Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • AnonD-8908

This should be the best phone out there at the moment. I doubt even the iphone 5 would top this. And 5.5 screen. Awesome.

  • Anonymous

Soon to be blocked by Apple. After all if you can't beat them sue them. How did Apple go from the best hardware and the worst marketing to mediocre hardware with the best marketing and lawyers?

  • AceTomato

Wow. Sam really nailed it with these specs. I was going to get the GS3 but now I think I'll wait for this puppy. I hope the silliness with the Apple lawsuit will not stop the sale of this device.

  • ok

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2012optimus g. is the true best smartphone in the world!there is no program or game available now (and will not be there soon) that sg note 2 can't handle... see,hardware power is not everything!i saw today lg optimus 4x and i need to say: wtf is that UI????? :!

  • Yasir

Peace be upon you,
What are GSM arena team waiting for the release of the full review, I can't wait any more.

Guys next year will be very interesting, because we will see 3 new OS'es:1. Firefox OS
2. Tizen OS
3. Jolla OS
Firefox OS looks cool to me, I wonder how Tizen OS and Jolla Os looks. Anyway, we could see a Jolla phone this year.

  • Yasir

Peace be upon you,
I want to know when it's going to be released in Iraq, I want this phone, It's beautiful in many things.

ANita , 04 Sep 2012Classic phone................ Why on Earth you post the same comment many times??? It's not enough to write in one time?

  • Rony

Ok.... But .......we love iphone apple.....

  • Usman Khurshid

Well after reading on specs this phone will sell and for me i believe its seriously now time to get off iphone and jump on android because iphone is totally over rated... Im not sure about verizon but att will definately will get this phone in their line up so i will end up getting my hands on it..

  • ilovesamsung

does it have S BEAM?

  • Jere

Surely looks amazing! Gotta get this! Tho still want to see more reviews of it.

  • ANita

Classic phone................

  • ANita

Classic phone................

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2012optimus g. is the true best smartphone in the world!The Note 2 can do more.

  • Anonymous

samsung really needs to push Verizon to offer this phone to there customers.

  • AnonD-4814

AnonD-69104, 03 Sep 2012HARDWARE ; The iPhone 5 Has A Breathtaking 326 ppi Thats The Hig... moreyou can stop comparing your iphone with this. note 2 win in all categories (save for the build quality, camera, video recording, and probably graphics). but the others? I really don't think so. It's not better than S3 or One X. So naturally, it's not better than this, or even more Optimus G. So just shut up, I always hate people that saying Samsung's suck. Apple is SUCK, STUPID, USELESS! They always want to destroy Samsung, but they can't. They can't make their own cameras, chipset, screen, etc. You'd better think about that, because Samsung is MUCH MORE ADVANCED in terms of technology.

  • Dr Subhash Naik

truely the Best of specification i have ever seen today.....will definetly buy

  • Derhunter23.

Galaxy Note2 is the best. Forget the rest. But thats just me.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-68712, 04 Sep 2012The Galaxy Note 2 is the best smartphone ever! Im going to buy it.optimus g. is the true best smartphone in the world!