Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • dockap

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2012Ric go buy your stolen technology anybody has a their own standa... morewell the cpu, display and memory of the iphone is made by samsung so i guess its apple which is buying samsung phones and selling them at double the price

  • Anonymous

d, 03 Sep 2012Iphone 5 is really special. its been the same special for the pa... moreAmen

  • Anonymous

Who is innovative? iPhone with their same boring look? or samsung with their different models?

  • Anonymous

Ric, 04 Sep 2012You know what is a "stolen product"?, i buy iphone, ch... moreRic go buy your stolen technology anybody has a their own standard of integrity. I guess you dont have any! go smuggler

  • W3$7 C04$7

The price is not known yet, but in Europe it will probaly cost you about 640 and in USA about 830$.

  • Web master

Its price inner 38,500

  • AnonD-397

Ashu, 04 Sep 2012can i use Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 in Samsung Galaxy Note N... moreYes is different, not possible use new battery on old devices...

  • Tr0ishenly

AnonD-69104, 03 Sep 2012Software : This is a tough Choice , It Depends On The User Exper... morefirst of all, your nickname on this post is not reasonable as what you are posting; you posted that ios is boring; yeah all the times; so how can it be interesting? jailbreaking and downloading CRACKED APPS? copyright infringement isn't it? does your father steve jobs knew it before he leave your so-called device icrap?

well, i'didn't hear malware; are you sick? i have had symbian phones and i noticed how PHONE VIRUS worked; if you think my android has malware, think again; issues with app store bec it is not working; why? someone hacked it; pitiful;

how can you say so that you cannot find an item in appstore and not present in google play? search again; i bet you cannot use one app to another; you will say no, no matter waht; you can listen to music and you can browse; how about browsing while playing? can you? show me a proof;

restore from itunes? what if you don't have one? what will you do? go to apple store and restore your jailbroken device? they never will by voiding the warranty;

we, android users have MR NUMBER that can block unknown callers; how about in icrap? it has for premium apps, 2.99; with cydia, its free, i know'

so how about the apps copied from android in your so-called cydia? how about pattern lock? eeew...

so go on with your icrap; itunes is not number 1 for windows; maybe for you; please tell me how to copy-paste without itunes using your ish*t, please;

by the way, jailbreaking icraps sometimes losing its baseband; don't you know that? so how can you find it with the only answer is restore at the end;

the battle has just began with apple and samsung; you're not there at the court knowing what happened or what are the things that were discussed; pretty sure you are guilty using symbian before xD

so don't troll here; try to use 2 things at the same time before you compare; if you didn't use android for the first time, go at your forums and troll there; pathetic xD

  • sm1 1337

sanjubattase, 03 Sep 2012I love this gadget.. Cn anybdy tell me hw mch I hv 2pay for this..l0t5 0f $s, well around $700

  • noobie

When is it launching in Somalia.

  • Megan231

wish list :) please come to philippines already.

  • mahi

sanjubattase, 03 Sep 2012I love this gadget.. Cn anybdy tell me hw mch I hv 2pay for this..its 40000rs

  • Ashu

can i use Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 in Samsung Galaxy Note N7000. is battery size different ?

  • abc2xyz

Why the hell Samsung degrade the screen resolution, while upgrading the model.

  • Anonymous

this will have a regular size sim right?

  • William

another great device for me, i hope the battery usage and recharging time span imrove compare to prevoious note and tab 7plus. Batt drain out fast and recharge time take longer than Iphone. cheers Samsung keep it up the great innovation jobs moving..

  • SpEaKeRb0xXx

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2012note 2 amazing device! screen is really big just nice for readin... morebelieve me or not but my first Note can survive 6 hrs of browsing and gaming + few hrs of calls and music playing for 2 days.

Im using speedmod kernel and criskelo ROM on my note. its perfect for me.

and about the "Stolen" Thing. If Apple claim that it is their "creation" then do what they want, but they cannot stop people patronizing products they think that is wiser to buy, more economical, much cheaper, much affordable.

  • Anonymous

You're just paying for the brand name for an Apple product, you're not really paying for the features itself. For the same price, you can buy a phone that has twice as good in terms of specs. This is why I think Samsung is better.

  • Anonymous

d, 03 Sep 2012Iphone 5 is really special. its been the same special for the pa... moreplease talk about your weak phone in your page!
samsung always better than Iphone,iphone will be dead!

  • SpEaKeRb0xXx

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2012@Optional . At Least The Garanty is restored when you restore yo... moreIf you have time im willing to teach you how to reset binary counters of sammy to reclaim warranty services. You need to learn it if you already know how to root and install custom ROM on your phone. If you don't know what im talking about my friend then definitely you don't know how to back up your statement or you don't know anything yet about the "FREEDOM" in android.

Why don't you tell us whats special with Iphone that is better than note? yeah the beauty of screen, ill give it to you.. But that is just 1 out of 10. anything else?

I don't even have a problem putting my note on my pocket. And also why would i put Rock on my pocket?

Widescreen is always better, if you already have a wide screen handset, you'll never go down again. Unless if you're just a typical phone user. (if so, then why buy expensive phone?)