Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • saby

I had brought the Galaxy note 2 phone in the month of Jan and now the phone takes a lot of time to get charged wherein first it used to charge really quickly . Someone please help

  • note user

help guys! my personal hot spot is not working. do i have to set that up manually?

  • durgaprasad baghele

this is very good phone.

  • tweety

i have some issues transferring movies and videos to my external sd card after i made a software update.. previously i can just simply move my movies after downloading from my internal sd to external sd but now it always says.. moving failed.. creating new folder also failed.. anybody can give me advice??? thanks a lot

  • AnonD-121248

Thanks alot Bunyip. Really appreciate your response.

  • AnonD-61530

AnonD-121248, 17 Apr 2013Currently on 4.1.2 and just received 51 MB update. Can anyone te... moreNo idea what the update is sorry.

Given that the current update is working well (good battery life, no reboots and no wifi issues) i will probably leave it alone.

Drippler is saying its only a minor update.!770951

  • AnonD-133174

should i get this mobile??? i made a mistake in getting the note 1 a week ago. now im planning to sell it off and buy the note 2. give me your opinions guys.

  • AnonD-121248

Currently on 4.1.2 and just received 51 MB update. Can anyone tell what is it about? Many Thanks.

@ Bunyip : Any suggestions.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Apr 2013what update is that?Actually, I haven't checked but the update says it's for STABILITY...

  • Hmm

Anonymous, 16 Apr 2013Just received a software update an hour ago...stability update..... moreYes I have received this as well, but had some issues with some applications after the update, which i had to remove and reinstall some applications. To be honest I was a little unsure on installing, as my Note 2 was working great, but one could not resist. :D. All in all I would only really install this update if your having issues, as this has not added any extra functions from what i can see. Unless this is really addressing some security issues their not telling us. :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Apr 2013Just received a software update an hour ago...stability update..... morewhat update is that?

  • Anonymous

Just received a software update an hour ago...stability update...Im from the Philippines, btw. Using N7100... :)

  • Smarty Pants

Hmm, 15 Apr 2013Wasup with people on here of late, asking which phone they shoul... more Maybe they need advise and they don't know where to get it from. Not to burst your bubble or anything. Just a sugestion.

  • Anonymous

Camera quality is upto the mark as 8MP...! :)

  • AnonD-95114

Hi very body
I am from India, I got recently one chance on my NOTE2 that is I added a software update widget on screen, it showing "N" on it what is this N any body knows please tell me.

  • tanm

I am getting firmware upgrade on my note anybody getting the same....from india

  • abc


I'm a SGN2 owner from the Phil. I just rcvd an update (88.75MB)just today. I can't see any difference. It's still ver.4.2.1. I noticed that the Kernel Version and Build number have now changed.

Is there a specific app or system associated with these two so I can see what's the update for?

Thank You in advance!

  • AnonD-61530

note2 user, 16 Apr 2013is there any news on android 4.2 for Note II N7100?The rumor is 4.2.2 in may or maybe june.

I'm hoping it gets the lighter colour scheme of the SGS4.

  • note2 user

is there any news on android 4.2 for Note II N7100?

  • mssr

I am from India I got update but I don't know what is that update if any one knows that please tell me .
If any changes or features got.