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Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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[deleted post]In my country the price has cut down, some stores sells Note II N7100 white for USD 473 (in US Dollar currency) while some other stores still sell for USD 593. I am using Note II N7100, it works very good, smooth and the battery life is good, with 2 GB RAM and quadcore Exynos chipset it can handle heavy games and many things. The lack from this in my opinion, Samsung doesn't give option to make Note II N7100 be USB mass storage when connected to PC like Galaxy Ace 2.

  • AnonD-121248

Basic Rule to Update:
1) Before updating, format your phone - > Complete reset
2) Once your phone restarts after format. Complete all the steps of entering credentials that is - setup your wifi - google account - Samsung account.
3) Once done, start updating the new firmware and make sure, your cellphone is 100% Charge
4) Hopefully you will face no issues after update, its a recommended practice thanks

  • Anonymous

Hi friends
any body tell how to move apps to SDcard after android 4.3 update.
Please tell me.

  • AnonD-95114

Hi very body I updated my note2 yesterday, its very good nice why some people are saying don't update. I didn't face any problems even though in WORLD CLOCK ADDING and anywhere but gallery the airview option in that images are not changing.
nice battery backup is giving as same as andriod 4.1.2
smooth performance.
Very clear display.
I thougt one thing after this update do back up ur data.
and reset ur phone .

  • AnonD-208194

After 4.3 update, is there really any battery issue with Note 2?

  • AnonD-208198

pro, 20 Nov 2013I have note2 (4.1.2) mobile, but when try to update my mobile at... moreHi,

Your phone is running the latest update and that is why you are getting that message.
If you are talking about the 4.3android version, its still not being given to all phones. You can go to a samsong store to get the latest version or wait for a couple of weeks when you will be able to update your phone without visiting the store.

  • aeri

updated my note 2 today wow jus loving it. . .

  • siddhss

hi guys dont upgrade to 4.3...i m having problem with that......low performance ...battery drain fast...unlocking very slowly....wait for some time

  • Anonymous

I went through four units (SGH-T889 - 16GB) with T mobile USA. Two eventually experienced pixel burn-in; two eventually had hardware malfunctions (charging and computer connection). This is a unit needing insurance.

Although I loved the phone (when it was operating correctly), it became extremely frustrating to own. I have switched to the LG-G2.

I'm afraid to try the Note 3—especially with the region-locking issue. Bye the way, the Note 3 region-locking sticker seen on European boxes was not on the T-Mobile USA box.

  • AnonD-75353

Riya, 20 Nov 2013No,I am a medical student, but had deep interest in physics.Ohh Dr. Riya!You really have good knowledge about physics.Being btech student myself, I am little impressed with your knowledge. Usually medical students are weak in physics.

  • Anonymous

Don, 20 Nov 2013I can't stop laughing. The phone takes 9hrs to charge? You gotta... moreThanks nikidroid n don...wt I hav said is d reality..I charge it for hours together...and camera???? As I said earlir, may b my mobile has some prob...anyways im bugged!!! So gonna change d cel by ths week.any idea about xperia z1??? Plannin to buy one...wil b glad if someone gives real, gud opinion about tat!!! ! Thanks again. ..

  • Riya

AnonD-75353, 20 Nov 2013Someone knows her science. You seems to be doing :-)No,I am a medical student, but had deep interest in physics.

  • pro

I have note2 (4.1.2) mobile, but when try to update my mobile at that time message are came says "THE LATEST UPDATES HAVE ALREADY BEEN INSTALLED "

please let me send a proper way to update my mobile?

  • Riya

S . SUDHAKAR, 20 Nov 2013Your points are right. But my Nokia N8 takes 1 hour 45 minutes t... moreAgain you got it wrong, the basic rule for doing comparisons is that persons/objects
being compared should be quite similar in most of the aspects if not all. Unless you can
ensure that you will only end up making a fool of yourself.
Now lets talk electronics, the usual trend is bigger the battery, more internal
resistance it would offer and more will be the loss of energy and hence more will be the charging
time. More or less same holds true for the charger. Now you are comparing batteries and chargers
who are around 2.5 times of each other. Not Fair. A just comparison would be between two 3100 mAh
batteries of different devices. So, there you go.
Again, I am no expert on device performance , I am just talking science.

  • AnonD-478

Anonymous, 20 Nov 2013bro, have u noticed any camera improvement after the update ? Thanku Yeah bro.. picture quality from the camera appears to be improved slightly. The pictures are sharper now and noise appears to be lesser now...especially in low-light shots.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-478, 20 Nov 2013Hii all.. I've recently updated my note 2 to android 4.3 and af... morebro, have u noticed any camera improvement after the update ? Thanku

  • AnonD-478

AnonD-2665, 20 Nov 2013how is the display after update ? any changes ? If I factory res... moreDisplay is nice after the update. Fonts are clearer now and keyboard has also changed. There is systemwide use of blue colour which gives the OS a fresh look.
And yes u will have to install all the applications again after the factory reset but it's worth doing the reset.

  • AnonD-2665

AnonD-478, 20 Nov 2013Hii all.. I've recently updated my note 2 to android 4.3 and af... morehow is the display after update ? any changes ? If I factory reset it, I llloose everything and I ll have to install all the games/apps again !

  • AnonD-478

Hii all..
I've recently updated my note 2 to android 4.3 and after the update my S-pen software started crashing again and again. I did a factory reset after taking backup of all my important documents and the problem got solved.
Now my note 2 is functioning buttery smooth. Also I love the ability to shift my apps to sd-card. Thank you Samsung and Google for providing this beautiful update.
I'm from India and I got my update yesterday.
So to all those who are experiencing various problems after the update I advise a factory reset after installing the update.. Enjoy the fresh note 2.
Note 2 Rocks.....!!

  • AnonD-20890

ambience, 20 Nov 2013I just now updated my phone to 4.3... things are good except the... moreFor me also the same problem is persisting.