Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • Anonymous

My note 4 died with a emmc failure after 4 years but the note II still going on strong and that's what I'm using. 8 years later and this things works like it should. I love how you can simply swap the battery and get it back to the original usable state. Love it

  • moe

I am currently using a Samsung GT-N7100 and I am facing this issue. My keyboard to enter my password to access my mobile as stop working. how can I unlock my mobile or reboot the mobile.?

  • Maxim

I bought note ii in 2013, and done kind of upgrading in a kiosk yrs back, but finally i reoperate it recently and cant find hotspot in my phone, so what happen of my phone ? Thanks for helping ..

  • Anonymous

I have been using my Samsung Galaxy Note 11 and had no problem. Last week I couldn't open it and had a hard time charging; and the phone gets too hot after using it. It only opens when I have to dismantle the battery and put it back in place. I brought it to a technician and he said the battery has to be changed because it is bloated already. So, okay the battery has been changed with a an original one costing 600 but it didn't work. Again it doesn't open. What seems to be the problem, sir?

  • +6281249720575

lee boon shiang, 14 May 2020Hi good day everyone, I had my note2 too but i afraid it... moreSend to me

lee boon shiang, 14 May 2020Hi good day everyone, I had my note2 too but i afraid it... moreIs the battery still good? If its the original you might want to get an aftermarket one from Ebay or Amazon. That might be the issue. you can get them fairly cheap

Unless you really dropped it or did something to the phone I find it hard to believe the motherboard would be gone. Double check the battery is fine and maybe get a second repair places opinion.
Now if it is a motherboard. I would say give it a decent burial and find a new phones

  • Din.. N hole

Vnk96, 13 May 2020A worldwide legend in 2012. Still a legend in my heart. Luv... moreYess.. Same me too this a legend.. Purely legend

Hi good day everyone,

I had my note2 too but i afraid it spoil already. Is there anyone who what this problem caused and what item to change?

Here is the problem of my phone, i change a new samsung phone and i leave this phone in the room, After almost a year, i tried to switch on and wanted to use it but i cant be switch on and when i use cable to charge it, it does not have any no symptom of charging. Is it possible the motherboard problem? I tried to some workshop to find out what is the problem and they said is the motherboard problem and need change the motherboard. I would like to get some advise on anyone expertise on note2 so that i can buy the parts on my own to fix it.

This note2 followed me almost 6years and i not willing to throw it away.

  • Vnk96

A worldwide legend in 2012. Still a legend in my heart. Luv u note2

Rico, 09 May 2020Same here... And then i bought a new Battery .. 🤩That is pretty impressive , I can keep my note 4 for another year at least then!

  • Rico

Brienna, 02 Sep 2019I bought my N7100 in 2014, but after reaching in 2018 the b... moreSame here...

And then i bought a new Battery ..

  • Anonymous

awesome mobile ...I'm still using it

  • Anonymous

My Samsung n7100 always switch on its data within some period of time. Even when I didn't switch it on. I've uninstalled most of my app hoping It might be from one of the apps I installed but the problem persists. Please what could be the cause? I want to get it fixed because I cherish that phone so much
Thank you!

  • DarkMatter

REUBEN, 24 Feb 2020my device does support opening moviee and videosTry MX Player app.


my device does support opening moviee and videos

  • Arfur

Nanashelvey, 09 Feb 2020Does this machine support 4g ?Yes if you have the LTE version

  • al1reza

Nanashelvey, 09 Feb 2020Does this machine support 4g ?nope

  • Nanashelvey

hosseinata, 21 Aug 2019I still using this phone I bought it in 2012 Its perfect. Does this machine support 4g ?

  • DarkMatter

Sunnyb, 23 Sep 2019Hi, this phone had been a perfect spare phone to me for qui... moreTry to change the specific notification colors of the notification light. You can do that by changing the OS(after rooting). Most of the custom OS have that function to change it. I am not sure that would fix it. But even if it doesn't you can change the colors and dont have to keep looking at the same old Red. :)

  • DarkMatter

I had 2011 N7100 model, worked till 2018. Then had a processor damage(screen went black in the middle of playing Shadow Fight 3). Don't blame it though, since I had rooted the phone changed the OS Bazzillion times and over-cloacked it. The Samsung OS was slow as every Samsung phone after 1 or 2 years. Still has the dead body. Samsung service center asked me the half the price of the working second hand phones on eBay to fix it. No way! Will try to find a cheap processor and try to fix it. I loved that phone. if it works again. Oh Yeah!