Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • Anonymous

will the GN2 get other colour choices like in the SGSIII??? would look good in red

  • RAJ

guys remaining space are used for phone os.we only use 13 or 14 gb in note 2 16gb version.its also applicable both 32 and 64 version . os takes 2 to 3 gb space.

  • Anonymous

Benifi, 21 Oct 2012 After using this high-end phablet GN II for the past 2 months... morei agree, i have a tab7.7 but since i got the GN2 it rarely gets used. The only advantage of a tablet is for video and maybe web browsing, i think the GN2 is the perfect size for playing mast games, writing emails and is really good for video and web browsing because its a lot lighter.

  • AnonD-76664

AnonD-61530, 19 Oct 2012NOTE 2 MINI REVIEW v3 UPDATED Operating temperature, keyboa... moreThanks for detailed review. I wounder its not yet been officially launched in Australia so what will happen to software / OTA update when they will be on air? Did you get any update notification?An update for multiscreen already rolled out in Germany , France , India so did you get it as well for your international model? I bought mine from Apusauction ebay seller and its coming all the way from Hong Kong.
They said its unlocked!!!

  • Benifi

After using this high-end phablet GN II for the past 2 months, which provides everything I needed including comfortable view with huge screen.
I no longer required to kept or buy another bigger size, non-pocketable, non-replaceable battery ipad 2 or new ipad tablet now.

  • Anonymous

hayhay, 20 Oct 2012I wanted to ask if i buy 16gb memory, how much memory left is re... moreThe 16gb version has 10.36gb available. Estimate the 32gb version has around 25gb available.

  • hayhay

I wanted to ask if i buy 16gb memory, how much memory left is really there? and also for 32gb?

  • AnonD-67893

Guys interesting things I done with it and I thought to help all my friends here and for those who have note 2 and apple mouse. You can pair your mouse with your phone with apple mouse via bluetooth that I did right now and enjoying mouse and keyboard both on this device. For keyboard I bought "usb otg pen drive cable" and also hooked joystick with it to play games also tried pen drive and it works and playing playstation games and other games on this powerful Phablet. It can also work on otber Android phones :) :) :) so, congratulations gyes... no need to pay for psp consoles and even on laptops. You have this beast on the go :)

  • AnonD-67893

sal, 20 Oct 2012no its not 4g...i bought mine yesterday and samsung gallary didn... moreThanks, this is only the disappointment that it's not 4g. However our country still doesn't has 3g yet. Shit! Guys in other countries enjoying 4g. My brother there in Canada also using LTE and told me that their Internet is super and never stop on videos and superb downloading speeds, he said computer can hang there, but internet... never... so no worries, we don't have proper 3g yet and I think we even can't think for LTE until 2020 ++ Let's enjoy...

  • Max

the best phone ever*****

  • AnonD-23671

AnonD-41223, 20 Oct 20121.75 GB Ram availableThanks for the info.

  • AnonD-41223

sg3xn2, 20 Oct 2012Does the note 2 come with flash? I see adobe removing flash from... moreIt don't come with Adobe flash, but you can download from external sources.

  • AnonD-41223

ansmm, 20 Oct 2012google chrome...after firmware't like Google chrome as it don't support flash content :(

  • AnonD-41223

AnonD-13195, 20 Oct 2012Which I have not been able to max out yet no matter how many app... moreYes Alex, even I can't able to consume full ram, tho few times wen browser get closed automatically.

  • Max

The best phone ever****

  • AnonD-13195

AnonD-41223, 20 Oct 20121.75 GB Ram availableWhich I have not been able to max out yet no matter how many apps I open.

Its extremely refreshing going from a phone with only 512MB which has 256MB free for user.

  • AnonD-53316

fm65, 20 Oct 2012How to check the temperature of Note 2 ?You can install Phone Overheat app from the playstore.

  • Leyona

Hi ppl pls lemme know whether this phone supports flash player coz i heard that android jellybean does't support flash..!!

  • Unknown

What a lousy phone with lousy specs with lousy display on the PPI and weight of the phone. It is still Amoled, it simply sucks!

  • ramzy

pls can any o ne tell me how much note 2 in us and where can i find it? thanks