Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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I just bought it , its extremely AMAZING

  • AnonD-13710

i dont know what to say i just got it tow days ago in kuwait and thay gave me a samsung wave 2 for free cuz for the fists 100 costomer who gets it its sooo woooooooow and more wooooow than galaxy note one forget eney thing and just goo for galaxy note 2

pls for get iphone 5 cuz it is the same i phone 4 just crap

  • saadi703

I bought this phone 4 days ago and I am totally in love with this phone. This is a very special phone for very special group of people.
On paper it looks that it would not be manageable but in reality if one use it then every other phone just fades away and you can not use anything else as you cell phone.

  • mr.s

my humble request is next galaxy note3 must have a tv antina with a 12mp camera.

  • mr.s

my humble request is next galaxy note3 must have a tv antina with a 12mp camera.

  • sugar

Solar!, 06 Oct 2012WOW.. Im getting my SG Note 2 on monday, got a amazing offer fro... morewhat offer u got Solar from the provider...pls let me knw..i also wanna buy

  • s


  • SBS

Does anyone know if this beast supports USB OTG (On-the-go) feature? I know S2 does.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-73681, 06 Oct 2012All the chances to put an Adreno 320 and they go for Mali-400mp?... moreGoing by the available benchmarks, the mali-400 in the note 2 is quite powerful and holds its own quite well to the adreno 320. No real worries there.

The quad core Krait, on the other hand thumps everthing else out of the water

  • AnonD-42455

AnonD-74799, 07 Oct 2012still not up2 standards with nokia...Which world are you living in? Take a touch on Samsung. It will automatically make you realize what Nokia is .....

  • AnonD-59389

why don't samsung use 12 MP camera for such phones?

  • AnonD-74799

still not up2 standards with nokia...

  • Condom

Woh !
The new firmware updates has brought some miracle to gn II.
with split screen true multitasking experience on two screens, operated at the same time.

  • Nasir Kapadia

Though it's an upgrade to everything pretty much, but I don't understand one thing that why it lower pixels as well as lower pixel density than the previous Galaxy Note. This Note I (N7000) has 800 x 1280 display pixels and 285 ppi pixel density, while Note II (N7100) has 720 x 1280 display pixels and 267 ppi pixels, though the new Note have a little bigger display size than the previous one.

  • Moustafa

Hi, anyone can tell me if I can make native vedio calls over 3G using Note II?.

  • Anonymous

Has anyone who owns the galaxy note 2 received the new update. Mine still has not and I am in dubai.

  • AnonD-73681

All the chances to put an Adreno 320 and they go for Mali-400mp? I object:(

  • farmboy

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2012Good phone but no Dual SIM or LTE for India. That is not good. I agree.This is partiality.

  • Happy Randhawa

1st I got xperia then replaced it with HTC and disappointed with both and feeling silly that I wasted money. But now I tried note 2 and replaced HTC with this one. Its super phone and I believe I don't need to change it anymore.

I also used iphone 4. I have it too and never replaced it with 4s or 5 because they are same with minor changes. But this phone banged. It can even replace a laptop.

Brilliant time pass gadget. And worth the money.

  • Tk

The note II is really an awesome phone