Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • bro global

my sgn2 battery easily drain off. can advice what to do how to do?

AnonD-167671, 06 Aug 2013Initially I chose Xperia Z but it is very disappointing because ... moreWell, of course the Whatsapp, and other SN apps require frequent updates, therefore eats up power. You need to reduce those wake-ups. Set your apps not to update unless you turn them on.

I basically rooted my device for better hardware control and installed Greenify to hibernate apps to kill their constant wakes. Then again I do browse a lot, and downloading torrents daily. A charge usually gives me about 5 hours + actually 12 hours stretch with 10 to 20% charge left. Never leave it empty or you find it not charging anymore. Never also leave it constantly plugged with fully charged for long periods of time or else you shorten the life for its limited number of charge cycles. I charge the spent battery on a separate charger. Yes, i carry a spare battery.

I got 18 hours stretch on one charge during the first few weeks, with heavy use, with almost 8 hours screen on time. Battery loses its charge holding over time. I was thinking of getting the Zero Lemon 93000mAh extended battery for this, but I plan to get the Note III.

The ZL battery practically gives you days of heavy use. I hope Samsung maintains the battery replacement option so that I'd get a 3rd party extended battery than a silly non-removable type to brag that my device is thin. I'd like to be able to stay wireless more and not worry about plugging in all the time to get the most out of my unlimited data plan.

  • AnonD-167671

Couple of weeks ago, I traded my Xperia Z for Note II N7105. It gave a major problem - Cant connect to any WIFI (home & public WIFI, tablet's hotspot network). I had tried all the approached which I found at Google but still cant solve it. Any kind one can advise me how to resolve? Thanks in advance

  • AnonD-167671

SAD NOTE2 guy, 27 Jun 2013I got the note 2 4-5 days back. The battery backup was one of th... moreInitially I chose Xperia Z but it is very disappointing because I need to charge 3 to 4 times a day. Just like you, I only use whatsapp, facebook, simple web browsing, see traffic condition. But the battery drained terribly. So in the end, I traded in for Note 2 (whose battery life is much better, charge only once per day)

  • Anonymous

I think Samsung Note II is a good option if you want a big screen and picture clarity while viewing videos and pictures. I have found this to be better than Galaxy S3. NoteII is more handy when compared to Note I. Battery does not drain off easily.

  • tomas

Is it's size is a problem ? I think it's very big


guys good day jz want to ask ur advise...which one is better note II or s4? tnx.

  • AnonD-166624

Dr No, 05 Aug 2013If you have a big hands buy Note 2. I like stylus a lot. But if ... morethank you broo .. ill buy this phone next week

  • Tim

Just got my galaxy note 2. i have to say this...this phone is a killer. i was struggling to choose between S4 & Note 2. Am glad i went for the note. The battery is very impressive. I am always on the net,watsapp,facebook and checking work emails on it, but still get to 50% when i go to sleep. So if your still undecided which phone 2 buy. Dont think twice, go grab one for urself. you wont regret it.

  • Anonymous

deegee, 03 Aug 2013Just bought a brand new NOTE II. Am still figuring out the phone... moreIt's normal.

  • Anonymous

Dr No, 05 Aug 2013If you have a big hands buy Note 2. I like stylus a lot. But if ... moreThanks

  • rauth

clientelle, 04 Aug 2013AlphaDDX: very well said... i agree to that Rauth: i don't kn... morei dont know, battery drains, quickly, normal circumtances....

  • kuber

sexybronzy, 02 Aug 2013I had this phone about 8 months now and suddenly it started to f... moreThere is virus problem. Do backup to any cloud backup then format your phone and sd card same time.

  • ES

what the difference between the Korean or Vietnamese version for the note 2 ??

  • Anonymous

Please suggest, NOTE II or Sony Xperia ZL.. Super confused..

  • abdul

still go for note 2 cause its a perfect conbination in each field... xperia z is having non removable battery, battery drain soon

  • abdul

obviously no doubt s4 is better dan note2... but note also a really brillient phone... s4 over note 2...
1)1080 full hd video over 720hd video
2)420ppi pixels over 265ppi pixels
3)1.6 ghz quadcore processor with hexacore chipset over 1.6ghz quadcore processor
4)13 mega pixel camera over 8mega pixel camera
5)video player is more clear n crispier dan note2
6)many new interesting featurez which are missing in note 3 like eye sensor,air gestures etc...

  • Anonymous

hi guys have seen awesome reviews about sony Xperia Z model. which is better Samsung Note 2 or Xperia Z. plz let me have comments and views on the same. thank you

  • Dr No

AnonD-166624, 04 Aug 2013guys please i'm confused about buying note 2 or s4 .. ? please ... moreIf you have a big hands buy Note 2. I like stylus a lot. But if your hands are not big, its gonna be hard to handle the phone.
But...once u get used to 5.5 inch screen, you "can't" go back to the lower level...
Having this phone is least that's my opining. I have this phone since October 2012

  • solom

what the difference between the Korean or Vietnam version for Note 2 ??
please advice.