Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • AnonD-8543

Guys Is the Note 2 available in India at any stores ...
Ive been waiting from so long .
I dont wanna buy from online shopping sites.
Is the stock available with dealers now ?????

  • kavi

ciccioriccio, 04 Oct 2012no one can say 4G/LTE this is not. iPhone 5 are LTE in all countryDear fan boy, u just forgot aus slapped apple with court order not to mention lte in their new ipad bcoz it doesnt support lte there. Same thing goes for other than us and canada. U think thats enough in ur small world right? Its no diff as apple clained thinnest smart phone in the world, where it was not! So u follow foot steps of apple.

  • kavi

AnonD-4814, 04 Oct 2012You know, S3 should have 2gb of ram than it would be a much bett... moreReally, thats all u noticed? +200 mhz only? Its a quad core 1.6ghz processor with 2gb ram combined with jb's project butter. Its smooth in every operation, no hiccups or what so ever. About screen just think of it as an enlarged s3 with super amoled hd plus. Over saturated? Yeah may be, but just turn on natural or movie mode on settings! Oled screens have perfect black and infinity contrast.

  • Drake

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2012What is a LET version? How does it different than the other one? It LTE, not LET. It's basically a type of network like 3G and 4G. It's the latest as far as i know and provides phenomenal internet speed.

  • AnonD-39337

AnonD-59389, 07 Oct 2012why don't samsung use 12 MP camera for such phones?8mpix camera with good sensor and lens is better than 13mpix camera with mediocre sensor or lens.

i think 8mpix is good enough for a mobile phone camera.
If you want a higher resolution and better quality pictures, just get a digital camera (compact or dslr)

  • joecabs

LTE also called 4G - the new version for 3G, which means it is the internet connection or access to your phone which is much faster than 3G.

  • AnonD-28022

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2012Has anyone who owns the galaxy note 2 received the new update. M... moreMy country got update already....can say so good..NOTE2

  • qodoqeoqeoq

regarding this beast also have corning glass like s3 what kind of screen protector that protect the whole screen? and could you guys help me where can i get it in indonesia?

  • MultiMan

Are this Split-Screen Multitasking!. I hope so. :)

  • AnonD-35989

Excellent battery back up. . .

  • AnonD-35989

Excellent battery back up. . .

  • Anonymous

Excellent. . . .

  • AnonD-35989

Excellent. . . .

  • AnonD-35989

King of mobiles already I have its a wonderful performence

  • ric

I just got SGN 2 several hours ago. This is very good in terms of speed & responsiveness...better than SGN & SGS3 LTE. I can say this is a master piece of communication device. Well done Samsung! Overall 10 out of 10

  • AnonD-68672

AnonD-74837, 07 Oct 2012Yes mine is also showing 10.2GB of memory. Samsung guys say rema... moreI wonder why samsung still releasing 16GB internal memory, it never enuff with android app nowadays that using high capacity of data.

  • AnonD-74837

AnonD-39410, 06 Oct 2012what is the available internal user memory for the 16GB version ... moreYes mine is also showing 10.2GB of memory. Samsung guys say remaining memory is being used by Android Operating system and by built-in apps

  • AnonD-74837

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2012Has anyone who owns the galaxy note 2 received the new update. M... moreGalaxy Note 2 was made available in UAE on 29th September. I don't think there are any significant updates so far. But notifications centre will inform you about the available updates.
By the way, my phone shows just 10.2GB of memory. I asked the Samsung helpline and they said remaining memory is being used for Android operating system and other built-in apps. Is this similar for you?

  • AnonD-74837

Hi Guys, I bought my Galaxy Note 2 yesterday and I was exploring it. When I connect it to my PC it shows that the internal memory is 10.2 GB only. Since I have downloaded some applications, now the available memory is 9.15GB.
Is this the same thing for all of you?

  • s