Communications. Just remember to load the battery properly the first 3 times, without fast charging. Also got a battery from this brand working nicely in the Note 3 for some years.

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                                    • Valcuda
                                    • IYm
                                    • 29 Jan 2023

                                    I've been using mine for years as a drawing tablet, and it's finally starting to show it's age with some things, however, despite minor hiccups (which are slowly becoming more often), it still works really well!
                                    I've personally installed a lightweight custom ROM onto it, just so I can get a better experience than stock, but stock is still a valid option!
                                    I plan on upgrading to a Galaxy Tab S4 soon, just so I don't have to worry about this thing breaking randomly on me, but I still think this has quite a bit of life in it! Honestly, nice going Samsung!

                                      Anonymous, 20 Dec 2022Android 5.0 on the Note 4 had a bug in the camera software ... moreFor those note 4 exynose user n910s,c,l,k you can try AirRomev3 final its real cool for me am using n910s korean version.This rom is the best for me no any bugs my phone be come new one with this rom long battery life no heat issue and beautiful interface

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                                        • Mad
                                        • ypc
                                        • 28 Dec 2022

                                        Baguell, 25 Dec 2022My note 4 was formatted and flashed but its no longer takin... moreCheck IMEI Number, which may be corrupted due to incorrect firmware flashing.