Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • Anonymous has to be 12mp camera on primary

  • Anonymous

expecting 2gb ram &12mp camera

  • sgs2user

Hope this 2nd gen will support multiple PDF page annotation, not only one captured page like in 1st note..

  • AnonD-50859

WTF not 12 mPixel Camera a7a !!! & just Dual core :- fsssssssssss zzzzzzzz
Then it doesnt worth an upgrade from my faithful note 1

  • Anonymous

adn.engineers, 05 Jul 2012It's (obviously) a bit soon to begin reviewing the Galaxy Note 2... moreFlash incompatibility with android won't make html5 come any faster as long as desktops are still using flash.
And why would you WANT html5 which requires an external download for full functionality just like flash, but doesn't allow you to disable banner commercials and there isn't yet a single android browser that is FULLY html5 functional?! Seriously, grab any browser from the market/playstore, and run an html5 test.. Best I've seen is maybe 80% of the functions working properly.

With flash, all touch-based/click-based games simply work, and any single-core 2.3+ 1gig or better android can handle 720hi-def flash video. The $175 exhibit can handle hidef flash. Full hd html5 brings it to a stutter

  • Anonymous

vnn, 04 Jul 2012only window phone have adobe flash in future. i switch from ipho... moreWindows phone8 will still NOT support flashmobile..and it will only support FULL/DESKTOP flash if the device is running on an x86 proc a.k.a. an ATOM based device.

  • Aman

said its dual core but it should be quad core to give compet to GALAXY S III

  • JT

Anonymous, 11 Jul 2012I believe it will be a duel core a15 (exynos 5250)which is super... moreYou misspelled the word dual.

  • mcallim7

looks like GSM need to update the spec
as JB 4.1 will not support flash

  • Anonymous

AnonD-61106, 11 Jul 2012I don't think it will have a dual-core processor because its one... moreI believe it will be a duel core a15 (exynos 5250)which is superior to the quadcore in the S3.

Why is everyone talking about the number of cores as if they know what they are talking about. More cores is not always better.
Some people on here are simple.

  • AnonD-61106

I don't think it will have a dual-core processor because its one of samsungs best high-end phones like galxay s2 or galaxy nexus .. I think it will have a quad-core processor and I hope 4g LTE

  • dido

i will sure buy one if the cell contain the fine specs of s||| camera tking photo while vido is runing
ice cream os
and large screen wz s pen

  • AnonD-62388

when the samsung galaxy note 2 is come !

  • aminoffline

I heared it has quad-core cpu 2gb ram
android 4.1 gorilaglass 2
64gb internal memory and have sd card
micro sim
and alot thing
it makes it very expensive

  • Hmm

nicknameboy007, 09 Jul 2012wtf not even quadcoreI think they have got that wrong, as I've seen other specs stating quad core.

  • nicknameboy007

wtf not even quadcore

  • nora

Anonymous, 03 Jul 2012are you guys seriously boooing the dual core? you know it ll be ... moresincerely i don't want to pay a lot of money...
please...because is just for a few years this
upgraded model... and soon come another one.

  • eu

1,5 Gb ram...It is so hard to put 2 gb ram.more ram is welcome for android.PS mabie is flexible.

  • AnonD-58283

i think the screen for note 2 is from 5.7-6.3 inch.

  • Shakir

Please don't use the design from Galaxy S III, we Really hate the design.