Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • Gtroy

This is the best device in the market....

  • kal

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2012How is the note 2 a "copy" of the iphone, care to elab... morebravo.

  • kal

Chocs, 29 Oct 2012Amazing unit. Sorry for Apple but this device go ahead from the ... morei am totally agree with you . and this pen has so many features witch it reviles when u needs it . i think this note 2 actually shouldn't be called phone..not even smart phone. it covers up for pc , DVD player , digi cam , music player , ball-pen paper lol , we name it and it has it...and has it with "STYLE" . i am so thankful SAMSUNG .

  • iSJ5

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2012This is the guy who said of the iphone 4S "i will die for a... morethat guy is not me ok! the id t7Xk is not unique, that's why puting nickname still recommended. this is the first time that i post comment here! yes i say that, so what!

  • tango

apprentice, 29 Oct 2012anybody frequently used SKYPE? i just can't figure out how to se... morejust send by pressing the ENTER key on your keyboard (lower right end corner) of keyboard

  • kal

Dexter, 29 Oct 2012pc suite has to be download from samsung keis....the older andri... morethanks for helping out ..but i did downloaded kies latest version and then when i connected my devise with it i was so happy as kies made data transfer so simple and FAST. i transferred about 5 GB of data from PC to phone in about 30 minutes or so. i want all my sgn2 users friends to use kies only. its 100% safe and secure. it also converts file befour loading it on devise so it will always run(playable) on devise.

  • Anonymous

allien, 29 Oct 2012i will buy it if samsung remove the card slot features and if th... more"...memory card, always corrupted" What are you talking about? I have a 16 GB memory card which I already used on different mobiles (LG and Samsung) in a span of 2 years and is still working...never corrupted. Obviously, you are the one who is corrupted...corrupted by the fruit logo.

  • Namsam

I just 2week used noteii mind operation is bettr but the browser too slow? pls tell me how can I set up it?

  • Manu

Which colour of Note 2 is good, White or gray ?

  • Sherif

Guys i've been using this phone for abt 2 weeks now (regarding that my lasy phone was SII), The Galaxy NOTE II is just amazing and uncomparable to any other phone in 2012.
Go for it Guys, u won't regret :-)

  • mohan636143

Guys does the update of jelly bean in note 7000 give all the additional features of note II like multiple windows and voice recognition ??

because my budget is 25k and i am thinking to buy note and cant go for note II...

And if the update does bring the features of note II i could use them for less price..

Reply me :

  • apprentice

anybody frequently used SKYPE? i just can't figure out how to send IM.. when i press the right button with d icon IM Or SMS.. when i press the IM ,, my message still haven't send yet and in d right corner is only a smiley icon.. Can anybody help me.. sori no "send" icon in my screen.. pls help..

  • ziyaad

this is awesome this phone rocks i just bought it 1 week ago i was an iphone user but when i got this i told that i phone 4s sucks good job samsung!

  • Dexter

kal, 28 Oct 2012i haven't recived any disk or so with box. how will i connect it... morepc suite has to be download from samsung keis....the older andriod handsets ussed to have the software in the phone, when u connect it it installs ...not sure if the note 2 has that.....

  • bigoh

Dose this phone come with a mini hdmi port

  • gg

noobs please stop calling the Note II a phone or even comparing it to a phone when it is a Phablet.

  • Chocs

Amazing unit. Sorry for Apple but this device go ahead from the bored iPhone5. Congratulations Samsung !!!. I have the two units and the Note 2 is really amazing unit. You can view 2 applications at the same time, truly multitasking, wonderful screen, excellent size, the S Pen is exceptional wonderful when you draw in S Memo or work in a Excel Sheet. Not mention the abilities to manage files and docs in Android device and the iPhone lack this. For work and entertainment is much better. Thanks again Samsung.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2012uhggg humonguos phone. . .eww,.This is the guy who said of the iphone 4S "i will die for apple!".... says it all really. :-)

Android is about choice, some people want 4" phones, some want 5.5" phones... android provides. I did have an iphone 4 and could never go back to a small screen after using the Note 2. IT IS AMAZING!

  • sammy

which model of Note 2 has LTE and Radio?

  • Anonymous

uhggg humonguos phone. . .eww,.