Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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  • AnonD-20498

I dont agree with you since faster prossesser need more ram to opreate, i have lg g2 2gb ram only 400 mb available and for now one games becomes consle quality its need more ram

  • Anonymous

I hope it's going to be like Note 3 not S5.I like it more then.

  • Sunny

4GB RAM...means the processor supports 64bit operations. Spec wise, 805 doesn't support 64bit. May be samsung would choose to use 808 or 810. Though exynos with its latest iteration will support 64bit.

  • Smile

AnonD-272932, 11 Jun 2014wow this phone is very good but this is samsung Yeah Sure Samsung it is, if it would have been LG or Sony I would not like to wait..but Samsung..naaah

  • Fade.

Where would you need 4GB of RAM in a PHONE? it's not a computer and it doesn't run a pc software, so there is no point for that amount of RAM. Further more Kitkat is made to run well even on 512Mb of RAM. So are the buyers going to run around 40 apps at the same time or? There seriously is no point for 4Gb of RAM Android isn't that heavy after the 4.4 update. 1Gb is enough for most but 2Gb is already enough for everybody. 2Gb is enough to run loads of apps at the same time and even many heavier apps.

  • VanHelsing12

Apple, HTC, Sony, LG (Holds Breath) (consumers anxiously awaiting this marvel)
Are they all ready? only this beast can snatch the crown from S5... both from same company. s5, z2, one m8, lg g3, find 7,5s all no match for this beauty...
Z3? Iphone 6? where are you! will they be able to compete? only time will tell... the first among the second set of flagships 2014. Note 4! Hail, the king of kings!

  • AnonD-272932

wow this phone is very good but this is samsung

  • AnonD-193792

For camera, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will have a 16MP rear camera
along with optical image stabilization (OIS). There is also a 2MP front
camera.....................for front camera only mst be 5MP jst like HTC.

  • Anonymous

Samsung is the best.

  • Anonymous

This bad boy is gonna be the world best smartphone 2014

  • AnonD-193792

its gonna be world's best smartphone...eagrly waitin for this !

  • azu

woow It Finally came

  • arash.n

A metal body.please

  • Anonymous

700 eur

  • miolo

First!!!!! Ive been waiting for this!

  • AnonD-240759

First to comment lol, ,, am waiting for this beast to be in my hands