Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • AnonD-48342

Johnny, 03 Sep 2012Note 2 rocks ! But the only question which is running in my min... moreThat video is a fan-made video,not even close to reality!!!
Iphone 5 is in production...leaks say there is nothing like iphone 5 in gsmarena
check it here

  • jagindas

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2012please users if you want give praise of any other phone write it... moreI agree with you...

  • Johnny

Note 2 rocks !
But the only question which is running in my mind is whether or not I can treat it more like a smartphone and less like a tablet...?
Is it pocket friendly? Does it fit inside? Any of Samsung galaxy note users,please resolve this matter.
And i've also heard that iphone 5 is going to have a laser keyboard and a holographic display. Check it out on youtube !


AnonD-69104, 03 Sep 2012HARDWARE ; The iPhone 5 Has A Breathtaking 326 ppi Thats The Hig... moreBreathtaking...
Damn I lol'd so freaking hard..

how can something that can not be distinguished by human (in this case, the eyes) be breathtaking? It's not even new..
(They said it, the Xperia S)

  • CheckIT

saMsung lover 41, 31 Aug 2012..why the sAme camera of note And god.. im so disapointed... moreBuy digicam or SLR and not phone if your looking for a phone with better camera

  • Yasir

Peace be upon you,
Is this phone available or not???
Thanks for the answer.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-69104, 03 Sep 2012HARDWARE ; The iPhone 5 Has A Breathtaking 326 ppi Thats The Hig... morethere are so many phones with higher ppi (342 Xiamo from china quad core 1.6 ghz with 12mp camera)

  • v8dave

AnonD-69104, 03 Sep 2012Software : This is a tough Choice , It Depends On The User Exper... more@LETUSBEREASONABLE... Open source does not mean malware. It simply means that the code to create the OS is open source. Anyway, the iPhone was recently found to have malware running on it.
Under the Apache lincencing, not all of the code would be open and it would be provided as a pre-built module.
You said that "Apps are always force closing in Android". Are you trying to tell me that Apple iPhone apps never crash! I call bullsh*t on that as I have friends with one and if you read the reviews in the app store you will see that many do.
The good thing about Android is that it recovers and does not take out the OS. Only very rarely would this happen.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-69104, 03 Sep 2012HARDWARE ; The iPhone 5 Has A Breathtaking 326 ppi Thats The Hig... moreHow about Xperia S 342 ppi-s ?

  • Synonumous

This time samsung has not been able to Live upon its name expecting so much but got even less what they have previously had . Camera that's 8MP should be 12 MP because apple is going to launch iphone5 with 12 MP.
And GPU also an flattering show no enhancements Infact XOLO have better GPU than NOTE II.and many more these are only major ones.

  • sanju

AnonD-69104, 03 Sep 2012Software : This is a tough Choice , It Depends On The User Exper... moregreat....;-)

  • Optional


You just wasted a few bytes by making those comments. Apple won? Where? In the US? It's a HOME COURT ADVANTAGE. Did they win in any other side of the world? Show me a link please :) What iPhone 5 will have now has already been done by other smartphones before. 12MP? Not new. Quad Core? not new. Bigger screen? Not new.

You already bought an expensive device then you'll also need to spend money for apps? Oh, I forgot about the jailbreak! Then your warranty is gone. LOL. No one cares about you loving your iPhone. You're such a waste.

  • Justin

AnonD-69104, 03 Sep 2012HARDWARE ; The iPhone 5 Has A Breathtaking 326 ppi Thats The Hig... moreCorrection. HTC Rezound has a ppi of 342.

  • SpEaKeRb0xXx

AnonD-69596, 03 Sep 2012You are one of biggest trolls on this planet... Tell you what..... moreI totally agree on you esp on the first line my friend.

@letsbereasonable, you don't have to copy paste your previous comment my friend, we don't need to see your false argument again.

On my own point of view, it really doesn't matter what Brand you chose, what matter is "what made you chose your handset" ... We have different likes, perceptions, point of view, interest etc. and that is what we need to chose the perfect handset for us, not actually the brand or the name of the manufacturer or what others say. Just give your self time to review and research and then trust your own findings. You guys don't need to argue on things that is constantly innovating.

Life is a cycle, sometimes you're on top, sometimes you're not. Its been awhile since LG came up with a competitive product. Its a good thing that they bounce back again right? So lets just look on what they've come to offer. same with other brand handset.

And about the camera, Why still 8mp? Its safe to say that 8mp camera is just perfect for a MOBILE HANDSET. 12mp is a bit too much, you can hardly define the difference between the capture of 8mp and 12mp except for the bigger size of 12mp. But the quality? it is mostly just the same. So whats the point in upgrading to 12mp if you still got the same quality? Im not a Professional Photographer but i believe that you also need a good quality lens not just a high MP capturing camera to capture a breath taking quality pictures. MP? Its just a number used by different manufacturers for market strategy just like the cores. It is made to attract consumers, but actually not necessary.

Bout the "Samsung is made of Plastic?" yes! it is already stated here countless of times. It is made of Durable, Flexible, lightweight and definitely not cheap Plastic Materials. I have the first note, never encounter breaking the cover. been using it for 10months. You should have it, so you can describe how durable it is. I basically don't need steel finished cover if it will add weight and price on my unit and also, i don't soak my handset to acid, so i don't need steel cover. If accidentally chewed by pets, i believe it is already the owners negligence, not the quality of the materials. It wont break if you wont break it. =)

  • intelligent not me

sony xperia s holds the record of most ppi in mobile till date not iphone 4s

  • AnonD-28347

AnonD-69602, 03 Sep 2012USA customers , you can Pre order here: moretoo expensive 755$ ???
specs are not that good for a 755$ gadget.

  • AnonD-69602

USA customers , you can Pre order here:­p;item=190720728532&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT#­ht_10809wt_1393

i know this seller , he is great! i bought from him few phones before.

he will ship the phones around Mid October.

  • tEnj0

Don't be a hater ;) different phone will suit different person depending on what functionality they need. Krait core can be better, yes, it can beat the crap out of the quad core of note 2, but think, do u need that kind of power? Yes, phone can have higher ppi, but think again, do they have got the same screen size? Take it this way, lg Optimus g is a really nice phone with good spec, but as many of u said, it's a phone, for someone who needs to give presentation, say someone selling insurance, note 2 is perfect, he will not have to carry a laptop, or additional tablet cos the screen is big enough. The spec can be lower, camera not as good, but who will use a hardware 5.5in to keep taking photos and videos? U look at this phone, either you like it, or u hate it, like it u buy it, u hate it, look at other phones dude! Dun quarrel here!

  • Nico

Lovely phone,I have a S2 and a Note,both great phones,and I dont like to talk about Apple amd compare,but they will never have a phone so complete like this Note 2 thats real hardware ,full specs. I think now Iphone 5 can copie this one too,haha. Samsung its big, Apple dont stand a chance,americans can by a Apple...we europeans chose samsung. Sorry,my opinion is Android wins,everyway. This phone will be very expensive,but not so expensive as Iphone 5 will be.

  • rimon

AnonD-69104, 03 Sep 2012HARDWARE ; The iPhone 5 Has A Breathtaking 326 ppi Thats The Hig... moremi-2 have 342 ppi