Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • AnonD-22824

clientelle, 17 Mar 2013is there no other way to do the migration of files but to use th... moreRooting has to be there but 1 effective way to use ur external sd card as internal sd card and internal sd card as external completly can be done by SCRIP MANAGER and u can use the entire 32 or 64 gb for internal storage and the 10.39 gb as external storage and u wont require directory binding.

clientelle, 18 Mar 2013good day neighbor i'm really wondering what mAh i... moreI meant 20 hours of battery usage on one charge. Charging time is only less than 3 hours from a depleted battery. But advice is that you don't extremely delete it to less than 20% for charging to optimize your battery's ability to hold charge in the the long term.

  • clientelle

TheNeighbor, 17 Mar 2013I saw one in either or and cost P4600. A local... moregood day neighbor

i'm really wondering what mAh is that battery to take 20 hours of charging time...lolz... but i hope it's worth the wait... im not a techie person, but i was happy i was able to transfer my files to my sd card without needing to root my unit...

the apps you mentioned i think are good ones, but im afraid i cant install those in my phone as it will void the warranty...haha

maybe a year or so, and i will figure out what to do with those rooting and apps... but thanks anyway

Oh wow. I take back my comment of not getting an extended battery for my Note II, till I saw this 9300mAh type manufactured by Zerolemmon! It's only $40 and I want this for a really extremely long extended use.

I may need to splice in a small kickstand. You lose the NFC function as there is no NFC antenna provided with the cover. Available this March 21 at Amazon. Check out the review by MobileTechReview:­lat.php?Number=44312

  • Anonymous

the best phone out there, simply amazing, I had phones coming out my ears but nothing come even close to this phone.

  • mo

abhi $ hek, 16 Mar 2013Can ny 1 tell me how to use nfc?What is nfc?

  • Leo

TheNeighbor, 17 Mar 2013Definitely not fitting in the pocket anymore! It's tall as it is... morewhy not wait for the next note if they can make both sides zero bezel I believe they can get at least 6 which will be pocket able

  • Bunyip22.

this phone battery sucks only 4 hours on full charge. without wifi or 3g. iam cheated by Samsung.

  • Bhupinder

Hey guys i just bought my Note 2 yesterday.
Wanted to install Outlook in it free.
Can anyone help

  • lalu-lala

harhsit, 16 Mar 2013harshit tab 2 nicehi all next few days samsung note2 relz shortly
pro'cer 3Ghz,
6GB Ram,
13mp camera
128GB internal momery
extranal 128GB sd card
and all same config note2
price Rs.@#%&*+!~

  • Sanoj Kuriakose

Best Performance & Best Look

  • shazi

thinking to buy second hand but now sure :(

  • darfie duck

The phone itself is excellent but my Internet provider sucks. Smartphone without net is just plain useless.

  • madood

sachin, 13 Mar 2013worst mobile battery back up.. daily im charging two tym..other ... moreHi dear i think your phone have problem because mine takes 1.5 day to get low battery, my suggestion to you is go to your setting , application manage look for the running application and stop them and see whats gonna happen or change your charging usb cable and used the original one.

AnonD-77443, 16 Mar 2013There are 2 rumored sizes for the Note 3 being 5.9" and 6.3... moreDefinitely not fitting in the pocket anymore! It's tall as it is, my Note II just barely fits my shirt pocket for site work. It's a handy device and a bigger screened unit like the Note 8 (which I'll be getting as it comes out) would need to be carried in a bag.

I would maybe think that Samsung will deliver the flexible screen onto the next portable Note III? Zero bezel on 2 sides?

clientelle, 17 Mar 2013is there no other way to do the migration of files but to use th... moreI saw one in either or and cost P4600. A local trader. I'm not keen on getting one anymore as the battery stamina is staggeringly so high at up to 20 hours per charge! And I would mind the Mugen set thickness and high protective covers will be a problem.

I advice you to get yourself the charger+battery bundle. Changing batteries is fast, making your unit light and the protective impact covers will keep your unit safe from those nasty accidental falls.

Sorry, you need to root for that directory binding and a whole lot more useful apps only available via root. I'm enjoying One Power Guard for cpu & kernel controls, Pie app launcher (LMT launcher app), Nova Prime gesture controls, Titanium Backup, Cerberus security app (converted as permanent system app so that it can never be erased), and more stuff along the way.

  • clientelle

TheNeighbor, 16 Mar 2013I just finished installing and configuring the Directory Bind ap... moreis there no other way to do the migration of files but to use the bind app and root the phone? it's too risky for someone like me who doesn't have the techies...

can someone tell me how to transfer files from the unit to the SD card without rooting the phone? tnx in advance

also where can i buy the mugen power batter in the philippines? need help

  • clientelle

AnonD-77443, 16 Mar 2013There are 2 rumored sizes for the Note 3 being 5.9" and 6.3... morei would say if it's going to be for a tabphone... below 6in is best... because whatever we do, we don't need to forget that it is a phone and it needs to be handy... at 5.5in it is already huge, what more for a 6in?

but i won't say no to a 6 in tabphone, well that depends on the persons preference

  • AnonD-77443

There are 2 rumored sizes for the Note 3 being 5.9" and 6.3".

I have done a few calcs using the SGS4 bezel widths.

A 5.9" phone would be 81 x 156.6mm.

A 6.3" phone would be 86 x 165.5mm.

I expect it to be 1mm thinner at about 8.5mm.

The note 2 is 80.5 x 151mm.

I think i would prefer a phone at or below 6", what do you think?