Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • Sood

AnonD-74499, 04 Oct 2012Iv had the s2,the s3 and getting greedy,i picked up the note 2 a... moreWell written your mind over yr Note2 experience!!

  • matk

I was torn between this and the ip5. Last phone was an ip4.

In the end i went with the sgn2 and I got it yesterday, it rocks.

Super fast, love the interface. Video / photos look brilliant, the quality of the screen is amazing. Takes fantastic videos.

It does not feel too big in the hand.

I am really happy I made the choice to get this over the ip5.

However I will say the battery did go down faster than I expected.

gave it a full charge this morning and too it off the charge at about 9:30 am, its now 19:30 and its on 36% and Ive not been doing too much on it.

Will give it a few more days before I make my mind up on the battery life!

But I will recormend it - fantastic phone!

Just need an otter box for it now...

  • AnonD-39337

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2012maybe samsung is good but the price drops drastically a few week... morenot correct bro

samsung phones' price usually sit stable for months. The price do drops a few when a new model (at the same level) is released.
Example : here in Indonesia note1 was priced around Rp. 7.8million ($800ish). And when s3 came, note1's price became Rp.7.5million.

But when it comes to second hand price, yes it dropped quite a lot. That's because samsung is not the most popular phone in Indonesia, but blackberry is. Market's demand for blackberry is higher than samsung in Indonesia

Every model comes every few week? hmm... not really.
Samsung has a wide array of phones, for a wide range of customer. It has phone for low budget, mid-class, and flagship phones.

Unlike apple which only has one model. Not everyone can afford iphone. Outside US, iphone is truly ridiculously overpriced. How can an iphone cost more expensive than an ipad or a good quality laptop?

Apple last longer. That's true. Because iphone's design is remarkable, and timeless. A 2010 iphone4 still looks good now. And iOS, unlike android, doesn't change radically from its launch back in 2007

  • AnonD-39337

jamshed185, 04 Oct 2012I've been an iphone user for quite some time now and still love ... morextremely easy

it can do drag and drop

and oh yeah, bluetooth, dude! bluetooth!!

you've been in apple realm for too long :)

syncing contacts and calendar? do it via google account. Seamlessly and wirelessly

and samsung has Kies (samsung version of iTunes)

so dude, no problem at all!

good luck

  • Anonymous

I have always been a user of candy bar phones, u know the small screen wih 12 buttons below. And i refused to pay more than a 100 dollars for a gadget thats supposed to make calls. When the iphone came out some while ago, all my friends went for it like crazy, some of them switche to android later. And i still didnt see the point of having an overpriced oversized phones. All of them, with no exeptions, would spend hours per day fiddling with their phones until eventually after a couple of months maximum they would get tired of it and would use their phones no more than i used my candy bar.
Until one day, several months ago i met the galaxy note. And i can assure you that this gadget has changed my whole perspective. The galaxy note is not something ud get bored with over time. let me tell you that since i got it, i havent turned my laptop on more than a couple of times per month. Be it web browsing, messaging, emailing, organizing..... This phone is a bliss, it honestly is. I use it for more than 8 hours everyday and my eyes dont get tired and i dont run out of things to do. Did i mention gaming on this device? Thats a whole new experience.... Trust me on this. And i can only imagine it will be better and better with the improvement of apps on google market.
To be completely honest, the iphone is much smoother than the galaxy note, and probably than most of android's. But no matter how smooth or how good looking or how tough or how sexy or how cool the iphone may be, or even the ipad (alongside with all other mobile phones and gadgets) you will get tired of them after a while. All my friends have smartphones, most of them iphones and the rest android, and many of them have got tablets... And none of them can use their gadget as much as i use my note. Once u hold the note in your hands, you wouldnt accept going for anything less or anything more. And btw, i have small hands and it is very portable, so all of yoi saying its a monster and its too big... Please use it before you judge it...
In the end, thank you apple for setting the wave of smartphones... And samsung, hats off for taking it a step better and further (especially that i hear that the new note is as smooth as the new iphone).
And for all of you wondering, the galaxy note is a safe place to invest your money (based on personal experience)

  • sara

Abeshek, 04 Oct 2012Does It Have S-VOICE ? Otherwise I May Go For The Iphone 5 Or G... moreit has Google now. so no worries

  • Anonymous

ciccioriccio, 04 Oct 2012no one can say 4G/LTE this is not. iPhone 5 are LTE in all countryno one cares about your iphone 5, worst phone to come out in 2012

  • Paul

ciccioriccio, 04 Oct 2012no one can say 4G/LTE this is not. iPhone 5 are LTE in all countryNot all the world has LTE. Iphone5 has LTE for everybody when everybody doesn't have LTE? Sounds like Apple/iphone5 is charging some of their customers something they can't use.

