Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • ziyaad

this is awesome this phone rocks i just bought it 1 week ago i was an iphone user but when i got this i told that i phone 4s sucks good job samsung!

  • Dexter

kal, 28 Oct 2012i haven't recived any disk or so with box. how will i connect it... morepc suite has to be download from samsung keis....the older andriod handsets ussed to have the software in the phone, when u connect it it installs ...not sure if the note 2 has that.....

  • bigoh

Dose this phone come with a mini hdmi port

  • gg

noobs please stop calling the Note II a phone or even comparing it to a phone when it is a Phablet.

  • Chocs

Amazing unit. Sorry for Apple but this device go ahead from the bored iPhone5. Congratulations Samsung !!!. I have the two units and the Note 2 is really amazing unit. You can view 2 applications at the same time, truly multitasking, wonderful screen, excellent size, the S Pen is exceptional wonderful when you draw in S Memo or work in a Excel Sheet. Not mention the abilities to manage files and docs in Android device and the iPhone lack this. For work and entertainment is much better. Thanks again Samsung.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2012uhggg humonguos phone. . .eww,.This is the guy who said of the iphone 4S "i will die for apple!".... says it all really. :-)

Android is about choice, some people want 4" phones, some want 5.5" phones... android provides. I did have an iphone 4 and could never go back to a small screen after using the Note 2. IT IS AMAZING!

  • sammy

which model of Note 2 has LTE and Radio?

  • Anonymous

uhggg humonguos phone. . .eww,.

  • Megan231

Planning to buy this phone on the 3rd week of november (hoping) im inlove with this phone i've been eying the note1 but now they release the note 2 and its great. I've seen the display when i tried it on one local here at Philippines. I really want the white one but been constantly testing the gray im confused. -,- im so happy seeing positive feedbacks btw hope to get mine the soonest.

  • Austin Deane

I noticed in the review how it talked about the hardware buttons below the screen, and how they are a good thing given the fact that when a manufacturer opts for the onscreen software buttons, they usually still have that extra space below the screen. So, they are saying that devices should be designed something like this: and this: when they use software buttons instead of hardware buttons.

  • Anonymous

Smartphone of the year 2012.

  • Anonymous

allien, 29 Oct 2012i will buy it if samsung remove the card slot features and if th... moreHow about just not putting an sd card in yours? At least Samsung gave us the choice to either use an sdcard or not. I'd rather have the choice to put an sdcard to increase the memory of my phone than rather not having the choice.

  • allien

i will buy it if samsung remove the card slot features and if this a metal... i hate memory card, always corrupted and plastic is bad for kids eh wtf...

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]How is the note 2 a "copy" of the iphone, care to elaborate? I don't see the iphone featuring a stylus. I don't see the iphone having the ability to truly multi-task or having the ability to open two web pages at once or playing videos while surfing the net. So how is it a copy? And get off the bs about cheap plastic. The reason there is no NFC in the iphone 5 is bc the used aluminum instead of other materials. The iphone 5 is playing a game of catch up and is only falling further behind the technology curve.

  • Anonymous

ray, 28 Oct 2012i was iphone note 2 it's muchhhh more better,and the b... moreI agree. The battery on the note 2 is Amazing! It last me for 35 hours on a single charge with moderate use! This device just kicks the shit out of everything on the market at the moment. Just fantastic! Well done Samsung....well done! :D

  • ray

app, 28 Oct 2012Is the Note 2 worth buying? I'm an apple user but i would like s... morei was iphone note 2 it's muchhhh more better,and the battery very good

  • Anonymous

AnonD-53565, 24 Oct 2012Everything on this device is smooth and powerful except just one... moreIts not a fault of note 2. It stream full hd videos from youtube and full hd videos always are in bigger size in MB and GB. That may be the reason...

  • wannit

waiting to purchase Note II. Need headset recommendations, please.

  • Anonymous

It's almost like how the original Note was to the S2 last year in November.

Bigger screen, faster processor, more features thanks to the presence of the Wacom Digitizer.

This phablet is a shining example of what a true innovator, when giving his best, can produce.

Back then when the original Note was released, the naysayers were saying it'd fail like the Dell Streak before it because it was too big. They were proven wrong.

Back then Steve Jobs said stylii are old-fashioned and on their way out. Wacom and Samsung gave it a twist and now it's going to come back again.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2012we dont know,why dont you ask etisalat, not us. do we sound like... moreHey, he is just asking for rumors, thats common in GSMArena. Just check in the news section how many rumors leak about the phones going to the big US carriers. Unfortunately UAE is too small so the rumors dont reach this site so easily as it would if it was India or Pakistan or what ever. So for now i just kep monitoring their site.

I already looked at their site and i must say the handset selection was very small, no guarantee they will offer the Note II then, but on the other hand, the Note II is a huge success already so i think its gonna be hard for them to not offer it.