Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-53316, 04 Oct 2012Got my Note 2, just few hours old, hehe :-))Is it worh the upgrade from note1?

  • farmboy

AnonD-53316, 04 Oct 2012Got my Note 2, just few hours old, hehe :-))Does it have LTE ?

  • jamshed185

I've been an iphone user for quite some time now and still love the IOS. Got a chance to play with the new iphone 5 recently, feels good in the hand and very responsive, It just does what it's supposed to do and very efficiently aswell but the only thing is that the user experience is just getting a tad boring,
Finally spent half an hour with the note II yesterday and I must say I was surprisingly impressed. It was so refreshing after being with the Iphone for so many years.
Note II is super smooth ( yeah coming from an iphone guy ) and felt much more livelier, My only concern is that I use a macbook, apple tv at home. Can some one tell me how tough is it to sync photos & music from mac to android and is it a smooth process.

  • veejay626

Demetrius, 03 Oct 2012Does it support Notification light for Missed Calls and Received... moreYes it does, same as Galaxy SIII.

  • deborah

This " phone " is simply MONSTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rinks

this is the best phone i hv ever seen in my life i just loveeeeeeeeeeee this phone i m eagerly waiting to get it launched in calcutta i will be the first to buy this stuff its cool really loved this.

this is better than the IPHONE5 which is available in the grey market and it cost around 66 thousand bucks and it is very high love to buy.............................................­

  • AnonD-53316

Got my Note 2, just few hours old, hehe :-))

  • zack

[deleted post]are you sure about that? what's the difference?

  • farmboy

Any one has any info as to when the LTE version N7105 and the DUAL SIM versions of Note 2 will be released in India ?

  • riz

what gpu does it have

  • P


This is great news that the SGN2 is in the market now and many proud users are already using it. I just wanted soem information from the users who already recieved their device, based on their ~1 week or so of usage:

1. How is the battery standing up. both on heavy usage / on low usage?
2. How is the performance of the phone? Did it ever hang up, did it ever appear to be slow?
3. Has the s-pen turned out ot be a useful tool, or are you using it just for some fun activities on the new proud posession?

Your feedback would be highly appreciated and it will be very useful for all us Samsung fans.


  • ram

this phablet is amazing it is the good boy of all the smart phones which will smash all time record sales, better than iphone5. sorry apple fan boys.

  • San

Awan, 03 Oct 2012Iwant to buy apple or galaxy any body tell me plzHi Dude .... as all know Galaxy is an opensource where u can do everything ... where an iphone is not the same.

Lots and Lots stuff are there in todays Galaxy's ...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2012maybe samsung is good but the price drops drastically a few week... moreI cannot understand your point...if you buy the Note 2 and stuck with it for a whole year is exactly the same as staying with your iphone for a year...of course you probably will be happy because there's no other iOS device better than yours for a whole year, but the features and functionality will be exactly the same after the year of use...Probably you just want the pride of riding the last iOS device... but that also means that you are stuck with the solely features apple was willing to give, no other choices were allowed... Also it means that you are forced to stay with the iphone if the device did not like you but you like iOS. Ok, I buy the note 2 and 3 or 6 months later there's a better cellphone, but the features of the Note 2 will stay there always... and if I don't like my personal experience I can buy another device with Android, and if another person buys the newer cellphone... who cares... I love my cell and that's it...

  • AnonD-71807

iPhone 5 has better peformance because of the better performance of ios than Android and iPhone 5 has better network and it's oleophobic coating and it has better quality than this and it's portable.Carrying Note 2 is so hard.

  • er

anonymous, 03 Oct 2012I'm an iphone user and have been since 07. Frankly im jealous of... moregood for you. you will feel the freedom of using it with unlimited storage and application downloads capacity

  • Anonymous

will lee wanta, 04 Oct 2012I'm pretty sure you never hold, or even touch, samsung high end ... moremaybe samsung is good but the price drops drastically a few weeks later after it launch and the new models keep coming out every week. for example this note II 7100, i am pretty sure there will be a new model note II 7105 come out soon. this is cheating. why don't samsung just put all the features in one phone instead of releasing new models every week with minor updates.
on contrary, an iphone can last you at least a year before a new model is released.

  • er

contrary to the specs mentioned here, I found that the displayed phone does not have word, ecel, powerpoint, pdf. Why so? can it be downloaded free?

  • raj

i am a business man. And i cant carry my charger everywhere. Luking to d battery of note 2. I think battery wil last for 24hrs. I m using apple 4.
Plz lemme knw hws d battery of d phone. My wife is having s3 and note1 battery last nt more den 8hrs. Plz lemme knw. M in a fix.

  • will lee wanta

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2012go enjoy your flaky iphoneI'm pretty sure you never hold, or even touch, samsung high end phones like s3 or note1.

They are made of plastic but feels really solid and durable. The back cover may be flimsy, but once it is attached to the body, you will never know that it is actually flimsy and paper thin.

Plastic is also lighter than metal or glass.