  • Abeshek

Does It Have S-VOICE ?
Otherwise I May Go For The Iphone 5 Or Galaxy S3

  • AnonD-55885

ciccioriccio, 04 Oct 2012no one can say 4G/LTE this is not. iPhone 5 are LTE in all countryIphone5 is LTE only in usa... it's LTE is not working in england and in europe (well in the rest of the world)!

  • Alfred

The new S pen is supposed to better than the 1st generation of the S pen.....

  • ciccioriccio

no one can say 4G/LTE this is not. iPhone 5 are LTE in all country

  • P

Hi All,

This is great news that the SGN2 is in the market now and many proud users are already using it. I just wanted some information from the users who already recieved their device, based on their ~1 week or so of usage:

1. How is the battery standing up. both on heavy usage / on low usage?
2. How is the performance of the phone? Did it ever hang up, did it ever appear to be slow?
3. Has the s-pen turned out ot be a useful tool, or are you using it just for some fun activities on the new proud posession?

Your feedback would be highly appreciated and it will be very useful for all us Samsung fans.


  • Galaxy s

what about battery life????????

  • AnonD-4814

AnonD-74499, 04 Oct 2012Iv had the s2,the s3 and getting greedy,i picked up the note 2 a... moreYou know, S3 should have 2gb of ram than it would be a much better phone (only the S.Korean S3 have 2gb ram). the 200+mhz clock speed on Note2, does it make a difference? Not at all. Even more in JB, which is already buttery smooth on a device like Galaxy Nexus. Basically I say, Note 2 is a larger, more features version of S3 (and more ram of course). Screen wise, I can't speak to that, since I never see it just yet. But I doubt it'll be better than the One X. But needless to say, I'm really interested of this phone :D

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Agree. I'm happy with what i have.

  • Anonymous

this phone is for rich people only. poor people like me can only dream about this phone. my phone nokia 1280 :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2012Doesn't matter It may take at lease 2 more year before LTE is wi... moreHoly cow!!! the price for AP set is RM2468! SME set will be at lease RM26++, very pricy for a plastic phone! can buy a gamming notebook already... (^^)

  • sandy boy

I am using Note-2 from last 4 days now . eaisly I can feel it one of the best phone made by samsung. 1.7 quad core processor combined with a 2gb ram is excellent. on using it for 1st time u will notice d device is smooth and faster thn any other phone aviable in market now. Note2 bit bigger thn note1 but amazingly its feel handy and smaller then note1. download speed u get on this device is awesome & battery life is amazingly v.good .S-PEN IS amazing and big plus point of dis note2. one problem whn u touch the phone u can feel the plastics quality is v.poor and it don't give u feel of expensive phone Samsung should work on their built quality now atlest.

  • AnonD-74499

Iv had the s2,the s3 and getting greedy,i picked up the note 2 as well. I was quite wary of the size,but let me tell you this,once you start using it,its difficult to go back even to handsets like the s3. The handset keeps getting brickbats for being too plasticky.this coming from people who havent once used the handset and keep recycling others reviews. It feels like a giant pebble,its ergonomic and yes,it does fit into ur trousers without any hassles. The pjone is blazing fast,and i mean,in comparison to the s3 as well. Scrolling with jb is a dream,especially on a screen this size.i dont what the purported battery life is,but after the first complete drained and full charge,this is the first handset where im struggling to drain the battery to recharge it again.this despite not using the power saving mode,playing games like nova 3 on 90% brightness,got 3 email accounts synced, i stream music from youtube on my playlists when im travelling to and from work,constantly using the browser,got my fb updates constantly on as well. As i type this,my phones battery is still stuck at 21% after almist 24 hours of constant use.this is the first time iv been impressed by any smartphones battery life. My friend,who's a diehard apple fanboy,cant stop toying with this handset as well and even though he wont admit it, its clearly written all over his face. He's mighty impressed , and how. The Spen for me right now,is just a party trick,i dont really know what to do with it.its good,but i havent found much use for it right now.mebbe will later once the requisite apps are available later. The only spot where the s3 rules supreme, is its screen. For comparisons sake,my friend and I lined up my s3 and note 2,along with the iphone 5,and streamed big bug bunny ,a 1080p animation video from youtube along withe avengers hd trailer, the s3 wins hands down.the note 2 falls slightly short of the crispness that the s3 and the iphone 5 had.however, even my friend admitted,that the videos looked much better on the s3. That said, spec sheets are one thing,and real life performance is completely different. Having used 4 droid flagships till now, this note2 sure takes the cake.and yes,my friend ,the apple torch bearer, is using my s3 now,just to see what the android experience is like. And i know what that means.he's mighty impressed and wouldnt admit it. As i finish this review,my battery indicator is at 20%.