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  • Corg

Greatest Android device ever (for now)! Lot of CPU power plus so many features that can't be found even inside most of the recently released top phones (barometer, heart rate monitor, IRDA, ANT+, etc.) Thanks to XDA guys easily updated my SGN4 (N910C) to Android 9 (pie). Also added the proprietary wireless charging board and now the phone is on par with 90% of the latest mid-to-high-end devices, but superior to those due to use of stylus and the detachable battery.
Just the "they don't make them like this anymore" stuff!!!

  • Anon

FYI: For those in the USA, AT&T just update (04/06/21) their list of supported devices for their upcoming, February, 2022, 3G decommission. They list the "N910A" specifically as the only SGN4 model they will support after February 2022. I believe that is the AT&T branded and carrier locked model. Those in the USA, on AT&T, who have unlocked "international" models (includes me) may run into problems in the future. :-(

  • Anonymous

master, 06 Apr 20214 years ago, i bought a used galaxy note4 which still servi... moreI am using my Note 4 purchased in 2014 and it's still in everyday use. I can't get enough of it. Best phone ever made. To all Note 4 owners......go well and enjoy the Note 4 experience.

  • master

4 years ago, i bought a used galaxy note4 which still serving me as it can.
Android and apps growing rapidly hence the cpu load increased but the mobile still usable without any major lag.

im not a fan of Mobile gaming but got addicted to real racing3 for a long time.

increased load for cpu started to drain the batterys on continues usage 4-5hr backup is horrible but as im not working and completed my studies, no worries always at home!
when i go out ,she (my galaxy) got a company, of course a power bank!

its been very long I'm using this mobile alone
i didn't have any plan to upgrade but last months where very bad for her. i dropped couple of time screens broken and still working.

It reached its final days.

finally touch not working
( now im working in construction field, mobile will fall atleast 1 time in a day. I don't like to use screen guard and back cover)

yes, now im using this mobile without touch!!!

No wonder thats "Samsung Note"
im using stylus!

i dont even using a secondary phone.

this my story/life

and this is my review of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

I have sm n910c Korean model every things run smoothly I real love note 4

  • Jay

i use my samsung note 4 and i play cod ml asphalt 9 and there are no problem the secret is download the grenify and disable apps that your not use like briefing

Just get the original battery & u are good to go.I suffer same thing with this phone.all the battery I bought is copied until I got the original.the battery last for a day without charging.only that the GPS is not good.

To all those who are getting 'unfortunately settings has stopped error' in Samsung Note 4 :
Just uninstall or force stop and disable the MY GALAXY app. Thats all. No need restart.

FredB, 04 Mar 2021I had 3 Note 4 Canadian Versions (SM-N910W8): Rogers, Bell ... moreYou should have bought open network (any SIM usage anytime) Samsung Note 4. Mune is SM-N910G Indian variant. Not operator locked.

  • FredB

The Real Donald T. , 21 Feb 2021How does Samsung Note 4 work after update from Android 4.4... moreI had 3 Note 4 Canadian Versions (SM-N910W8): Rogers, Bell and Telus.
After upgrade to Android 6.0.1, two of my Note 4 phones astarted random restarting:
The Bell and Rogers ones, and the random restarting were increasing over the time.
Finally, both the phones died after around 6 months of Random Restarting, and they Can Not be Turned On anymore!
My Telus Note 4 was the Only phone that has been survived the Android 6.0.1 upgrade!

  • Anonymous

The Real Donald T. , 21 Feb 2021How does Samsung Note 4 work after update from Android 4.4... moreIts good too...beside my note 9
Both working in parallel okay

  • The Real Donald T.

How does Samsung Note 4 work after update from Android 4.4.4 (KitKat) to 6.0.1 (Marshmallow)? How does battery last?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2021yes idk what Samsung did tbh, pubg is unplayable, battery s... more"pubg is unplayable"

says to a phone which is 6 years old

  • Anonymous

Hai, 02 Feb 2021I'm using it at non-gaming way It still usable btw yes idk what Samsung did tbh, pubg is unplayable, battery sucks even its brand new from samsung directly

  • Hai

I'm using it at non-gaming way
It still usable btw

Do not install custom ROM.

Samsung A70, A71, M51, Note 10+ are good replacement to Samsung Note 4

Do not use custom ROM and ruin your phone.

If you like Samsung even now, then Samsung Note 10+ ; M21 ; M31 ; M31S M51 ; A50 ; A51 ; A70 and A71 are superhit handsets to buy after Note 4.

  • True D.

How does Samsung Galaxy Note 4 work after update to Android 4.4.4 (KitKat), upgradable to 6.0.1 (Marshmallow)?

  • N910C

Anonymous, 01 Jan 2021Still have my like-brand new Note 4 and plan on keeping it ... moreuse custom rom, it is better, faster and power saving, i regret using stock rom until i found that theres a way to use custom rom. use custom rom that is supported by the dev and has many user using it

  • Anonymous

SGN4, 01 Jan 2021Fair Enough, Does Lag Not Too Often In Marshmallow But Stil... moreLag is because this phone still using old and slow speed eMMC, which means at one time it can only do Read OR Write while UFS can do both in the same time, but it is still better because flagship chipset, if you use eMMC on low chipset, it could be worse ever