Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • judge

perfect phone
but how can i upgrade andriod OS to highier than 4.4 ?

  • NoteII fun

Mockingbird, 06 Feb 2019If it has worked for many years the housing may no longer be ver... moreChange the back cover by buying a compatible note II flip cover white, black...It is the fourth one I am using in 6+years of possedion.
PS. Flip cover protects scrern as well as helps in using it as tablet

  • Sunnyb

Hi, this phone had been a perfect spare phone to me for quite some time, until one day the red notification reminder light started to remain lighted despite there wasno notification. I've tried all the possible solutions for the same problem found online, but still unable to turn it off even when the phone was switched off. Do you think it could be a possible warning for battery issue or device problem? All input will be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2019I do also use this phonebuy a new battery for cryin out loud

  • Anonymous

hosseinata, 21 Aug 2019I still using this phone I bought it in 2012 Its perfect. I do also use this phone

  • Brienna

I bought my N7100 in 2014, but after reaching in 2018 the battery performance is depleted day by day even it drain when my phone is on standby, should I assume that it's time to switch another phone ?

Anonymous, 22 Aug 2019Does it support 4g in indiaI dont know.
I live in Iran but i think it does.

  • Anonymous

hosseinata, 21 Aug 2019I still using this phone I bought it in 2012 Its perfect. Does it support 4g in india

I still using this phone
I bought it in 2012
Its perfect.

  • Goshgar

Best phone even I expected, 7 years used without any problem

  • majed

bought it in 2014 the first day of war in gaza strip still remember that day ..., what amazing phone

  • schneider

best phone. already used it for 6 years. never have a problem.. just need to update a new software..

  • oussma

best phone in the world

  • Roycadi

My Samsung GT-N7100 Galaxy Note ll the network is no longer working, producing weak signal every time and not browsing. I need firmware to upgrade it.

  • prensci

Rinyo, 07 May 2019plz software updatewrite "n7100 xda developer" and seek at google, there are a lot of custom roms like android 5.x, 6.x, 7.x and 8.x (but 8.x hav still problems with gps and senseors)...

  • Rinyo

plz software update

  • Anonymous

The fact that phones get more expensive depresses me. I bought a Note 8 2 weeks ago. A 1 and over a half year old phone. With the amount of money I bought my phone i could have bought the Note II as soon as January 2013

  • prensipci

kurtdcute, 14 Mar 2019jus buy a new device like honor 10 lite that's a smart move don'... moreN7100 is not garbage... its mor better than note 3-4-5-6 with their chronic fabric errors!

  • Girdap

Still using as a tablet at home. I bought it at Feb 2013. Cosmetically good condition only change is now I loaded RR-5.8.5-7.1.2.

  • Reddy

Using Samsung Note 2 since 2012. The best Samsung product ever, I changed battery and rebooted once. I love it so much